Thursday, August 6, 2015

Of Eid Dinner and Looking Pretty

This year we had invitations to an Eid dinner (day 1), an Eid lunch (day 2), and a late Eid Party (about two weeks later). Sadly (I hate socializing with fitna-fussy aunties and their loser-bullying-daughters) mama had decided we had to attend all three. When something like this comes up, where I have no option but to be dragged along for sheer boredom, I try to entertain myself by focusing on dolling up and looking pretty and that wonderful feeling that comes with it.

When we returned from our Eid brunch at Curry Leaf and bro and SIL gave us our gifts, we changed into comfy pajama-like clothes, ready to catch up on sleep. I had other plans though, I had to force Abbie into sitting still so I could apply mehndi on her hands as well. She agreed but on one condition: she would sleep while I did my thing. Oh dear Lord, how does that happen? But it happened, alright. Abbie slept peacefully on the living room couch while I craned my neck into awkward positions to apply mehndi on her hand. Success! She slept as it dried and once I was done I lay down to take a short nap too before it was time to get dressed and ready.

My outfit for the evening was a gorgeous Red and Gold. I wasn't wearing this for the first time; this had been my outfit for my brother's Nikkah ceremony, a school mate's sister's wedding, and I can't remember if there had been a third time. I went with lots and lots of bangles and those giant rings that are so fab these days. My mehndi looked gorgeous and a maroon hand bag completed my look. My earrings were gold blingy too but I couldn't take a picture of them. Since the lady who invited us has everybody taking off their shoes outside the house I decided to wear casual pumps instead of something fancy. Trust me I never step out of the house without matching shoes with my outfit but when it's such gatherings I'd rather not match than have a random aunty put her foot in my shoe to 'try it on' (ahem, this has happened with my sister, so no I am not exaggerating or being biased and judgmental). Anyway, back to my point, my outfit looked gorgeous and I looked pretty!

At the party I first had to go through the tortured-greeting phase (this is where you have to greet everyone; the good, the bad, and the ugly ... Except there are no good, only bad and ugly). Once that was over I went through the sit-and-observe phase (this is where you sit in a place observing the totally nonsensical happenings around you). This phase is always at least one of three things: entertaining, surprising, nauseating. In today's case it was actually entertaining because I had to hold back a fit of laughter at some idiotic people making a fool of themselves. Finally, it was the hide-in-your-food phase (this is where you take extra time and give extra attention to your food to try and avoid everything else). When the food was done and finished I just sat there waiting for the party to be over.
Stepping back from the social scene which was totally in need if some serious help, I really liked the party decor. The food wasn't too bad either and the dessert (I was making an exception on Eid and eating some sweets) was the real highlight. The hostesses of the party had done a really adorable job with the decorations. Balloons dressed up the staircase and some really awesome paper and lights' decorations looked really cute. They even gave out some party favors which were mason jars, filled with candy, and decorated with the first letter of everybody's names. Delicious dessert, good decor, and personalized favors were a treat for me amidst an otherwise unbearable setting.

Gubby's Eid dress rehearsal

Looking pretty, dressing up, and accessorizing was fun! Abbie and I were looking drop dead gorgeous (not even kidding!) and mama in her sari looked great. But of course Gubby darling was the star of the show! She was looking adorable and super duper pretty in her pink desi Eid outfit! She was even wearing green bangles which we had bought for her and had the tiniest dupatta on too. Oh my God she looked like a tiny little princess! She melts our hearts, really. This kid is so precious!

Eid day 1 had gone surprisingly too good. Bad weather during namaz hadn't stopped me from enjoying with Gubby darling or taking selfies with bestie. Our brunch at Curry Leaf was so delicious plus Gubby chewing on her naan was live entertainment *laughs*! I had managed to apply mehndi on both Abbie and my hands. Our outfits had looked stunning and I had enjoyed strutting around after my recent weight loss success. Gubby and good food had made the dinner party bearable too. Wow! Eid had been entertaining, fun, and full of family time after so long! I was loving it!

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