Saturday, January 7, 2017

ButtMustGo - December 2016

It's been a month since I restarted ButtMustGo all over again with full force and it's been going great for me. I've been strictly working out and have gone on a diet with verrrrrrry few cheats if any. I've been lazy but still didn't give up on a treadmill day for which I am super proud of myself. I've also been seeing results which have kept me even more motivated. This month I've already lost about six or seven pounds. Oh yeahhhhhhhhh! It's been going great!

Turby Time & Exercises
I've been doing the treadmill every alternate day for thirty minutes. I've been doing intervals though. What do I mean? Basically I walk for some time and then pump up the speed and jog and then pump it up even more and run and then back to walking. So I've been doing three minute intervals between the speeds of three and five. After each session on the Turby I use 3 kilo dumbbells to do some arm exercises and then some crunches and leg exercises on my yellow Bob the ball. So far I've only had one day when I couldn't do more than twenty minutes because I was running late but instead of skipping I did it for ten minutes less. Every time I workout I try to hit at least the calories-burnt mark I had reached last time. It's been working out pretty well for me!

Food food food!
I've been eating less and trying to cut down on carbs. Let me describe what my day looks like usually. For breakfast I take oatmeal with some sugar free jam to sweeten it. For lunch it's either daal (lentils), veggies (either half veggie patty with few apples or otherwise), or soup. For dinner it is either a slice of brown bread or very little rice with chicken. Then about two hours before going to bed I take a few fruits. I also have about three cups of chai (tea) during the day. My only cheats have been fried chicken for dinner once and half a samosa for dinner another time. I also fell sick this month and was on antibiotics for a week during which the doctor advised me not to diet. During this while I ate Maggie noodles and soup but kept the portion sizes small. When it was time to eat something non-diet I took a bite only. Like if mama offered sweet potato chips I ate just one. Also when Abbie made sugar free halwa I only tasted a tea spoon. I've refused dessert even when it was staring at me and calling me to the fridge for which I am very proud of myself. At the end of the year we went out for dinner to a kababs place where I only tasted a bite of the white naan (too tempting but I ignored it) and ate pieces of all the various kinds of kababs. It was an innocent kind of indulgence, one that didn't do any harm. Oh and yes, another cheat was over a sip of Abbie's Snickerdoodle Hot Chocolate from Starbucks. She wanted me to have more but a sip was all I tried.


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