Saturday, February 22, 2020

Sara's Word ~ Celebrating Self Love

When everything turns pink and red,
everywhere's a girly spread,
love is celebrated far and wide,
I hop onto the February ride,
self love is what I celebrate,
no time for bullies, no time for hate,
I am the best and my favorite,
I love myself and they better deal with it.

Sara Ali


Hello my lovelies!

Now isn't that absolutely beautiful? I'm talking about both the February art and that little piece of poetry I did there. Okay, confession: I wasn't planning on the poetry part at all when I began composing this blog post ... it just happened. I'm cool like that! *winks*

Ahem ahemmmmmm, so what do we have here? Ah, yes, the month of February which is flying past me like Gru trying to get to the moon. It just started and yet it is almost coming to an end already. Hot chocolates and failed attempts to start a diet, trying out new shampoos in hopes of finding a good match, shopping and window shopping, celebrating a sulky brother's birthday, buying Harry Potter scrabble and spending hours playing it with Abbie, lots of chores and cleaning and then some more 'work' work, a massive spider attack turning out to be an ill-humored prank, getting rear ended and surviving a car crash, enjoying a Bubbsters pajama party and movie night, eating out, hating the end of a pathetic season 13 of Bigg Boss, panicking at a dentist routine visit and coming out with zero cavities and 100% hygiene, and panicking even more at driving longer distances through heavy rainfall ... this month has seen it all!

Wow, that's a lot happening in twenty something days and yet it seems like most of February just disappeared without giving me enough time to appreciate or acknowledge it. I've done a lot this month, haven't I? But there were so many more things I wanted to do. No regrets though because I've resolved to take it one day at a time, not panic, and keep myself happy as much as I can at the beginning of this year. So far, I'm doing good on my resolutions with minor slips here and there. That's a pat on the back for me right there! *proud face*

It's been all red and hearts and pretties and pinks everywhere I go these days. Valentines has made everything girly and beautiful. I just ignore the cheesy couples' stuff as always and continue loving the girly side of Valentines Day! Hahaha! Yeah, I do not celebrate Valentines Day. But I do like to celebrate self love through February. Self love is an everyday thing for me so why not actually celebrate it in February, when the world is busy celebrating all kinds of love, right?

I don't specifically do anything to celebrate, it's mostly in my own head and heart. Simple things that keep me happy like spending a few minutes in peace, reading a book I love, dressing up in something cute, crafting in some way, or eating something I find delicious ... simple little things to make me feel happy and give me a celebratory feeling. So that's what I've been up to throughout the month.

March approaches and I'm not sure if I'm happy about that or not. Winter will be coming to an end without giving me enough snow to go out and make a snowman. Spring will be bringing bugs and eventually the weather will become warmer ... ughhhhhh I hate sweating! But then I'll begin planning out Chunky's birthday which is in April, I'll be figuring out what I'm going to do about April A to Z Blogging, and I'll try taking a head start on the prep for Potterific July. So there's the bad stuff and yet such exciting stuff coming up ahead! Lets see how it goes ...

Here's to a happy last few days of February,
here's to self love,
and here's a big BOO for them haters!
Until next time,

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Saraallie's Tweet Logs ~ January 2020

The time has arrived again! Another month comes to an end which calls for the posting of my Tweet Logs! Ahem ahem: "The Tweet Logs are a concept I originally totally cheated (I mean, it is supposed to be inspiration!) from Abbie's blog; perks of being a sister! My Tweet Logs will contain all my Twitter updates for each month. The updates will include tweets by me and those by Abbie which had me tagged or were related to me in some way. Why you ask? Well, my tweets, just like me, are way too awesome to go waste in cyber space ... thus they shall be recorded on my fabulous blog!

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Hooked On Holidays ~ Winter 2020 AwesomeBoard

Winter may have betrayed me this year so far by not giving me snow, but inside my beautiful room Winter is on in full swing on my AwesomeBoard. As soon as I got back from vacation I put together this gorgeous Winter 2020 AwesomeBoard and now that it is finally perfected I'm here to show off! Because showing off on my blog is my favorite thing to do of course! *Flips hair over shoulder*

This year I have gone with all the reds and the plaids and bits of Winter that make the season so awesome! It is my second most favorite season of all so it had to be extra pretty. Some pretty ornaments, snowy stuff, and cozy bits made this board super cute and my mini Winter right inside my bedroom! Time for closeups!

Starting from the top of the board ... I decorated the top with this super cute candy cane garland which Abbie got for me. She got a matching one for herself too. It looked so festive and added an instant wow to my winter board. Under it was one of my favorite Starbucks holiday cups' design. I drank hot chocolate in it while enjoying a fabulously peaceful mall day with Abbie. *sighs* Good memories and a beautiful cup. In it is another candy cane if you look close! I stuck the cup against a plaid inspired fashion page I found in some magazine. I loved the plaid shoes and the purse and since I did all plaids and reds this time it was perfect for the board! Check out my 'Dashing Through the Snow' Starbucks card magnet! So cute!

