Saturday, March 4, 2017

ButtMustGo - February 2017

Turby Time & Exercises
February was awesome in terms of my exercise routine because I was very punctual and hardly skipped a treadmill session. I had my lazy days and even bad days when I had a migraine too yet I made sure I was always completing my time on the treadmill. My goal was to keep at it; just stay constant. I was successful at it too. I alternated my speed on Turby in intervals; slowing down, speeding up, and running as fast as I could manage. The number of calories burned on the display screen did increase too. I don't really rely on the numbers displayed but I do like how it means that I'd worked out harder and harder each day. Conclusively, I worked out as best as I could and was very satisfied with my performance.

Food Food Food!
The eating part is where I slacked off a bit in February. We had various family outings where I indulged and cheated on my diet plan. For example, I stuffed my face with delicious pizza on a weekend in DC. Other than those cheat days however I did control what I ate so I wasn't at a total loss. I ate as little carbs and as much protein as I could fit into my diet and overall I ate very less too - just enough to keep me going. This month I also switched from an oatmeal breakfast to an omelette one. So I scratched off those carbs and that tablespoon of sugar free jam too. I'm not entirely satisfied with my food intake for February though so that's definitely where I need to improve in March!

Not Enough!

Yes, not enough. I hardly lost any significant weight, maybe a pound or two here and there. Even though I can feel my body shaping up and toning up the numbers on the weighing scale haven't changed too much. It's annoying but I'm going to keep going. Hopefully March will show a change in numbers and make me happy!

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