Monday, May 22, 2017

Liebster Award! Woohoo!

You know how sometimes you come across something and you instantly realize you've found something wonderful? That's what happened when I learned of The Girl Gang - a brilliant group of fantabulous human beings who are super lovely - brought together by the one and only Jemma of the Dork Face blog! I know, I know - how does this connect to being nominated for the Liebster Award, right? Well, it does! A little while ago one of the Girl Gang members posted on the Facebook group asking for anybody who had not yet been nominated and I got super excited. I let her know me and blog were new to the Liebster and tadaaaaaa! Annelies of The Frugal Teen's Lifestyle Blog was super sweet to nominate me. Now, her blog is super cool with this great classy feel as soon as you land on the home page, beautiful graphics, super perfect layout, and some great blog posts (like the one about memories from the 90's that was so nostalgic!). If you haven't already, you must pay her a visit! Thank you Annelies!

So what is the Liebster Award? It's an award given by and to other bloggers which is super supportive and lets blogs get discovered. You get to know more about the bloggers you love by nominating them and asking them questions. So basically you get nominated, state about ten random facts about yourself, answer the questions you've been provided by whoever nominated you, then nominate others, and leave some questions for them to answer. Okay so here's my turn to answer some awesome shawsome questions! Get, set, WOOHOO!



1) I'm in love with myself.
2) I'm sometimes weaker inside my heart than I let the world know.
3) A five feet tall giant teddy bear lives in my closet - his name is Po.
4) I can crave random foods at random times - once it was fried chicken at two in the morning.
5) I'm obsessed with baking and cake decorating. Proof is Sara's Baked Creations!
6) I'm super scared of bugs and don't enjoy outdoor activities due to that.
7) Growing up I've wanted to be a dentist, teacher, magazine editor, interior designer, and baker - not necessarily in that order. 
8) I've always been a brilliant student throughout my entire academic life. Awards and certificates - I have it all collected.
9) I do everybody's laundry in my house. I'm a good girl.
10) I'm super awesome!



Q1- What/who is your biggest inspiration? I have to tell you I have two names! I take all of my inspiration in life from my elder sister - The Abbie. She's my role model! She's been the rock in my life and I look up to her. From copying everything she said or did (her way of walking, talking, breathing!) as a kid to following her footsteps and taking guidance from her wisdom as an adult, I've always admired her. I take inspiration from her in basically all aspects of my life. My second name is Buddy Valastro (The Cake Boss) who inspired me into my obsession of baking and thus led to Sara's Baked Creations!

Q2- What's your favorite method of self-care? Alone time. I preach alone time. I believe very strongly in the need for talking to myself and hearing myself out. If you've read my post from the I Love Myself series you'll know that I've learned to love myself by simply staying quiet and listening to myself. I like to take some time out for myself during which I can be alone with my self and hear my thoughts and feelings out. It works wonders towards self-care - even more than any physical kind of care like getting manicures and massages done (though they'd be very welcome too *laughs*).

Q3- What's your biggest fear? Loss of a loved one and getting humiliated! BIGGEST FEARS! Even worse than spiders!

Q4- What's your favorite thing about yourself? My loyalty and love. I hold a lot of love in my heart - even though it often goes unnoticed and never gets returned to me. I can be the best friend and the craziest loyal person in the world. I can lend great support to those who I care for and can be a super cuddly and warm buddy to have.

Q5- If you were stuck on an island what one thing/person would you take with you? Oh God, definitely my Abbie! I can't live without her at all. Oh and really even if the two of us are stranded somewhere on an island we'll probably end up turning it into a vacation before we find someone to rescue us!

Q6- What is your dream job? Working at a bakery! This one is closely competing with working at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Orlando.

Q7- What can't you live without? Since this is a 'what' question and not a 'who' I won't say Abbie (made myself pretty clear there, haven't I?). I think I can't live without loving myself. I've been through a period when I'd been bullied enough to start doubting my worth and it wasn't nice at all. I've been there, I've fought my way out of it, and fallen in love with myself and that is something I don't wish to live without.

Q8- Do you have a life motto? What is it? Yes! I think I have two: 'This face doesn't care' and 'This too shall pass'. The first one is basically what I live by now and the second one is something I greatly try and do believe in!

Q9- Trousers or dresses? Uhh, both! I wear short dresses over jeans so basically that's my favorite way of dressing up!

Q10- What is your favorite film ever? Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone! The movie of the book that started the magic! Love.

Q11- What is your favorite music genre? I don't listen to music as such anymore but back when I used to I think I never had a specific favorite. I listened to basically anything which pleased my ears!



