Wednesday, June 3, 2015

#ButtMustGo May 2015

May went by SO fast! There was so much to do I felt like I had been running a marathon! ButtMustGo went according to plan though, thank God!

In May I found myself speed cleaning in super detail the entire house so there were often days when dusting, rearranging furniture, vacuuming, and mopping the entire day left me too tired to squeeze in a heavy loaded treadmill session. On such days I either skipped the treadmill until the next day or did less than my usual half-hour routine. Overall sessions on Mr. Turby went pretty well!

Since Dad was coming over and I had a wedding to attend, there were a couple of days I'd call 'cheat days'. I was so proud of myself though, because I ate pretty healthy even while cheating on my diet! Cheat days included going to Curry Leaf (I skipped most of the carbs and desserts and went for the vegetables and the Tikka etc. for healthy protein), Red Robin (I skipped the breads and sauces and ate fish/onion rings and mostly protein .. But the fried stuff wasn't too healthy), Grill Kabob (I only ate the kababs!), and a wedding dinner (where I skipped carbs and desserts too). So even though I did end up eating out during May a few healthy choices kept me from getting fat while still being able to enjoy all my favorite foods!
My breakfast was Oatmeal (sweetened with some Sugar Free jam). Lunch included an omelette and usually lentils and vegetables for healthy carbs and protein. On days when there was pasta or pizza (both made of whole wheat flour and healthy) I'd skip all other carbs and eat it alone with the omelette. For dinner I had a few bites of rice (low GI rice) or maybe a thin whole wheat chapaati (roti) with some chicken curry, a piece of chicken, and some lentils.

I skipped snacking altogether whenever I could (chai was keeping me full during meals). At night I had a small portion of fruits and occasionally I'd have sugar free kheer (that is rice pudding, so I'd skip rice from the next meal) or a low GI chocolate bar we found in Giant's diabetic section (which by the way is exactly like real chocolate, YUMMMMM).
As I wrap up the month I am satisfied because I can see the results already! I've lost more than ten pounds already and the number continues to go down! Hopefully I won't reach a stopping point soon and will achieve my goal soon enough! *fingers crossed*

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