Moving further left is a pretty red Winter scene with snow falling on white trees. I thought that was so cool. You know where I got this from? ...

The same place where I got this 'Hooked on Holidays' from ... my Hallmark ornament box! My Gringotts dragon ornament came packed in a gorgeous box which had these two on the sides and of course I cut them right up and saved them because I knew they'd be so perfect for a Winter board or a scrapbook page. Hooked on holidays is EXACTLY my description right now. I returned from a vacation to the Wizarding World in Orlando at the beginning of January and since then haven't been able to return to the 'muggle world'. I just cannot snap out of it ... I'm totally hooked. So this graphic from the ornament box means my entire world right now! Hahaha! And oh, never to forget the cute gingerbread man in the left corner of course! Now isn't he a happy cookie?!

Find me something cuter than these elf feeties and I will bake you cookies! Actually, why? How about find me something cuter and I will bake myself some cookies? *flashes sheepish smile at you*

On the right side of the board I hung up this classic looking red stalking. I love the details on it right down to the snowflake! And next to it is a hot chocolate themed magazine page I found. The marshmallows with faces are just so cute! And since hot chocolate is totally my thing this is just perfect for my Winter board.

I wrote a cute happy new year message in one of my magnetic round frames and stuck it on the board. This frame is such a favorite of mine - I can change it to look cute or sophisticated or girly or funky or elegant ... whatever I like! Some more winter themed Starbucks card magnets against a plaid background too ... I loveeeeeeeeeee the Starbucks cards as magnets! Abbie is such a genius to have come up with this idea. They make for such adorable decorations on all my boards.

Oooooooooooooooookay I may have to bake myself some cookies now because this gingerbread cookie is definitely cuter than the elf feeties!!! It's my favorite actually. I found it at Michaels and it was love at first sight. I just knew I had to get it and I grabbed hold of Abbie immediately, who showed equal enthusiasm and got herself a matching one too. FAVORITEEEEEE! This is definitely going to be a part of every single Winter board I make each year!

And there you can see my beautiful, white, glittery, sparkly, feathery angel wings' ornament. It's beautiful and has such a magical vibe to it. Love it! The feathers are all cozy looking and glitter is of course my favorite!

I added some Winter decor to my desk right under the board too! The more Wintry the better, right? Right!!!

My cute little snowmen snow globe came out again and behind that I drew some random snowflakes on a classic little white board wooden frame with a matching plaid accent!

I finally got myself a fancy candle! Yayyyy! I always wanted to do the whole fancy candle lighting thing in my room and I finally did it! This one is 'Land of Sweets - Blueberry Sugar' from Bath and Body Works. It smells very fruity and sweet and very very girly and is so perfect in my room. Oh and I absolutely LOVE the lid!

On top of the candle is my Starbucks cup ornament. Abbie got me this and I love the red sparkly glitter sides. It's so pretty and a perfect reminder of all our hot chocolate sessions on Bestie mall days! Those are such good times!

And finally on the side is my glittery pink Winter tree. If I was into celebrating Christmas I think I would have loved the whole pink themes some people do for their tree decorations. So when I found these pretty trees being sold at Target I decided to get a pink one instead of the regular green. It's so girly, it's so glittery, it's so me!

What a beautiful Winter board! I don't want to take it down everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Friday, January 31, 2020

My 2020 New Years Resolutions!

Finally! Here I am with my resolutions and goals for 2020!

I'm so surprised I made it in time before January came to an end. For a serious while there I really had come to terms with the thought that I'll be posting my 'NEW YEARS' resolutions in the second month of the year. Clearly, that's not how it is supposed to be! Hahaaaa! But now that I am here and ready, it is all good. January began a bit sick for me so I was down and low with a fever and a million sneezes per minute kind of something. It was obviously not the right time to try and think of important things I would resolve to do for the entire year. Then ... life happened. These Muggles-NoMajs I am surrounded with were making everything hectic and I was busy dealing with massive piles of poop from everyone. There was just no time and I take my resolutions very seriously so I did not want to rush through them. After proper thought and reflection and blah blah blah ... here are my resolutions for 2020 ...

Love myself truly, madly, deeply!
Always big on self love, I am. I've been working on my relationship with myself for years now and it has resulted in a beautiful boost of self esteem. Once again this year I resolve to love myself. This includes everything from tiny steps like a good night time skin routine to huge ones including achieving peace of mind and happiness of the heart. I want me time. I want to spend time with myself. I want to keep myself happy by doing the things that bring me joy and staying away from everything and everyone that spreads negativity in my life. In 2020 I want to love myself more than I have ever loved before.