(I've come up with each and every one of this question after lots of thought - they're all super awesome so get exciteeeeddd!)

Q1- What is your favorite part about yourself?
Q2- If you could be any character in a book, which book and character would you pick and why?
Q3- Road trip or fly the distance? Explain.
Q4- If you could keep a fantasy creature (from books or movies) as a pet which fantasy creature would you like to have?
Q5- Imagine you can only take one more trip - where would you want to go?
Q6 - How did you end up as a blogger? How did your awesome blog come into existence?
Q7- If you were given the chance to remove any one evil from this world which one would it be?
Q8- Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, or neither one? Why?
Q9- What's the most important life lesson you've learnt so far?
Q10- Which activity or interest are you most passionate about in life?
Q11- Pick one person who is the most dearest and nearest to you!

TAG! You're It! Here's what to do:
You do exactly what I've done. Start by giving me a shout out (because I'm awesome and nominated you *laughs*), display the award graphic on your blog, state ten random facts about yourself, answer the eleven questions I've given you, nominate five to eleven blogs, provide eleven questions for them to answer, inform them that you've nominated them, and tadaaaaaaa - you're done!

Psssst, here's where I found all the Liebster Award graphics from and also the rules!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Official Statement of Social Withdrawal

It was in the news very recently that Prince Philip had decided to step down from all public engagements beginning this Autumn. That's where I got this idea from. I needed to post my official announcement too, maybe then I'd be allowed to withdraw from all socializing. *laughs* Let me explain myself. So ever since the past few years I've realized that the people around me are mostly horrible. I've met bullies of all shapes, kinds, ages, and sizes. I've observed that everybody is involved in some kind of fuss. They demonstrate a great facade behind which they hide their ugly personalities. I've been bullied. I've been disrespected. I've been crushed. They've tried to bring me down and they had succeeded too to a great extent until I regained my awesomeness, rekindled my love for myself, and developed a great deep relationship with myself. It was a difficult journey but I've evolved a stronger woman who cherishes her self above all.

As much as it was up to me I extracted myself from among these evil people. However, even today I have to attend their social events time and again because my family is invited and I have to 'tag along' regardless of my opinions. Up until now I protested and argued but it was all in vain. So I've found a solution: I go, I eat, I come back. I engage in no conversations and don't bother about anything happening around me. I'm always armed with a book, ready to escape to a world of my own where I can be happy and at peace until it is all over. Today, I'm releasing an official statement announcing my withdrawal from these evil social gatherings! If his royal highness Prince Philip can do it so can I - and trust me my need to withdraw is much more urgent! *laughs*



May 19th 2017


         Her awesome self The Saraallie has decided that she will no longer carry out any public engagements out of her own will, effective immediately. In taking this decision, Saraallie has no support from anybody at all.

         Saraallie will not be accepting new invitations for visits and engagements, although she may still chose to attend certain public happenings from time to time. Such engagements will involve participants of her liking who are respectable and stay afar from bullying and disrespectful behavior. Saraallie may be dragged along by her family members to unwanted socializing events however she will not attend any previously scheduled or future engagements with her own desire. In the event she has to present her awesome self at an event because invitations have been extended to her family she will not engage in conversation with anybody present nor will she pretend to be enjoying herself.

         The awesome Saraallie is blessed with an educated, sophisticated, kind, and classy behavior with which she will continue to be associated. Therefore she will no longer play an active role or be associated with any individual, event, or circumstance that threatens to test her patience, disrespects her, or causes her discomfort of any sort.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Wacky Finds Series ~ Volume 25

It's time for Volume 25 of The Wacky Finds Series!
These are a monthly series I started out of sheer awe of how crazy things around me are! Here's what this is about ... Ahem Ahem: When my awesome self steps out of my bed each morning I meet a world of crazies. People, things, phenomena, and acts of nature which are simply too unusual to miss and not record! The Wacky Finds Series will cover all the weird stuff that I find along my way; good weird, awkward weird, bad weird, I-totally-don't-get-this weird .. all kinds of weird shall be recorded and snapped without any discrimination!

Look look look, look what I found on my laptop while sorting some of the folders. This is a doodle I'd drawn in class one day back when I was in college. Clearly, I was really bored on a really dull and sleepy Monday. Pickles is representing Abbie and Olives is me! *laughs* I sent a picture of this to Abbie! I actually still remember doing it!

Okay so so so many things wrong with this one. I saw this at Giant and I swear I was standing there and laughing. Isn't something totally awkward about this 'Green Man'? Is it just me who finds this super hilarious. NO, we did not buy this blend of veggies because there was no way this green totally awkward looking man was going home with me. I'd die laughing!

