Friday, September 17, 2021

Out After An Eternity - Friday the 13th, Shopping, and Something Delicious

It was Friday the 13th, the sky was a gloomy blanket above our heads, the winds had an eerie echo, and there was something spooky in the ... JUST KIDDING! Hahaha! Of course I don't believe in Friday the 13th and any of that spooky stuff of myths and legends! Trust me, I have met people demon enough to leave very little room in my heart to be scared of the horror story villains in books and on TV! Hahaha! True story!

So even though I believe in none of the Friday the 13th stuff, I was indeed up to something spooky when the thirteenth of August fell on a Friday. After an eternity I was heading out for something other than groceries, vaccines, or any of that serious stuff with Abbie! Outings with just Abbie and I together all by ourselves are always my favorite. We don't really need much to enjoy ourselves except some peace, each other's company, and some time away from the boohoos of life! Finally, after almost two extremely long years wasted thanks to the pandemic, Abbie and I were out! It was an escape! It was freedom! It was such an awesome feeling and we had an absolute great day!

The main reason why we were out, the spooky bit of my story, was because we had to go pick up an order from Bath and Body Works! We just could not resist their Halloween/Fall collection and we'd bagged some spooktacular stuff which needed to be picked up. The best part was that our BBW is located in a local town center - aka the opportunity to make the perfect excuse and add a couple extra fun things to our day's agenda! Hahaha! After two years of not getting any fun bestie-time to ourselves this felt nothing less than going on a holiday! It was our mini vacation!

Our first stop was Barnes and Noble. Hey, it was in our way as we walked from our parking spot towards BBW, okay? Not our fault it became an extra stop that day. Trust me, when B&N's doors open there's a force that pulls me in. No, really! I promise. On that day too we had no plans to end up at B&N but as we walked past it on our way to BBW the door opened and some mysterious force pulled us in. It grabbed me by the arm and swept me off my feet and carried me inside and all the way to the Harry Potter section in the back of the store. Just being out, with Abbie, in a place that was themed Potter felt SO good. The little joys of my life! I'm easily pleased, yes?

The Harry Potter section at B&N was magical - OBviously (read that in Snape's voice)! I found so much new merch there which has since been added to my ever growing Potter Wish List. Funkos, books, collectible figures, games, journals, plushes, home decor stuff, more books ... there was SO much to look at, so much to love! I could honestly LIVE in that store, in that Potter section! Sadly though, we didn't have all day to linger around so, with the promise that we'd get back home and buy those journals that we were eyeing online, Abbie dragged me out of B&N! Hmph.

Next stop was Bath and Body Works! My nose arrived at BBW before my feet did, the beautiful scents of happiness were wafting through its doors all the way out to the street! Oh how I had missed this. How I had missed walking into the BBW store at the mall with Abbie! How I had missed taking a deep breath in to inhale the beautiful scents! I had missed you Bath and Body Works!!! It had been a VERY long time! We had finally reunited and it felt so good! I had to pick a hand sanitizer pocketbac for myself which I had missed ordering online, so we made our way through the store towards the sanitizers, sniffing goodness as we went. I took a bit of time picking a pocketbac that I liked and once I was done we headed to pick up our order. Oh, I cannot tell you how it felt when the lady walked out with our order in her hands. The familiar BBW bag was heading towards me, then it was in my hands, and I was peeking inside at my awesome order! The brand new Halloween collection items stared back at me! Yaaaaaassssssss!

Then we headed out of BBW even though I wanted to stay longer for no reason at all. Next and final stop for today was Safeway to pick up some groceries. After the happiness I had felt so far during the day, even groceries did not sound boring. Oh and they ended up NOT being boring at all because as soon as we reached Safeway, a sign outside announced more happiness for me. It was an ad for Starbucks's Strawberry Funnel Cake Frappuccino! I was to begin a major weight loss diet the next day and THIS was the perfect indulgence before I shut away my cravings! It was calling me! Abbie and I decided to get one on our way out so I spent the entire grocery trip dreaming of that light at the end of my tunnel. Hahaha! Oh and when that light finally came in my hands ... MIND BLOWN! 

