Thursday, August 15, 2019

Hey Sunshine! My Summer 2019 AwesomeBoard!

Hey sunshine! Look who just entered the scene? Saraallie - the Summer hater. Can you believe that a person who hates Summers with a passion created this gorjabulous AwesomeBoard? Think of it as my coping mechanism. If I don't do all of this I would probably not survive the Summer season at all. You'd find me dead just at the beginning of the season - cause of death: melted from heat or had a heart attack because of a bug sighting. Seriously, Summers and I do not bond together AT ALL. So while the world is going crazy over the sunshine and the outdoors and whatever other horrible stuff, I can be found indoors trying to make the most of Summer. One such day, I put together my beautiful Summer 2019 AwesomeBoard too. It's all about the rare good things of Summer that I can actually tolerate. Let me show it off!

I printed out a cute Summer header and then used my Sharpies to color it in. A combination of stripes and polka dots and squares and squigglies ended up looking super cute. It looks bright and bold and happy and funky against the flip flops graphic I added, which I'd found in a magazine. I love how pretty and colorful the flip flops are. Plus that bit of sky adds a very Summery happy feel to the board - a feel that otherwise is missing from the world during this season. Hmph.

This is my favorite part from my Summer 2019 AwesomeBoard. I printed these out after having Googled them. I love chilled watermelon in the Summer (eaten indoors of course) so a cute watermelon just had to be part of my display. I also love heart shaped sunglasses (I don't own a pair but one day I think I will). And of course, I crave ice creams all the time and especially during the Summer heat. Look at how adorable the ice cream cone is!!! And look close and you'll spot my Love magnet with the vintage radio stereo deck thingy!

I've been obsessed with pom poms lately!!! And when I found this Summery bag in a magazine with those adorable pom poms I immediately knew this had to be a part of my Summer 2019 AwesomeBoard! Isn't it gorgeous? I love the pom poms but I'm still a bit if-y about straw tote bags. I wonder if I'd like them if I had one?

Andddddddddddddddd then I did this to myself. I'm on a diet trying to shed some weight before my favorite Fall and Winter seasons arrive. I don't know why I did this to myself but I did! Hahahaha! This delicious cone stacked with delicious scoops of ice cream ... look at it dripping ... look at it ... look at the waves of perfection in the chocolate flavored scoop. JUST LOOK AT IT! And then check out the deliciousness right next to it. Again, if anybody knows WHY I did this to myself, please let me know!

Another one of my favorites from the board is this! Hey Sunshine! Also from a magazine. I loved how bright and beautiful this looked. Against it I put up some feel good positive vibes magnets. They're all Starbucks cards which Abbie and I turn into magnets. They all say nice stuff like 'you're adorable', 'you're the best', and 'you're awesome'! A little positive reminder of self love is always nice, don't you think?

This is the most special part of my Summer board. It is my very own personal popsicle. My very own. My niece Gubby made this for me all by herself. She told me she was going to get me a rainbow popsicle one day and she sure did. One fine day she excitedly came running to me and handed this to me. "BEEYA I MADE YOU A RAINBOW POPSICLE!" It was still nowhere near Summer time back then but I knew that whenever I'd put together my Summer board this would totally have to go on it! It's glittery with a purple stick and extremely close to my heart!

Another feel good graphic that reminds me to not forget to be awesome! Also, check out my 'Let's Chill' Starbucks card magnet against the popsicles I found in a magazine. It's all so cool and happy - unlike the actual Summer season passing me by outside my room's window. Ughhh.

I wish the Summer season could be even like half as awesome as my Summer AwesomeBoard. I wish it could be this happy and peaceful and funky and bright and beautiful! But no. What do I get? Bugs and heat and more bugs and even more bugs. *Sighs* Please, someone make Summers end. I'm just going to go ahead and start pretending Fall is coming soon. Seriously. From today onward I officially declare FALL IS ARRIVING! Bye Summer season - Saraallie declares you done and dusted.