My extremely creative Abbie did this. He's crying. That's so sad! Look at how brutally she's broken him up. I know there is so much sadness in those eyes but trust me we had a laugh when I found out what she'd doodled onto the egg!

That awkward moment when you find Ajrak prints at Forever 21. Ajrak is actually a very traditional print of the Sindhi culture in Pakistan and when Abbie and I spotted this at the shop we had that excited Desi moment! Such a wacky find!

Wrong on so many levels, this one, I tell you! It scared me. I'd NEVER want to see anyone buying that. What is it even implying? Check out the 'Claw To Sniff' instruction on the top right - creepy!

That's all folks! Until the next five Wacky Finds, have a wacky day!

Saturday, May 13, 2017

My Sassy Inspiration Board

When you have such a beautifully bright and happy inspiration board behind your desk there's absolutely no doubt you'll stay inspired! A while ago I showed off and revealed my newly made-over Sassy and Classy Bedroom decor. That's when I posted a picture of this beautiful board for the first time. Now, it's time for details because this prettiness needs close ups and zooms that blow your mind away with their awesomeness. Yes, right, okay. Here they are!

My inspiration board is a mix of pin and white board both. A couple inches of the top are the pin board area on which I've hung up these extremely adorable yellow string lights. They're very Moroccan lattice looking in a super bright shade of yellow. On the rest of the board I've used magnets to put up some brilliant graphics and other stuff. I don't like anything without color so instead of leaving the white board area blank, I've covered it up with a beautiful gold and white polka dot gift wrap paper. It looks so awesome to have that kind of a background behind my inspiration board. Love it!

In the picture above you can see the bright yellow string lights, a couple of magnets, and the Donut Worry Be Happy graphic. You can find the graphic on the Twinspiration blog. I love love love this graphic! It's so bright and happy, it lets there be delicious looking donuts on my board, and it gives so much motivation to stay happy. The Sassy & Classy Stiletto and the rectangle one that says 'glitter is my favorite color' are both magnets that are just oh so stylish!

The 'You Are So Fabulous Darling' graphic is my most favorite one on the board right now. You can find the free printable right here and use it for yourself too! It's so vibrant and so girly that I can't help but stare at it whenever I sit down to craft away on my desk. FAVORITE!

That's my little Things Pending list hanging from a magnetic clip. I've checked off some of the stuff on it since the time this picture was taken. I decided my Things Pending list should be very bright and girly and cute so I chose a bright yellow note pad page with colorful butterflies. The cuteness helps make it less daunting!

I found these adorable cut out quotes in an Oprah magazine a long time back. I'm actually sad she stopped printing such quotes' cards in her magazines. They were there for a couple editions and then they just stopped showing up. I loved them! Abbie has a lot more with her. I found these two and displayed them on my board!

Isn't that 'Smile' cut out so adorable? This one is also from some magazine. I've had it for so long I've absolutely forgotten where I'd exactly found it. Oops! I think it was from a prom issue (ages back) of some Seventeen magazine. I love how doodle-ish it looks - so girly, so random, so pretty! Check out the little 'Sweet Chic Unique' bubble beside it too! Oh and the pretty bubble magnets all around!

I love my awesome self - I really really do! I also need daily reminders about it thus I wrote it on that cute little mini magnetic chalk board frame. It's magnetic. It's a chalk board. It's colorful and super pretty. HOW AWESOME! Also look at the 'Get Your Sparkle On' magnet - another daily reminder!

I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee my super girly, sassy, and vibrant inspiration board. It's like a big burst of happy right in my face every single day and every single time I take a seat across from my desk! I'll keep changing the stuff I've pinned and stuck on to it from time to time as I keep coming across pretty and inspirational bits and scraps. It's super fun sticking things onto the board plus I get to buy all the fabulous magnets! I'm in LOVE with magnets and this is just the perfect place for all of them! Bright and happy, inspirational and fun, and super pretty! All in one!

Don't forget to check out the detailed blog post showing off my gorgeous bedroom where this inspiration board is displayed! Click right here and you'll fall in love! Promise!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

I Ventured Outdoors

It was a beautiful day and a gorgeous view stretched ahead. A cool wind blew threw the lush green trees. The smell of Spring clung to the air and steam rose in a serene flow from my cup full of hot Chai as I sat ensconced on a chair enjoying the breeze with my Kindle in hand. It had been fifteen calm minutes. The Chai soothed my insides - an elixir of peace. My mind was in Wuthering Heights as I read about Heathcliffe's brooding. It was a smooth kind of silence when it happened. A bug came flying right at my face, my happy bubble burst - pop! - and I nearly threw my Chai and Kindle up in the air in my attempt to save myself and survive ...

