Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Wild Jungle Safari Cake

Sometimes she's my little cat, sometimes she pretends to roar like a dinosaur, sometimes she flaps around like a ducky, and I call her my 'Mannee Bunny'. My darling baby niece Gubby is an adorable little cuddle buddy. I love her way too much to even try and express in words. When she completed two years of blessing our lives with her adorable ways we celebrated a Jungle Safari themed birthday and that's when I baked this wild cake for her!

I wanted her to LOVE the cake and point at every single thing and exclaim how awesome everything was. That's what I had in mind when I designed this cake. I used Jungle colors and ordered some Madagascar cake toppers. The cake had everything jungle on it, even grass and leaves. It looked like it belonged in the jungle!

I piped lots and lots of grass on the top of the Wild Jungle Safari Cake. On top of the grass was the zebra and giraffe. I also cut out some leaves out of green fondant and added those to the grass. I wanted it to look like a scene from a jungle and I nailed it!

I want you to notice a couple of things in this picture. First, and my favorite part: the camouflage background! FAVORITE! I blended together yellows and greens and browns and the final effect was BEAUTIFUL! All around the sides I added more green fondant leaves and along the base of the cake I piped buttercream grass. Against the sides I added the lion and the hippo cake toppers.

See see seeeeeeeee?

Loved it so much! Check out the camouflage!

A close up of one of the leaves. I'm in love with how beautiful the fondant leaves turn out!

I placed this absolutely wild cake on top of a plate with leafy designs on it and then placed the plate on top of a wooden cake board. This cake board is one of my favorites because of how classy it is and that day it fitted our theme perfectly.

Wow! That's one wild cake!

I also baked some extra cupcakes which I wrapped up in zebra print wrappers. I covered them with buttercream grass and then added a stripy black and white candle on top of each.
Wait till you see the insides!

BEAUTIFUL! Isn't it?

Funfetti cake sponges are my favorite and Gubby loves them too. She loves that pop of color all throughout the insides of the cake. That's why I baked a funfetti vanilla cake and then loaded it with chocolate frosting. You can't go wrong with chocolate! You just can't! They aren't too visible in the picture above but the filling had chunks of chocolate wafer in it too! DELICIOUS!

This cake was a perfect way to celebrate this darling's birthday. She loved it. As I type this post today, it's been a couple months since her birthday, and she still remembers the celebration and this cake. She'd still come to me and say, "Hey Beeya, member the cake with animals?" and it melts my heart. This baby doll is my life. She's the world to me and baking for her is an experience beyond explanations. When she appreciates my bakes it brings tears to my eyes. Baking for her is the best feeling ever! Ever ever everrrrrrrrrrr!

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  1. You are a master of the cakes and also at weaving the stories around your cakes!
    Yummy Madagascar tempting, inviting...hats off to your creativity and hard work.
    Anagha From Team MocktailMommies
    Collage Of Life

    1. Thank you so much Anagha :D
      This makes me so happy! What a wonderful comment!

  2. That is one lucky kid! I love the details of the leaves! I wonder if there's a cake you *can't* create.


    X is for Xenogenous

    1. I think I'm going to frame all of your comments :D
      Thank you so much!


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