Saturday, February 4, 2017

ButtMustGo - January 2017

Okay so I have to confess. I totally went off track and didn't work on my ButtMustGo goals at all the entire January. In fact, we traveled to my birth town Karachi and also went for Umrah. Now, of course when you were traveling and were on a (sort of) vacation why would you diet? Yeah, no way. I tried controlling for about a week or something and then there was just too much awesome food in front of me okay? So I didn't eat my normal controlled diet. I also didn't have any exercising equipment there with me so I didn't work out the entire month either. Yes, I've gained some weight too but I'm finally back home and began working on ButtMustGo again today so it's going to be fine. I'm now back on track and hope to achieve some good weight loss over February! I'm going to be working out and eating little and healthy. Until the end of February, when I'll next report my progress ... good luck to me!

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