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Starting August On A Sweet Note - Extra Sweet Note

Ever since I started celebrating a Harry Potter focused July and began hosting the brilliant PotterificJuly Insta Challenge, the end of July has become a sad affair for me. When the month ends it takes with it the excitement of the Insta challenge and I'm left kind of heart broken. So it has become essential for me to somehow try and make August's beginnings good so that I don't end up feeling too pathetic about the month's start. Just like last year, this year too our Mall Day timed perfectly with the start of August. So while mama got her hair done Abbie and I had some quality BestieTime to ourselves at the mall. We planned our day around pretty outfits and sinful binges but little did we know how grave of a sinful binge we were going to end up indulging in ...

Brownie and Oreo Cupfection and Caramel Cannonball Blizzard

I really don't know what happened and how it happened. Somehow, we found ourselves seated at a table in the food court with these beautiful desserts in front of us. I promise we didn't do it, we didn't plan it, it just happened. Also, surprisingly, for a change I wasn't responsible for this; Abbie had some moment of insanity and she ended up ordering these. I had suggested an innocent little ice cream binge but when we began ordering Abbie went wild. Hahahaha! I told her we should get one and share like we always do, but she said we should try two flavors. Then I told her to get the tiniest size of the Blizzard but she thought the cup was too small so she got the slightly larger one instead. Now don't get me wrong, I am not complaining at all! Hahahaha! It was heavy and left us with feelings of intense guilt but it was so worth it!

See what I mean? It was totally worth it. After so so so long we indulged in something so huge and sinful and regardless of how guilty we felt breaking our diets and cheating THIS bad, it also felt so good. The Brownie and Oreo Cupfection was a sweet reminder of the times when we used to go out for long drives and used to get McDonald's chocolate sundaes from the drive through. Such good times they were. Of course McD's sundae was so tiny and innocent compared to what this was. This actually had a giant piece of a very dense fudge brownie in it with pieces of crushed Oreos and lots of chocolate sauce in a delicious Vanilla ice cream. The brownie was GIANT - no kidding. So delicious and so heavy and so so so worth it! The Caramel Cannonball was extreme too - caramel coated truffles and toffee pieces and caramel topping ... mmmm mmmmmmm!

It's true, it did feel like vacation in a cup. We usually indulge like this only while on vacation ... *sighs* the feel of these delicious ice creams still remains on my tongue. I wish I could go back and eat some more - but I also wish I could eat eat eat and not gain weight. All wishes can't come true though, right? Right. They cannot. But here's hoping and wishing the rest of August would be this happening and sweet and heavy loaded with awesomeness too!

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Some People I Want To Thank On Harry Potter's Birthday!

~ J.K. Rowling ~
Thank you my dear Rowling for deciding to pick up your pen that one special day and writing what has been my entire childhood, what is my current life support system, and what will always be my most cherished fandom ever. Thank you so much for creating the Wizarding World and bringing to life every single person and every little bit of magic within it. Thank you for creating the Potterverse so that I have an alternate universe to escape into - always.

~ Dad ~
Thank you to the man who started my Harry Potter obsession. My Dad was the one who got me my first ever Harry Potter book. Little did he know that he was gifting me something that would stay with me my entire life. Thank you Dad for the best present I have ever received in my life. And then thank you again for surprising me with the American version boxed set when I moved to the US. It hurt when you asked me to leave my books behind. I knew you would send them sometime later but I wanted them to travel with me in my bags. But when I received the boxed set as a surprise on my doorstep ... THANK YOU.

~ Mama ~
Thank you Mama for buying the first few pieces of Potter merch in my collection. Thank you for letting me buy the Weasleys' family clock while we were on vacation that one time. That clock was one of my first BIG movie prop level merch and remains very dear to me to this day. Thank you for always getting me Potter stationery to take to school and even today, thank you for never telling Abbie and I that we were going crazy with all the Potter merch we keep collecting.