It was so good I just couldn't understand HOW this had happened to me. This drink was made for ME! This drink made our Bestie Day over the top awesome. Like I said, mind BLOWN completely!!! We sat in the parking lot, super tired after the grocery run, sipping away this brilliance. It was like being in a trance. We did not want to think about the day coming to an end. We'd MAJORLY escaped the boohoos today! It felt so BRILLIANT! We'd broken the rut and we were ready (hopefully!) to go back and face the boohoos head on once again! Hahaha! How I wish and pray and hope and will that the world heals soon so Bestie Days like such can return to us like normal once again!

Memories made!
*insert a million heart emojis here*

Friday, September 10, 2021

Karan Johar as Bigg Boss's New Host - Woohoo to Boohoo!

When I found out they were starting some early version of Bigg Boss I got so excited! Bigg Boss is always fun to watch and each year we wait for October when it usually begins. We love the show! Yes, I have hated some characters over the past few years (*coughs*Season 14*coughs*) and that made the show less enjoyable at times. Overall though, Bigg Boss is my favorite and when it ends TV starts feeling pretty boring. This year the fact that we were getting an extra version of Bigg Boss to watch before the season kicked off on TV was a bonus to me! Moreover, when I heard Karan Johar was hosting the shorter version I was even more excited. Who better a host to Bigg Boss than the gossip-monger, masala-creator Karan Johar, right?


When the Show Launched

I'll be honest, I love KJo movies and I've never disliked him either. Watching Koffee with Karan has always been super fun for me too. So yes, I was looking forward to him being the host of Bigg Boss this year. The launch episode was brilliant! Just like I'd thought, KJo was fantastic as host. I enjoyed watching him until the very end and in my head I thought, "This is going to be great thanks to him!" At that time I wondered and even believed to a certain extent that he might even be better than Salman Khan himself. My only concern was if he'd be strict enough for the kind of shenanigans that people get up to inside the Bigg Boss house. The way Pratik behaved on stage, Salman Khan would have silenced him for sure but KJo let it go. Would it work out?

First Weekend Ka Vaar

The first week of Bigg Boss came to an end and obviously I had already started forming opinions about which contestant I liked and whom I disliked. It was finally Weekend Ka Vaar time and KJo was to appear. His first weekend episode he answered my question of whether he'd be strict enough or not. He bashed Divya for the way she kept talking about him and since I'd taken a disliking towards her in the very first week, I enjoyed the bashing. The first Weekend ka Vaar was fun, packed with KJo's usual sass, and Divya bashing and I thought WOOHOO for Karan Johar as the new host! I was almost convinced I never wanted Salman Khan back again.

Second Weekend Ka Vaar

As much as I had enjoyed the first KJo weekend, I was highly upset at the second one. There was more Divya bashing and it felt justified because of how she'd been talking about KJo throughout the week. I thought KJo's strictness mixed with his KJo sass was definitely more powerful than Salman Khan's scolding. His downfall began when he moved on to Zeeshan and bashed him for a deliberately created feminist-pleasing issue which, in reality, was utter nonsense. Fine, you're a feminist. Fine, you 'thought' he had intended to discount women's freedom to behave however they wanted to. Fine, you 'thought' he made a sexist remark. The show is about people having their opinions so yes, it was okay if KJo had his opinions about the entire fight between Zeeshan and Akshara. BUT ...

You never gave him a chance to speak, you insulted a fully grown adult man by making him sit on a bar stool in a corner like a child given time out, and you created an issue out of nowhere. I mean, seriously? What baffled me was the way he tried to poke a response out of every single contestant to prove his point against Zeeshan when clearly nobody thought Zeeshan had fired a misogynistic statement. THAT was bullying. I was suddenly seeing a bully dressed in designer clothes, standing on a fancy stage, creating a fake feminist issue out of thin air. I thought maybe it was just me but then Twitter and reaction from the viewers of Bigg Boss confirmed my thoughts. Unacceptable. KJo had just lost whatever little respect he had from me. Oh and do note, I am not a fan of Zeeshan and I still have these opinions.

Third Weekend Ka Vaar

Often in the past I have completely disagreed with Salman Khan as a host and even been highly upset at some of the ways he has behaved with people. Over the years I have also let it go and continued watching because I love Bigg Boss no matter what the host did. So of course, KJo could be ignored and I could still enjoy my show. On the third Weekend Ka Vaar that was my plan - I would ignore the host and enjoy the weekend's episode as normal. I was wrong though, because the third weekend wrap up was the dullest episode to ever happen in the history of Bigg Boss. Nothing happened. KJo came, did some Koffee style rapid fire and quizzes, played some nonsense games, made no sense, and left. There were no discussions of what had happened all week long.

