Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Confession of a hungry stomach!

The wonderful part about taking your Summer break completely off from University is that you can spend your days as randomly and unplanned as anything, without having to run after deadlines and scary schedules. That is exactly what I've been doing these days; wake up whenever your mom wants you to, watch TV whenever you wish to, blog whenever you feel like it, do whatever you want! And often, because mom goes to her chiropractor a few times each week for her back pains she, my sister, and I get to randomly shop! Or window shop, as I feel it is more like. I love window shopping so for me even heading out to get grocery is cool unless we're in a hurry and mom is in a bad rushed up mood!

Today, my sister drove us to Target because a lot of very important things were finishing at home; including bread for my brother's breakfast, and most importantly milk for our 'Magic' cereal. Why is it 'Magic' cereal, you ask? Because it is THE ultimate prevention technique for constipation! Voila! So we headed out for Target and slowly treading through all the aisles that we had to buy absolutely nothing from, but they supported colorful bright displays, we reached the aisle for breads .. and THAT is where the REAL part of this post begins.

I have been weight conscious since years after dropping a good number of pounds off of myself, which means it has been a good amount of time since I last had, what I call 'NORMAL' bread, i.e. NOT whole wheat. Today, it was almost breakdown point for me *laughs*, that display flashed white breads in my face literally! All shapes, all sizes. Cut, uncut, fresh. I reached out and touched a packet of white buns and died on the spot, no really you can go and check for a part of myself lying there dead in Target's aisle for breads. It was SO soft, my finger was literally sinking inside that delicious bun and if I wasn't bound by society's rules of behaving like an educated adult I wouldn't have stopped poking my finger to see how deep it could actually go! WHY can't whole wheat bread feel the same way? Sure, it is soft, I never said it feels like rocks, but not THIS kind of soft! And look at those buns, they were speeeeaking to me, calling my name, smiling at me, persuading me to grab a packet and walk over to my sister. For a minute I actually stood there, while my sister was searching through other whole wheat NOT normal breads to find the brand that we buy. And I actually imagined grabbing just one innocent packet, going over to my sister and making that hungry face of mine that literally pleads to be fed something as if it has been starving for years. But then I regained my senses and thank God walked away and over to my sister WITHOUT the white bread.

I'm certain, those white breads in aisles of grocery stores are fishy. They're up to something! They should be jailed *laughs* for persuading innocent weight watchers like me into a purchase! They aren't really as innocent as they are soft, they actually turn you into a hippo! Had I bought a packet today, I would have been blogging not about my experience in the store, but my super duper guilt at home after devouring the buns! Next time I find another white bread near me I will slap myself back into reality!

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