Sunday, February 7, 2016

My Brown Leather Bag ~ Inspired By Serena Van Der Woodsen

Say hello to this fabulous new addition to my bags' collection! This beautiful brown leather bag was my birthday gift back in October and one of my favorite ones too. It's the good kind of leather, you know ... the shiny kind, smooth one, and drop dead gorgeous. When I saw this for the first time hanging along with other bags on the display I looked at it, was stunned, but after a good long (my usual!) debate with Abbie I walked away without this in my cart. A little while later mama and Abbie got this for me when they came back home from shopping. WOW! IS THAT MINE NOW!!!??? It was such a great feeling. I was ecstatic! But wait, let me first go to the story behind this bag. Where'd I get inspired from? Why did I want a brown leather bag so badly? Why was this the one particular kind I wanted? ...

Enter Serena Van Der Woodsen - the gorgeousness from my favorite TV show Gossip Girl!

Back when I was in high school I started watching Gossip Girl. In the very first few episodes when Serena Van Der Woodsen - the famous it girl - returned, her bag caught my attention. It was a stunning, shiny, OH-MY-GOD-AWESOME brown leather bag. Exquisite. I was in love. I couldn't get my eyes off of the bag. It was love at first sight. I couldn't comprehend how a school bag could be so pretty. *Gollum's voice* We wants it, we needs it, must have the precious!

The brown leather bag stayed etched in the portion of my brain dedicated to girly awesomeness, until years later I found it. Spotted, a brown leather bag hanging beautifully in front of my very eyes! (You read that in THE Gossip Girl tone right?) I have no idea why I didn't immediately buy it, I was just guilty I guess because I'd shopped a lot recently. Thank goodness for such awesome family members though, the bag came to me itself!

It's as close to Serena's bag as I could possibly get. It is the exact same leather kind, hundred percent the same color, and the same long-ish look instead of being a wide bag. I love that it has the same two row layout of pockets and even has classic buckles that gives it that sophisticated look Serena's bag had. The shorter handles on the bag can totally let me carry it Serena-style around my arm when I want to and I can even carry it on my shoulder using a longer leather strap the bag has. It is a precise copy, I must say. The leather adds sophistication and gives a subtle pro look to the bag and the buckles add that bad ass Serena touch. Perfecttttttttttttttttttttttttt! I love it so much! Dream come true, I must say!

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