I couldn't help but wonder two things! First, was KJo just going to avoid saying anything now because of how disastrously he was insulted all over the internet after what he did to Zeeshan? Second, was he avoiding talking about any of the BB house issues to avoid talking about Zeeshan's eviction completely. Oh and that leads me to my next thought: did he get Zeeshan evicted because of how badly his own reputation had gone down with the viewers? Hmmmmm ... good thought there. Because honestly, worse pushing and fighting has happened in the previous seasons and nobody was ever thrown out the way Zeeshan was. Either way, whatever the reason, the entire episode was a waste!

I'm supposed to watch the fourth Weekend ka Vaar tonight, as I sit here typing up this blog post. To be very honest, for the first time ever, I am not looking forward to the special weekend episode. In the past I've disliked Salman Khan over many of his views related to several contestants, but either way I was always looking forward to watching the weekend episode to find out what he would do or say next and to whom. Judging from how boring last week's quiz-focused episode was I'm frankly wary of what boredom I'd get to see tonight. I don't want more of the connection-related quizzing and the lame games. I want discussions and summaries and judgments and the typical Bigg Boss buzz! I want the host to be part of the weekend bashing, instead of keeping him aloof to protect his reputation on social media. This post will end up publishing on my blog after I'll be done with the fourth week's KJo episode tonight ... so here's hoping I get to see some good Bigg Boss action. I actually like most of the contestants and their game this year so I'd really appreciate it if the host kept his socially-appropriate public-pleasing agendas out of the show and let me enjoy my Bigg Boss! It is a big BOOHOO from me for Karan Johar! Somebody please get him off Bigg Boss!

Friday, September 3, 2021

Strawberry Funnel Cake Crème Frappuccino from Starbucks

It was an extremely hot day, the kind that makes you feel like your edges have melted and gone gloopy. I could swear the sun would set fire to me if I stayed out for longer than a minute. We were headed to pick up some bananas and milk from the grocery store. The only reason why I wasn't complaining was because I had Abbie by my side and I was heading out alone with her after an year (thanks to the pandemic). To me, even the sun couldn't melt my happy mood away. That is when I saw it. A sign that said 'Good Mood Made' with a picture of a drink on it which looked so delicious and welcoming it was calling out to me like the ocean called out to Moana!

Starbucks's Strawberry Funnel Cake Crème Frappuccino! My darlings, THIS is carnival in a cup! If carnival was a drink it would be this one being offered at Starbucks! I was mind blown and swept off my feet and transported to another world as I sipped this deliciousness. One sip, two sips, third, fourth ... it was just pure awesome deliciousness!

"Funnel cake flavored syrup blended with milk and ice, layered with strawberry puree, whipped cream, and powdered-sugar-funnel-cake pieces." That's the way Starbucks describes this drink on their website. If you ask me, that is a major understatement. I mean, where's the pizzazz that this awesomeness deserves? You can't just blend the entire carnival in my cup and then give such a dull explanation for it! Let me do the honors! Ahem ahem!

Starbucks's Strawberry Funnel Cake Crème Frappuccino, my friends, is like drinking an ice cream sundae in Frappuccino form! It is sweet - quite sweet but not nauseating. It is refreshing - the kind you need on a hot day, and a cold day, actually everyday. There's the burst of juicy strawberry so good you really feel the slightly sweet slightly tangy flavors. There's the taste of that whipped cream throughout the drink - like a well made rich milkshake. Oh and then there's that funnel cake. The slight crunch of the icing sugar coated funnel cake pieces is the bit in this drink that blew my mind! That crunch, that flavor, that combo with the creaminess and the strawberry juiciness is just divine!