Yes, I ventured outdoors. I mustered up the courage and stepped out onto my patio. It's been Spring since a while now and I've been trying to make the most of the season. Well, at least as much as I can as I try to evade the bugs plotting to murder me. They are all against me. Millions against one poor little me. I'm scared of bugs, it's no secret. The kind of scared that when they come out I stay in. Very strategically though, I've been trying to live Spring to the fullest this year. This year Abbie has been determined to go outdoors thus encouraging me too. She's been arranging tea hang outs, designing some plans for landscaping the backyard, and has even bought for herself her very own plant - a beautiful pot full of Hydrangeas. It is beautiful in a gorgeous shade of lavender and pretty flowers that are calling out to me. It's like every little bit of the universe is encouraging me to be outdoors this Spring. Even my darling Gubby who keeps saying, "Beeya, come outside and play with me," whenever she heads out.

That's Abbie's Hydrangea! Isn't it gorgeous? There's more on her Insta to love!

I did step outside for a change. As soon as Spring began, when the weather was still a little bit cooler and the bugs were still hibernating, I stepped outdoors. It was refreshing to drink a comforting cup of hot Chai with a beautiful view and Spring's breeze lightly hitting against my cheek. My Kindle accompanied me too. I've never read outdoors like that and it felt so beautiful. I even had a couple play dates with Gubby where I let all my worries vanish in thin air along with the soap bubbles we blew together. These peaceful patio chai-reading sessions and play dates couldn't last long though because since the past two weeks giant mosquito like things have decided to fly all around. You know, the grass bugs that look like mosquitoes but only larger (like mini-sized airplanes!)? I'm not green and I'm pretty sure I don't look anything like grass either. So my question is why can't they stay away from me?! Why me?

A few days ago our gardener came over and Abbie had her Hydrangeas planted in the ground where hopefully they will soon grow into a beautiful big bush full of prettiness. Bro, SIL, and Gubby have been growing their little vegetables' garden on the patio too. Mama has bought some plants too which she'll have planted in the ground in a few days. Basically everybody seems to fare well outdoors except for me. At least I'm really glad I enjoyed some part of my Spring outdoors. As for the rest of the season I plan on dolling up in pretty Spring-like outfits whenever I go somewhere, baking up some Spring themed desserts, and enjoying the beautiful artificial flowers in my bedroom. I'd rather be safe and away from those monstrous bugs than risk hanging around outside. It's all about enjoying the season and I'll do it my way - the fantabulous Saraallie way - and when I do that I shall be back with more fabulous deets of how I lived and loved every moment!

Sunday, May 7, 2017

SUCCESS! I Survived the Blogging from A to Z April 2017 Challenge!

Everybody stand up, yes yes, stand up - it's time to give a standing ovation to the one and only me. Why? Well, once again, for the third time in a row I completed the April Blogging from A to Z Challenge! Isn't that so awesomeeeeee? It was my third year and it went by so fast I was left wondering where time flew off to, really! Now, April has come to an end, May is here and I'm super happy because I performed the challenge with super awesome fantabulosity. I never missed even a single post - which is a GREAT achievement because I was super busy this year with all the other stuff going on in my life. Now that all is done and complete I'm sad because it's over but relieved because I can get back to regular blogging and relax a bit! Before that, it's time to reflect upon the awesomeness of this year's challenge!

Recap Time! What Was I Up To This Year? 
Back in 2015 when I'd first taken up this challenge my theme had been all about visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Orlando Florida and it had gone SUPERBLY great so I did the challenge again in 2016. Last year my theme was all about my talent behind Sara's Baked Creations. now that went fabulously too so this year again I chose the same theme. After the initial theme reveal post in which I created an index of all the entries I'd planned on writing I began posting deliciousness day after day. I'm talking about mouth-watering pictures and details all over my blog. If you followed my blog through the challenge you know how absolutely delicious each and every single one of these entries was. To be honest it was a greater challenge controlling the cravings that resulted from my entries than publishing a post each day *laughs*!

Just in case you didn't see my posts or even if you simply want to go back and live through the deliciousness again you can find the theme reveal and that yummy index by clicking right here!

The Greatness of It All!