~ Abbie ~
Thank you Abbie for being the best Butterbeer buddy ever. Thank you for being a fellow Potterhead. Thank you for spending countless hours of life sitting together, hunting for merch, and then bringing it home, unboxing and snapping and videotaping it and enjoying that feeling together. Thank you for gifting me the first ever trip to The Wizarding World in Orlando on my twenty first birthday. Had you not planned it who knows if we would ever even take a trip there. Thanks for sharing the Potterverse with me.

~ The Potterheads of the Potterverse ~
To every single fan of all kinds, shapes, and sizes ... THANK YOU. Thank you for existing and letting the Potterverse exist. Thank you for being so kind, so loving, so accepting, and so fantabulously cool. Thank you to the random girl at Giant who says she loves my Harry Potter wallet while I check out with my groceries. Thank you to the passerby fan at the mall who points out our Potter bags and starts exclaiming out loud how awesome they are. Thank you to the Potterheads at the Wizarding World in Orlando who speak the Potter language as if it is the only thing we know. Thank you to the Potterheads on Insta who join me every July for my Potterific July Instagram Challenge. Thank you to the entire Potterhead community!

~ The Creators Of Everything Potter ~
Thank you to the creators and makers of everything Harry Potter. Thank you for not ruining our beloved books with some substandard movie versions. Thank you for how brilliantly the books were brought to life on screen. Thank you to every single human whose brain went into the creation of the Wizarding World parks across the globe - you've made the Potterverse exist for real for all of us and I just cannot thank you enough. Thank you to the cast and crew of the movies, the Cursed Child plays - you are all awesome and have been so true and brilliant to the Harry Potter books. Thank you to the staff at the Wizarding World in Orlando for being so authentic. Thank you for every single person who imagines, designs, creates, and sells every single piece of beautiful Harry Potter merchandise. Thank you to every single human being for adding to Rowling's magic.

~ Harry Potter ~
Thank you to the Boy Who Lived for changing, touching, and saving my life in more ways than just one. Thank you Harry for being a character I can relate with. Thank you Harry for falling into Rowling's life when she needed you so that she brought you in my life through her magical words. Thank you Harry for existing! Now, and always.

Happy birthday Harry Potter!
Happy birthday J.K. Rowling!

My beautiful Harry Potter themed cake!

I'm sharing my 'Yer a Wizard Harry!' Cake again today in honor of Harry Potter and Rowling's birthdays! Here's to a million more years of Potterific awesomeness! Here's to many more generations of Potterheads! Raising a Butterbeer toast for Harry and Rowling! You are to me and to many Potterheads like me so much more than just a book or a movie.
Potterhead forever. And ever. Potterhead for life! <3

Sunday, July 28, 2019

An Exceptionally Ordinary Luna Lovegood Handbag - Bonus Quibbler Wallet Too!

How does it look? Rather exceptionally ordinary!
When my love for handbags and my love for Harry Potter collides and they create something like this beautiful Luna Lovegood handbag I just go insane. I mean, LOOK AT IT! It is stunning! Luna is one of my most favorite characters from the Harry Potter books and movies too. So this was like a triple deal for me: a pretty handbag which also happened to be Harry Potter themed and that too Luna Lovegood themed merch. It was love at first sight and Abbie and I just could not resist getting ourselves one each. Ever since it has arrived I have been obsessing over it. The result of which is that I kept it on my bed for weeks until finally I decided it could go in my closet with all the other Potter bags ... you know introduce itself and become friends. Ahem ... pretend I didn't say that last one! Buttttttt anyway, I'm here to show off this piece of awesomeness today!!!

This gorgeous Luna bag is inspired by Luna's signature pink outfit and has all the pretty details including her Spectrespecs and also a big time bonus: A QUIBBLER WALLET PURSE! So basically this is a two in one deal because I can either use the bag with the Quibbler purse attached or take it off and use it separately as an everyday wallet. How cool is that, right! But wait till I show off all the details .. this bag is BEAUTIFUL inside and out and I literally mean inside and out. You'll see! 

The bag itself is textured exactly like Luna's pink jacket. The fact that they decided to take inspiration from her jacket leaves this bag looking so elegant that it can be used as both a casual bag or a formal one. It can go with any outfit for any occasion!