I found out later that the drink had two versions, one with coffee (as in the ad's picture) and one without (called the Crème Frappuccino). Crème darling and I were a perfect match because my tummy can't handle coffee and gets pooping. Hahaha! So this version was made for ME!!! On that extremely hot day, this wasn't enough. Abbie and I shared a tall size, like we always do but in my heart, I wanted to get ten more and just keep on drinking! This beautiful miraculously awesomely delicious drink was my last indulgence before I vowed to get into a serious weight loss diet to shed some chubabubb off of myself before my thirtieth birthday in October. It was the perfect choice for that reason too! I wish this was an year round drink instead of a seasonal one because this has definitely become one of my top favorites from Starbucks now! Whoever came up with this flavor ... THANK YOU! This is just heavenly!

A Bestie moment that shall be remembered!

Friday, August 27, 2021

Bath and Body Works Summer Haul and Love at First Scent!

Those who know me know how much I love perfumes, lotions, and shower gels that smell divine. So of course, Bath and Body Works is like heaven to me! There is just so much to try and so much to smell and so much to look at - it makes me ecstatic! I could spend an entire day at Bath and Body Works and still want some more time to smell everything! LOVE IT!

When it was time to get some Summery stuff from BBW this time, for the first time ever, I tried online shopping. I like knowing the scents before I buy them. I like smelling them and taking them in and imagining them in my life before I bring them home. So yes, I was nervous. I had no idea how they would turn out to be except from the tiny little explanation they had provided on their website. Let me tell you, Bath and Body Works did not disappoint and here I am showing off my Summer haul!

Lets start with the Hibiscus Paradise set which was a gift for my SIL. It was a really nice scent! I took a whiff of it when it arrived and it was beautiful! Very sophisticated and tropical and fresh! I love the idea of gifting Bath and Body Works to people- if somebody gifted them to me I'd love it too! I'm sure SIL must have enjoyed the scent as well!

I got my all time favorite A Thousand Wishes shower gel again. I ran out and it is my most favorite scent from BBW so far so it was an absolute must to buy some more! Showering with A Thousand Wishes is such a spa-like experience! *sighs*

Raspberry Tangerine hand sanitizer was part of my order too. I'll fight off the nasty pandemic with a beautiful scent! Yes, I will! It smells so good. So fruity, so fresh, so yummy! I could sanitize my hands all day again and again just to smell it! Hahaha! I'm never taking my mom's disastrous smelling sanitizer in the car ever again. It is some free gift thing that came in some kind of package and it stinks so bad. Raspberry Tangerine to the rescue!

Last but no way the least, I got two new scents to try this Summer called Pretty as a Peach and Hello Beautiful in shower gel form. It was my first blind date with a BBW scent and I honestly had no idea what I would do if I ended up not liking the way they smelled! Hahaha! Like what do people do? Return them? Is that even a thing? But then the whole reason I was buying online was to avoid going to the store, which makes me wonder if they take shipped returns? I must find out how these things work! But for now, thank goodness, they both were really good!

Pretty as a Peach
Fresh. Juicy. Oh so pretty. Life's never been peachier!
Key Notes: Blushing Peach, Jasmine Petals, White Nectarine, Apple Blossom, Sheer Freesia.

I tried this one first! Pretty as a Peach is part of BBW's signature collection and is a sweet peachy scent! It isn't an overpowering punch-in-your-face kind of fruity, but a mellow deliciously sweet one! Like you don't end up smelling like a walking talking peach when you step out of your shower. But you do smell that sweet peach on your skin for sure. I smelled a melange of fruity and flowery flavors which I really liked! Fruity scents can sometimes be too much to handle but this is just perfect! It is like eating a peach standing in a sweet flowery garden! Very Summery, light, and calming! It gets me in a good mood!

Hello Beautiful
A petal perfect blend!
Key Notes: White Gardenia, Jasmine Petals, Magnolia Blossom, Pink Nectarine, Cotton Musk.

Okay people, I'm reporting love at first scent here!!! This scent is just so ME! The last one I tried from my Summer haul was Hello Beautiful and ooooooooooh dear, it is AWESOME! It is an OMG level of flowery perfumes in shower gel form! It turned my shower into a beautiful floral heaven! Not the overpowering kind that makes you think of Spring time allergies, but the lovely kind that makes you feel like you're part of a beautiful bouquet yourself! If fancy and girly were scents they'd smell like Hello Beautiful! A tiny bit of Hello Beautiful on my loofah and the scent that meets my senses is just ... beautiful! I have to close my eyes and take it in because it is just so good. This scent really is BEAUTIFUL, it really lives up to its name! It stays with you long after you're done showering too! 

