Saturday, April 29, 2017

Yay! Yummy Mini Donuts!

Bright, happy, cheerful, and delicious!
These bite sized baby donuts are BAKED!
Not fried, yes. These are baked donuts!

Whenever I bake something that looks this happy even looking at the pictures ages later brings a GIANT smile on my face. Just like the one I have on right now as I type. When I found out they sold mini donut pans at the store I got super excited because I wanted to see how the baked version of this super yummy treat would taste like. It tastes different than the original fried version but it's super duper delicious and looks so pretty!

I dipped the baked donuts in melted chocolate candy and then showered a generous load of sprinkles over them. This is my favorite kind of donut: covered in chocolate and showered with sprinkles. Yummmm! So so delicious!

Now let me tell you about the donut itself. When baked they taste and feel like a slightly more cakey version of the traditional fried one. You won't be left with the yeasty bun like feel and taste in your mouth. Instead you'll feel a super delicious donut-y cakey cloud inside your mouth. They're soft and smooth and full of vanilla flavor which combines with the chocolate and the happy sprinkles to create a brilliant experience. DELICIOUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Aaaaaaaah!

How happy and beautiful!!!

While the experience of these happy little lovelies isn't the same as the fried versions I think they tasted just as delicious. Just a different kind of delicious! This is like Donut meets Cake. It's sort of like the donut lost its way and entered an oven instead and turned into a whole different kind of delicious! THEY ARE SO AWESOME!

Have I already said it that I'm in LOVE with how they look? SO SO SO HAPPY!
If you're happy and you know it say Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
Yay for these super yummy and extremely adorable mini baby donuts!

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  1. bitesize is what I would call them. they looked delicious!

    have a lovely day.

    ~ my Y post - yada yada~

    1. Thank you Lissa! They were really yummy! :D


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