Friday, April 14, 2017

Lovely Baby Girl Cupcakes

I believe that when a baby is born into this world it makes the world a happier place. Even more so when it is a baby girl. Baby girls, in my belief, are tiny angels that bless the family they are born in, making everything prettier and brighter. When my dear friend S had her first baby she was a girl. I was ecstatic when I got to know and waited excitedly for her to be born. When it was finally time to go over and meet the little darling I baked and decorated these very lovely Baby Girl cupcakes to welcome her to this world.

This gorgeous pink and dreamy themed cupcake box, I thought, was the perfect way to convey my love to the little darling. She wouldn't be able to eat it (her mommy would be devouring them all by herself very happily) but the feelings count!

Let me show off each one of these beautiful cupcakes up close!

When I designed this cupcake I wanted to achieve something super sophisticated and dainty. I thought pearls and pinks and came up with this design which looked like a really delicate pearly necklace! I marbled pink and white fondant for the background and then carefully attached each pearl and the heart individually by hand.

I wanted the word 'Baby Girl' to pop inside the cupcake box once these pretty things would be packed. So I dedicated a cupcake each to each word. I cut out the alphabets to spell Baby and Girl and then placed them against a plain pink fondant background over white textured frames. The plain pink background added the simplicity so all the attention was on the words themselves. The white frame looked super cute behind the pink alphabets.

Baby Girl ~ cute and pretty!

This was one of my most favorite designs in the themed cupcake box, the other one being the heart-pearly necklace-y one. For this design I quilted pink fondant so it looked all puffy like a pillow, then attached gold dragees on top and finished it off with a white rose. The pillow like effect went perfectly with a baby welcome party!

This one was fun and groovy with a buttercream swirl, studded with pink and white candies, and topped with a special pink Hershey's It's a Girl Kiss.

For this design I wanted something dress like. First I quilted some white fondant in the background, then added a pink tutu like fondant on top and dressed it up with some gold dragees. It looked very pretty, just like the beautiful dresses the little darling would soon be wearing. *inset endless hearts here*

For my last and final design of this themed cupcake box I piped a bright pink buttercream swirl and then added a topper to it. For the topper I embossed and cut out a curvy circle out of white fondant and then created holes all along the border so it looked very girly and lacey. Finally I added pink baby feet shaped candy on top. It was the most adorable sight in the world!

I stepped back to admire my work after I was done and I was stunned. This themed cupcake box was so adorable and so girly girl. The pinks and whites looked so girly and all those pearls and swirls and quilted effects made these the most gorgeous cupcakes ever. I was in love with myself for these masterpieces!


Many years from now that little darling will grow up and find out about these cupcakes (her mom better make sure of that). I'm sure she'll LOVE how beautiful they look and remember me as the auntie who baked! May she live a beautiful life and may I get to bake for her time and again! *kisses*

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  1. What a thoughtful gift...packed with yummy taste, warmth of love and oodles of creativity!!!

    Wish you were my friend you would present such yummy gifts to me as well!!!!
    Anagha From Team MocktailMommies
    Collage Of Life

    1. Awwwwwwwwwww Anagha <3
      Thank you so much for such a wonderful comment!
      Stay in touch!


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