Another successful BBW shopping experience! I am in love and I have news! Hello Beautiful is very close to replacing A Thousand Wishes as my new favorite, I tell you! It may have already done so actually and I may just be in denial because of my loyalty to A Thousand Wishes! Hahahaha! I'm going to shower with both one after the other to make a final decision but I think I may have already decided on my new BBW favorite! I've saved the accompanying mist and body cream to my BBW's Love-It List and asap they shall be coming home to me too! I just can't wait to use the mist and cream! If the shower gel smells SO good, I know they'll be BEAUTASTIC!!!!

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Sara's Word ~ Back After a Super Hit Potterific July 2021

Hey, hey, hey!
Here I am again, getting back to my beautiful blog.
Wait, I just found out the string of fairy lights in my room has fused.
Like I'm not kidding, it literally just fused when I was typing that hello. Kapoot!
It makes me a bit sad but anyhoo. 

Where was I? Yes! I am back to my beautiful blog with so much excitement and awesomeness to share. I'm going to start where I left off: POTTERIFIC JULY 2021! This year I gave every waking second of my days and nights in July to hosting the Instagram challenge that is so close to my heart. It was the fourth year of Potterific and it was SUCH a super hit! With over a hundred and thirty Potterheads participating, the month was filled with magic and creativity and more magic as we all celebrated Harry's birth month together. We laughed, we got emotional and cried, we got serious discussing important Potterverse topics, and we had loads of fun. From Pygmy Puff naming ceremonies to sneaking behind Filch's back and partying in the Room of Requirements, we did it all this July - TOGETHER!

That was my purpose behind starting #PotterificJuly, to celebrate the Potterverse together for an entire month, and that is exactly what we did! It was a HUGE success! I'll be honest, I miss Potterific so bad now that it is over that Insta makes me sad sometimes. Hahaha! And a lot of the Potterheads who participated sent me messages saying the same too - #PotterificJuly is being greatly missed!!! Until next year, Potterheads!

Once July came to an end and we bid our very emotional goodbyes to Potterific I immediately switched gears to host and organize my Hushly's first birthday! Kidtastrophic Construction Site Birthday Party for the naughty little Bubbster who loves to throw everything he can grab a hold of to try and break it! Hahaha! I made another super awesome cake which got me dream reactions from my favorite kids! Abbie and I did an AWESOME job, really! I intend to blog and show off our super cool party up next as well so I'll keep the details for later!

After the birthday I've tried resting myself a bit to restart my body after all that hard work! I got some good rest days, watched Alice In Wonderland with my Bubbzies, and enjoyed the birthday cake. Now the birthday is over, the cake is finished, and I'm over here switching sudden gears once again. This time I'm switching all of my focus to losing weight before my thirtieth! I have a goal (well, sort of) to achieve so I could get some beautiful photos snapped on my thirtieth birthday. Speaking of which, I am turning THIRTY in a couple months, you guys!!! Isn't that just MIND BLOWING!? I am excited to the point where I can't sit still anymore! Hahaha! I want my thirtieth to be perfect and I want to end my twenties properly! Not sure what I even mean by that but yeah ...

Next up for my blog I am planning loads of posts. I have some really awesome Bath and Body Works hauls to show off - two separate BBW hauls to be specific. I also have to tell what I was up to on Friday the thirteenth! The birthday party shall be coming up with all of its cool details along with pictures of that beautiful cake. I also have a gazillion ideas related to the thirtieth birthday I am looking forward to and there's definitely going to be some posts about that coming up next too! I have beautiful DIYs and crafts to show and tell of too!

As always, one million ideas, two million plans, a gazillion thoughts!
Lets see what all I do next!
Until then ...

Monday, June 28, 2021

POTTERIFIC JULY Instagram Photo Challenge 2021

Accio Potterheads!
It is timeeeeee!

Once again, I stand in the Great Hall and put on my Dumbledore face to welcome you all to join yet another POTTERIFIC JULY Instagram challenge! Oh yesssss! What started in 2018 as a casual just-because Insta thing has become an event loved by so many Potterheads over the years. So of course I am back with it once again. Grab your wands and join me because this will be AWESOME!