Here's what I loved the most about the Blogging from A to Z Challenge April 2017:
  • Okay, I said this last year too: I am not a fan of April (bugs coming out in Spring, heat and weird weather, no birthdays to celebrate, none of the good stuff!). Thanks to this challenge April and blogging during the month becomes super fun. This challenge brings so much happiness to my April!
  • Choosing Sara's Baked Creations as my theme works GREAT for me. There are lots of people visiting and all the wonderful comments gives me so much more encouragement. Oh and looking at everything I've baked over the years as one big collection makes me so proud. I'm like, "Wow, I'm actually so good at this!" Love the boost of confidence!
  • Just like the last two years, I found some cool new blogs and bloggers. I connected with more people on social media too. I found some great people on Twitter and some awesome people on Instagram. It was all good!
  • This one I'm going to repeat from last year's reflections word by word: "I got SO much praise that it brought my self confidence and self esteem high up (you know, think The Sims mood meter going totally green!). People had such beautiful compliments to write on my blog posts. I felt loved and appreciated which is always such a great feeling to experience!" (A great change from the bullying and harsh comments and haters and stupid people you come in contact with every day)
  • I'm thinking of making this a tradition. Wouldn't it be so cool if I blogged about Sara's Baked Creations every April like a thing? Like April being the month of show and tell for my bakes! Definitely something I'm going to think about!
  • This year there were lots of changes with the way the challenge worked. The Linky List was gone and a lot of people were complaining. I still didn't mind. I loved the way the challenge worked. In fact I actually loved the Facebook presence of the challenge this year! It was much more convenient for me to post on Facebook. I also tried the entire hyperlinking thingy and still didn't find it difficult. I had the coding copied on a document and all I did was change the links in it every day. Simple. Easy. Seriously people just find ways to complain about everything. I loved the challenge nevertheless!

Yayyyyyyyyyyyy! I survived! I survived!

I was a little slow with reading others' blogs during the A to Z so I intend on doing that now and catching up so I find lots more awesomeness. Can't wait to see if there'll be a 'Themes That Rocked The Challenge' this year too! Back in 2015 I'd been featured and interviewed and it had felt SO SO SO cool! Eeeeeeeeee, and now the same worry, will I be able to participate again next year? No? Yes? If yes, what will my theme be? Will it be the same? If not can it be as awesome as Harry Potter or my delicious baking? Oh well, let's see ... I have an entire year to think about it!

All the mouth-watering pictures in this post are original Sara's Baked Creations' content. Please have some shame and refrain from copying, recreating, and cheating without giving proper credit and mention!
Sara’s Baked Creations is on Mission Sweetness! Sara and Abbie are hobby bakers who bake for friends and family only. We are not a commercial bakery business; it gives us joy to spread smiles while enjoying sisterhood and living our passion for baking.

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Thursday, May 4, 2017

ButtMustGo - March & April 2017

Hey hey hey! April has come to an end and I'm back with my weight loss report as usual. Since the entire month was reserved for the 'April Blogging from A to Z Challenge' I didn't report the progress I made with ButtMustGo during the month of March. So this time I'm here to talk about March and April combined!

Turby Time & Exercises
I exercised a LOT during March and April. I was very regular with Turby the treadmill. Up until around mid March I was doing thirty minutes on the treadmill but I still wasn't seeing much change on the weighing scale. That's when I decided to go for the one hour mark. It was tough and it still is! I have trouble fitting in an entire hour of doing the treadmill - sometimes it pisses off some people in the house too! *laughs* My current entertainment while running is provided by Gilmore Girls - just started watching and love it so much. It helps me stay for a full hour on the treadmill! Since I've boosted my efforts on the treadmill to one hour the number of calories that the screen displays as burned has increased up to between 400 and 460. I love watching such a big number show up on screen!

Food, Food, Food!
Okayyyyyy the eating part. There were some binges involved but I tried to keep them to a minimum. When we binged on ice creams (twice in two months) I shared and had half a scoop instead of a full one. When something was baked in the house (twice in two months) I only took bites instead of eating whole pieces. When we ate chocolates (twice in two months again!) I had a small truffle. Some days I only had some soup for lunch and on other days I took some vegetables with daal (lentils). For dinner I had some rice with chicken and sometimes daal and vegetables. For most of March and April I was sipping chai thrice everyday. Since around the last week of April I've cut down on my night time chai too, instead I take a few fruits.

I'm actually happy I'm finally seeing changes in the numbers on the weighing scale. Back in February when I restarted the ButtMustGo I could see my body was shaping up and I could even fit into some of the tighter clothes but there was zero change in the numbers on that stupid scale. At least this month I'm seeing progress. It's still slow (I've lost weight faster than this before!) so I need to try some more. My plan is to try and minimize the binges to almost a zero, cut down even more from my dinner, and continue the rest as is. I know that I'm putting in maximum effort so I'm going to just try and chill and shape up patiently. ButtMustGo!

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