Take it easy on myself!
No, I do not have to do everything right. No, I do not have to make everyone happy. No, I do not have to be perfect or make things perfect. This year I resolve to take it easy on myself. Writers block keeping me from posting a new blog post on time ... give myself a break and take it easy. Plans not going my way ... relax and let it go and take it easy. People trying to spoil my day ... ignore, make do with what I can do right, and take it easy. I will just try to take it easy on myself BIG TIME this year.

Become spiritually stronger!
This is a goal I set for myself each year. My soul needs it, my heart needs it, my mind needs it. I'm going to make a good plan, one that accommodates my kind of lifestyle, and I will try my hardest towards become spiritually stronger.

Find and break a bad habit!
Yes, I may have already found one. No, I will not tell anybody what it is! Hahahahaha! 2020, I have my eyes on you bad habit, and you're going down!!!

Don't run after anything/anyone!
I'm done chasing people and I'm done chasing plans. I'm officially done. Starting from 2020 I am going to try my best to stop. I have reached a stage where I am content with the thought that God has a plan for me. He does and I fully trust it. I'm especially resolving not to chase people anymore. I'm tired, honestly. I'm tired of running after people to make sure we stay 'friends' ... If you're a 'friend' who cannot text me even once a month or you're a 'friend' who ends conversations when I start them and don't bother keeping in touch ... well, it was nice to know you. I will not engage in constantly trying to raise you from the land of the dead, where you reside just for me and not for the rest of the world. RIP my friend.

Stop advising when not asked!
The best things in life are free and also the most underappreciated and that's the case with my advises or suggestions or ideas too. I do not advise until I see someone needs it but lately I have been told off for 'thinking I'm a know it all genius'. It hurts and since I have vowed to do nothing that makes me sad I'm going to try not to advise anybody this year until asked. I can just sit and enjoy my told-you-so moments in silence. Thank you.

Live in the moment!
I'll save this shirt for later, I'll hold off posting this picture for a better time, I'll eat this later, I'll do it some other time, there will be a better moment ... blah, blah, blah. Before I will know it, life will pass me by and I will be left with that new shirt which will still be new but won't fit me or that picture that will still be awesome but may not be suitable to post. I don't want that. I don't want life to pass me by. So I'm resolving to live in the moment. I will wear my new shirts and I will post that picture and I will do what I want to in the NOW. I will live as much as I can in every moment life has given me. I will make the most of every single moment!

Some good big goals this year for me!
Good luck to me!
Hope 2020 is awesome!

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Movies I Watched In 2019

2019 was a good year for movies. Yes, I saw some REALLY crappy ones but mostly I watched really good movies that made me happy. BIGGEST MOVIE HIGHLIGHT OF THE YEAR WAS ALADDIN! The best movie I watched in 2019 for sure! In fact, it is the best Disney remake ever! Totally in love with it. The next best highlight was me finally getting to watch all the Twilight movies. I hate Stewart as Bella and will never forgive her for the way she ruined Bella's character, but I am a Twihard and yessssss, I loved watching the movies. The movies have resulted in a re read of the entire Twilight series, which I am currently enjoying very very much. I kept a log of all the movies I watched so I could post it here at the end of the year. I'm obviously late! Hahaha! But that's okay! Here's all the movies I watched in 2019 and what I thought about them in short reviews! Can't wait to watch more good movies in 2020!

First Time Watches
Image result for rajma chawal movie
A good one this was! I watched it because I find Rishi Kapoor funny. I did not like the guy or the girl in the main leads but the film was good, the story was good, and it was all fun to watch! I laughed and I had fun!

Image result for before i wake movie poster
Ooooh this was good. Not the best horror films of my life but a good one. I liked the concept but I do think something better could have happened - better in the sense that it could have been scarier. A good watch though!

Image result for killer under the bed movie poster
Total time waste. Total absolute time waste. Actually, about a couple minutes into the movie Abbie and I decided we would only watch this till the end to laugh at how absurd this was. Nonsense. Absolute nonsense. And by the way except for one second of the entire movie, the 'killer' was never under any bed. Thank you.

Related image
Okay, I will say this first: I absolutely hate Ayushman Khurana. I still wanted to watch this because I had heard it was funny and if I was ever going to give watching Khurana a chance it was through a funny movie with at least a good story. I tried. I still did not like him AT ALL. But the movie was funny, minus the sexual themes which I thought weren't even needed. Not the best movie though, I could totally see someone else making and starring in this movie and turning it into so much more. That Gippi movie once was along the same lines of the main character being fat and was so good. This, not so much, but a fine one time watch.

