Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Jeweled Simply Special Wedding Cake

Being the baker of the family, when my brother decided to get married, I started my planning for his wedding cake. He wasn't interested in cakes or all that wedding hypes but there was absolutely no way I was missing on my first chance of baking a wedding cake. He didn't have any plans nor any requests or specifications so I was free to rule the world! *fancy impressive background musicThe gorgeousness I ended up creating was breathtakingly beautiful. Let me go into some details, because this cake deserves all the deets! I wanted the cake to dazzle as much as typical Desi weddings do. Everything in a Desi wedding is fabulous. The clothes and the decorations are both sparkly and beautiful. So why should the cake be any less? I took all my inspiration from Desi wedding clothes and decor and decided that my cake would have elegance, grace, reds and golds, jewels, lights, and sparkle!

The top tier of the cake had squigglies piped over a smooth white buttercream layer. I embellished the squiggles using red and gold pearls so that the entire cake looked studded with pearls. At the base of the cake was a sparkling bling ribbon, which had dazzling rhinestones that were just too pretty. Over the top I added satin red roses as a cake topper. The top tier looked beautiful!

In the middle, separating both tiers, was a garden gazebo themed wire separator. When I bought this at the store I had totally drooled over how beautiful it looked. I had needed my cake to be tall, big, and eye catching and this was perfect for my design! I used the separator to add a beautiful red rose shaped tea light surrounded by the same satin red roses that I'd used as cake toppers for the top tier. The entire appearance looked very lace-like and I was in love.

The bottom tier was even more WOW. I did the same squigglies over a smooth white buttercream layer and red and gold pearls as the basic design for this tier too. It was the lace at the bottom that was my favorite though. I purchased a jeweled lace that matched the jeweled Sherwani (Desi wedding dress) my brother was wearing. It was that X factor, that personalized little detail that made the cake extraordinary! Finally, more rose shaped string lights decorated the base of the entire cake.

Notice how the cake lace at the bottom matches the jeweled work on my brother's dress.
It was so perfect! (Even though bro is the kind who hardly comments) I knew he'd be able to see the extra matching I'd done! All the guests noticed and mentioned it out loud and I was standing there snapping pictures and feeling super proud of this masterpiece!

"Are there actual lights on that cake? REALLY!?" exclaimed one of the kids among the guests.
*super proud moment alert*
Doesn't that cake look glorious?
It was the perfect blend of elegance and Desi dazzles.

That wasn't it though. The insides of the cake were no less special. I went with a delicious rich chocolate filling in between the vanilla cake sponge. Wait, wait, there's more ... pineapples! Juicy pineapple chunks were added to the chocolate and I soaked some pineapple juice inside the cake sponge too. When we tasted it ... explosion inside my mouth. The vanilla paired perfectly with the delicious chocolate and the fresh juicy pineapples. It was SO good ... Mmm mmmmm!

I think my brother is super lucky to have me.
Imagine if I hadn't baked this beauty?
A party without cake is just a meeting, right?! Right!
Oh and lastly, truthfully, this cake really stole the show that day!

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  1. That cake is stunning! And I'm guessing the photos don't even do it justice. :)

    1. In this cake's case, yes, the pictures really don't do it justice :) It is one of my most favorite creations to date! Thank you Jen!

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