Saturday, May 7, 2016

What Is My Ideal Living Room

Me: Abbie, say you were given a house to decorate for yourself. How would you decorate it?
Abbie: This house was decorated by us.
Me: No, not that way. Suppose you were given a house to decorate from scratch. You get to choose every single thing and do whatever you want with it. What would your style be?
Abbie: *thinking, as she mixed the Biryani she was cooking*
Me: I am totally going to blog about this!

So that is how the idea of this entry came about. I asked Abbie a random question during one of our cooking sessions together and ended up dreaming of what my ideal house decor would be like. I decided I'd start blogging room by room. I love interior decoration (HGTV is on my favorite channels' list) and this seemed super fun to blog about.

For the very first one of such entries I chose to do my ideal living room because that's where our conversation had progressed first. So what would my ideal living room be like? With a gazillion ideas in my head it was impossible to paint a complete picture of the exact living room of my dreams so I decided I'd list down a few of my current favorites which I would absolutely want to include. These aren't all of the things I imagine but my absolute must-haves! So get ready!!!

A tufted sofa is my number one favorite. I'd LOVE to have a tufted sofa in my living room. I think it's a perfect combination of cozy, modern, royal, and elegant. Tufted furniture has been a recent favorite of mine. I feel an obsession starting. There is something about those tufts that gives me a feeling of exquisiteness. When I see tufts I automatically think girly, beautiful, delicate, LOVE. Okay, we get the point. My ideal living room would totally have tufted details. Must must must have.

I thought about the kind of table I'd want in my living room and I was torn between two kinds of looks. The first is a colorful and patterned look and the other is a glassed elegance look. I'd either go for something as vibrant as the one on the upper left, with upholstered feels and beautiful patterns pairing perfectly with the tufted sofa. If not that, then I'd go for something like the one on the upper right, something that has lots of reflective glass, delicate feels, and elegant touches to match the gentility and grandeur of the tufted sofa. Of course a good selection of magazines would be there on my table and some beautiful delicate decorative details.

Another absolute must have for me is a chandelier. Chandelier to me is the prettiest kind of lighting fixture they've ever invented. Something about the crystal look and delicate shine of it all screams ROYAL to me. I would totally have some kind of chandelier in my living room - big, small, medium, hanging from the ceiling, placed as a side table lamp, or floor lamp - CHANDELIER!!!!

The living room of my dreams is a place that is so cozy you'd want to just throw on your pajamas at the end of the day and just ensconce in the room - you know, melt into the living room sort of thing! I often shop at Pier One and they have something very special that I always fall in love with. Pier One's Papasan chairs are comfort personified. I can feel the coziness adjusting under all the places of my body just by looking at that chair in stores. The living room of my dreams is totally going to include a Papasan chair in which I'd just melt and forget all the worries of the day .... ah, peace ....

Flowers in delicate vases just HAVE to be in my ideal living room. If not, sorry, living room isn't complete. I find that flowers deliver that chic beautiful look with expert elegance. They somehow brighten up any room. I like the artificial kind though, the one that doesn't attract bees and bugs. Put them in a delicate looking glass vase or a vintage looking chic vase and voila! You have yourself the perfect decor for my ideal living room.

You get my point? Something as grand and royal looking as this!

Another something I really really love is when the TV is mounted on a wallpapered wall. It looks stylish and beautiful. In my ideal living room the TV wouldn't be sitting in some bulky cabinet like furniture piece. Instead it'll be mounted on the wall with or without a stylish table underneath it, depending on the layout of the sofas. I'd love for the wall to be wallpapered with something neutral, maybe golds or silvers or beige designs that don't take away from the rest of the living room decor but add that WOW to the room at the same time. Even a brick wall behind the TV would be fabulous. Ah, what a beauty a brick wall would look. If there are bricks they'd be either silver, white, or beige. LOVELY!

Lastly, my ideal living room would have LOTS of cushions. I love cushions. It's like cozy, comfy, stylish, and pretty all in one. Funny how much a cushion can achieve, yes? Magnifique! My cushions would change seasonally. In winter they'd be all woolen and furry. Spring would be cheerful colors and bright vibes. Summer would be fresh and cooling. Autumn would be welcoming and warm. A throw over the tufted sofa or the papasan chair would be excellence as well!

Other than the beautiful drool-worthy must-haves I mentioned I'd want a bright living room with lots of natural light flowing through curtained windows (of course fancy curtains!). A fireplace isn't a must-have because I don't use a fire place and I'd much rather have the mantel decor over a wall with gallery styled frames full of pictures that change seasonally just like the cushions. I wasn't sure about what kind of rug I'd like to have so I ended up not searching for a picture of that, but I would like a rug somewhere in my living room. Overall my living room would be a cross of cozy and welcoming with stylish royal elegance. There would be tiny details and seasonally changing decor that would keep it changing and exciting after every little while. I thought of the color scheme I'd want and came up with a few that I loved, though ideally I'd go for a shade like red which works okay with all four seasons. Out of the many color schemes I thought of the one I settled for was reds, with gold and silver accents. Just thinking about it makes me so excited, I wonder what I'd ever do if I was ever given a living room to decorate all by myself! *rubs hands together*

The "What is my ideal home decoration?" is a new short blog series I am planning on writing. This is the first one of some really cool must-haves list. Now that my ideal living room has been dreamt of it's time for me to sit and think of which room to list down next! None of the pictures used in the entry belong to me originally (unless otherwise stated!), they've all been Googled at random.


  1. Changing decor details seasonally is a wonderful idea. My only question is, where would you store the off-season decor? We live in a townhouse so storage space is minimal, but this idea of yours definitely has me dreaming about seasonally-changing looks. :-) You living room, btw, sounds absolutely lovely. Maybe someday you'll have your chance to make your dream come true. <3

    1. We do have some decor that we change seasonally (our softboards, the vase in the kitchen, etc.) and we store the stuff in an extra closet which we like to use as a crafts' store. You could always change cushion covers, throws, and flowers seasonally. They are much easier to store and wouldn't even need that much space. Just buy one of those large plastic storage boxes Walmart, Target, etc. sell and store away everything! :D

  2. Changing decor details seasonally is a wonderful idea. My only question is, where would you store the off-season decor? We live in a townhouse so storage space is minimal, but this idea of yours definitely has me dreaming about seasonally-changing looks. :-) You living room, btw, sounds absolutely lovely. Maybe someday you'll have your chance to make your dream come true. <3

  3. Waoh! These are some awesome picks. I would love to have these in my home too. I want my common living area brighter with all the colourful stuff and the guests room (also called drawing room) in pastels.

    Fatima |

    1. That's a great idea! That way you can have cozy and colorful for casual living and sophisticated and formal for guest entertaining! :D
      Thanks for the comment!


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