Image result for new moon movie poster
Image result for eclipse movie posterImage result for breaking dawn part 1 movie posterImage result for breaking dawn part 2 movie poster
I finally finally finally got to watch all the Twilight movies! Yay! I watched them all one by one and I think the last two were the best thanks to the battles. The first three clearly disappoint compared to the books and I absolutely do not like Bella being played by Stewart (no emotions at all!). But even with all my complaining I still am a Twilight fan so of course I'll watch the movies again whenever I wish to!!!

Image result for the boy movie poster
Okay. This one left me ANGRY. They should definitely not advertise this as a scary movie. There was nothing scary about this, because the doll is doing nothing! I played this thinking this would be Chucky like but when I figured out the ending I was furious. This is totally misleading advertising. It is NOT a horror movie and the doll is doing nothing! Psycho.

Image result for sanju movie poster
One of the good movies I watched in 2019. It was a really really really well done biopic. Made me cry, made me doubt, made me support, made me feel a tonne of things. Brilliant movie and brilliant acting! This man is Sanjay Dutt, he doesn't even need to do much to be him.

Image result for aladdin movie poster
BEST BEST BEST BEST BESTTTTTTTTTTT MOVIE IN THE WORLD! The best movie EVERRRRRRRRRR! The best movie I watched in 2019!!! BESTTTTTTTTTT. I fell in love and I could say SO much more here but since I've already said it before ... here's a link to my detailed review on Aladdin!!!

Image result for hotel transylvania 3 movie poster
I always like the Hotel Transylvania movies! This one was a good watch too! I watched it on the plane and found myself laughing. The first one is still my favorite I think, but this is a good sequel too!

Image result for the theory of everything movie poster
I cried soooooooooooooooooooo bad. SO BAD. This is such a good movie. I think everybody should watch this once in their lifetime. It really shakes you. To see a man's dedication, to see a woman's dedication. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant! Must watch!

Image result for the suicide squad movie poster
I have mixed feelings about this. I enjoyed watching all the action and all the cool stuff but it still wasn't something I'd want to watch again. I don't know?

Image result for badla movie poster
Oooooooooh another good movie! Really good one. Loved the suspense. Kept me guessing till the end. Very good. I watched this twice because I watched it with Abbie again. Really good.

Image result for murder mystery movie poster
Not the most hilarious movie in the world but funny! It was a good watch, the killer was a surprise, and I enjoyed watching it. I'm not a very big fan of Adam Sandler and maybe that is why I didn't go crazy about the movie? But I did like it and would totally recommend for anybody looking for a good movie to watch.

Second and Hundredth Time Watches
Image result for harry potter half blood prince movie
After all this time?
Harry Potter movies always always always!

Image result for ittefaq movie poster
I watched this one again because I forced Abbie to watch it. I like this movie a lot and even watching it a second time was fun. Of course, extra points for Malhotra looking so nice in the movie. BUT, I think I have said this before too ... my favorite is Akhsay Khanna's character in this movie. Love watching him try to solve the mystery.

Image result for scream movie poster
After agessssssssssssss I watched this again. I'd seen this when I was a child and of course I had understood not even half of what the plot was. When I was a kid this had scared my pajamas off. I had also watched it with a tonne of sensors and all. This time it was like watching it for the first time. I understood it, I watched all the murders and everything ... and I ended up laughing! Hahahahahaha! Sorry. I'm not insensitive. The murders were gore-y and bad and sad but it all looked so fake. Billy did not look as pretty as he did back when I was a kid. Even ghost face didn't scare me!

Image result for the shallows movie poster
Okay unlike the last one, this one does scare my pajamas off. I watched it for the third time and it still gave me a stomach ache. Blake Lively is my favorite, of course. The shark, not so much. My worse nightmare!!! This is a fab movie and I think if it showed up again for the fourth time, I would watch it again!!!

Image result for san andreas movie poster
I'd seen this one on a plane a while back but sadly had missed the ending because we had landed. This time I got to watch it all the way to the end. This gave me a stomach ache too. Ground splitting, earth cracking, stuff shaking ... creeps me out. Very good movie!

Image result for twilight movie poster
Of course, I watched Twilight again because I watched them all. I'd seen this one when I was a teenager but I hadn't seen the rest of them. Minus Stewart as Bella, I'm a Twilight fan and I like this! Totally will watch it over and over ... but will always hate Stewart for how badly she ruined Bella's character.

Image result for finding nemo movie posterImage result for finding dory movie poster
LOVEEEEEEEEE NEMO AND DORY! I think these two will show up in my list every year because Gubby and I love watching these movies together! Every single character is to be adored and loved! BRILLIANT MOVIES!!!

Image result for john tucker must die movie poster
Realllllly old one which I got to watch again after years. I don't think I liked it at all this time. Everyone is just so exaggerated, no? But hey, I had totally forgotten who the other Tucker brother was and when Badgley showed up I jumped off the sofa shouting, "DAN HUMPHREYYYYYYYYYY!" Hahahahaha!
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