On its flap is a pretty little metallic pair of Spectrespecs with some bling details in its lenses. I love her Spectrespecs and this was the perfect way to add them on to this bag - they add that bit of funk to the handbag without turning it too casual. And of course, if we're talking Luna anything we just can't not mention her Spectrespecs! But the magic doesn't just stop there.

Ta daaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
See what I meant when I said this bag is beautiful inside and out? I did tell you I meant it literally!!!

The insides of this beauty are inspired by Luna's skirt. We have the same funky prints on black which she is seen wearing in the movie. There are thestrals, balloons, hares, turnips, stars, polka dots, birds, and hearts and unicorns. AND SPECTRESPECS of course!!! Could this get any more perfect?!?! The handbag also comes with a pink sling with gold clasps.

Check out the gorgeousness!
Take your time.
I'll show off the Quibbler wallet next.
But I think I need to stare at the insides of this bag a little bit longer.
Nope, not done yet.
Okay. I'll get a grip on myself.

The beautiful Quibbler front page in wallet form!!! THIS IS SO CUTE!

It's so pretty! I love how detailed and good quality the print is. The words don't smudge or blur or anything. It's like the real front page of the Quibbler in mini form. So brilliant!

Just when you thought I'd end showing one awesome thing after the other ... check out the insides of the wallet! This is some great detailing!!! I love it when merch is extra detailed. It shows how much thought has been put into its design and that is why it is always extra beautiful!

And to match the gold accents of the bag's pink sling strap ... the wallet has a gold chain too which can be used to attach it to this beautiful Luna bag ... or any bag, really!

Admit it, you're in love with it too!
I have a couple of Harry Potter bags in my collection now but let me tell you, this is somewhere on the top of my list of favorites for sure! It's just too pretty! Rather exceptionally ordinary indeed!!!

Thursday, July 25, 2019

The Sweetest Honeydukes Soup Mug Ever

Now isn't it a darling? Today, I'm showing off this adorable and very pretty Honeydukes ceramic soup mug and spoon set. I got this a while ago and the way it came into my life was love at first sight. A little bit of Hot Topic hot cash and a little bit of impulse buying on a sulky dull day and this beauty came home with us. It is huge and I'm definitely not drinking that much soup. Nope. This one is on display in my Harry Potter shelf along with other Honeydukes merch. Now, before I keep on talking endlessly, I think it is time for deets and close ups!

It came all nicely packed up in a box. Is it just me or it feels extra special when you unbox a piece of Potter merch? Now get ready for some sweeeeeet pictures!!!

Now isn't that a gorgeous mug? It is very very very good quality print with every little detail perfectly done. The mug features the signature pink stripes of our favorite Wizarding World sweets shop. Honeydukes's logo is on the front. It says Hogsmeade and 'Legendary Sweet Shop' on a banner like design above and below it. It looks beautiful!!!

All around the mug then are all the wonderful things sold at Honeydukes. You have the Chocolate Frogs, the Fizzing Whizzbees (which I noticed is written as Frizzing for some reason but it doesn't matter), the Iced Mice, and the Cockroach Clusters which are the only thing I actually don't like! Hahaha!

Then on the other side there are the Jelly Slugs and the Sugar Quills and the Cauldron Cakes. They continue all the way to the back of the mug as well!

The insides of this beautiful thing are the Honeydukes shade of green. I love it when mugs are colored on the inside ... it just adds so much personality and in this case it adds that perfect bit of Honeydukes green that was needed to complete this gorgeous mug's theme!

Stunning, isn't it? I love how crisp and clear the print is. And when you look at it as a whole the green on the inside and the pink on the outside takes you straight to Honeydukes! Perfection!

This soup mug also comes with a soup spoon. The spoon is pink with the Honeydukes logo printed on it. It's adorable - just like the mug itself!

Isn't this the sweetest mug set ever?! It's so pretty I just cannot stop looking at it! Somebody, please take me to Honeydukes? Pretty please, with Cauldron Cakes on top?
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