Potterific July's fourth year, everybody! Can't believe how much happiness and magic it has spread over the past three years! Everyone has met so many new Potterheads, some have formed such good friendships too. Such beautiful posts, such brilliant ideas, so much magical creativity! I love it! I love celebrating Potterific July with all of you! *virtual hugs all around*

First and foremost, a recap for those who need a refresher and some explanation for the Potterheads hearing of Potterific July for the first time!

What is Potterific July?
It's an excuse to come together with fellow Potterheads to celebrate Harry Potter's birth month! I initially began my own little celebration on my blog right here where I wrote about any and every thing Potter related before I started celebrating with everyone else. Throughout the month I discuss stuff from the books and movies, show off my merch, and live life Potterificly. Part of this awesome celebration is the Instagram Challenge!!! In 2018 I decided to celebrate with the awesome Potter community on Instagram and created the PotterificJuly Instagram challenge which has since been a huge hit!

What is the awesome PotterificJuly Instagram Challenge?
The Potterific July Instagram Challenge is one of the best decisions I've made in my life so far. It is thirty one days of posting Potter related pictures based on a prompts list I post on my Insta. It's very first year, it was received with such enthusiasm and it became a huge hit as hundreds of Potterheads joined in from all across the globe. On popular demand, I hosted it again in 2019 to witness another very brilliant year. In 2020 Potterheads eagerly awaited the challenge to get away from all the meh the pandemic had created. So of course, I am back with another one for 2021! This will be Potterific's fourth year and I'm so excited!

What do you have to do for the PotterificJuly Challenge?
There are only and only two rules! First: Use the hashtag #PotterificJuly so we can all find you. Second: HAVE FUN! No commitments, no pressure. Join me on Instagram and follow along the prompts all month. If you miss a prompt here and there that's fine too! I'll be featuring as many posts as I can in my stories throughout the month (I end up sharing everybody!). We also have Potterific discussions, polls, questions, and what not in my stories every day! I share your responses too! It's very interactive and magical!

I wanna join! What should I do next?
So here's what to do:
Grab a copy of the prompts list by saving/screenshotting the picture above.
Find and connect with me on Instagram! @Saraallie where you'll find this list too!
Be there on the first of July with the hashtag #PotterificJuly shining on your posts!
Oh and don't forget!!! Have fun!

It would be awesome if you could somehow let me know you'll be joining me for the #PotterificJuly Instagram challenge. You can find me on Instagram and DM or comment on the prompts post there. You could also leave me a comment below this blog post and leave a link to your Insta for me to check out. I love meeting new Potterheads!

Lets make it bigger and even more awesomer this year!
Spread the word, bring fellow Potterheads with you!
The more Potterheads the better and the more fun our July shall become!
See you on the first on Instagram!
Without the hashtag we can't find you!

Happy Pottering,
Mischief Managed!

Friday, June 18, 2021

Sauteed Onions and Green Beans

I'll be honest, I'm not crazy about green beans. But with this recipe I think I have been converted. This was just so flavorful unlike any other kind of green beans that I have had so far in my entire life. I've eaten at the fanciest of restaurants around the world while we vacationed all around - you know the kind where you get a super tiny helping of green beans as a side to some insufficient-sized entrée - and I have never had green beans better than the ones I'm showing off today. Every single time I ate green beans they were either not cooked long enough or not seasoned well enough so they'd always feel like some kind of raw green that was meant to be growing along with the grass in my backyard instead of being on my plate. For the first time ever I'm going to say this ... I think I like green beans now!

The recipe I'm sharing today resulted from my attempts to feed my Dad who has the palette of a rude food critic seated at a cooking show in the panel of judges - you know the one who has to point out something completely absurd even though their mind has been blown away by the awesome food presented to them ("the way the food sits on the plate doesn't look too comfortable") ... you get the point. So I needed to feed the man with a greater variety of veggies and I decided to try green beans and then I decided to do my own version and OH MY GOD I love it! It is quick and simple and yet so flavorful! If you're not trying it out ... you're THAT person. Hahahahaha!

Have I mentioned how juicy and yumm the bumm they were? Take a look yourself.

  • Green Beans - I used Giant's store brand. Fresh and edges trimmed. I had a 32 oz. bag and I used more than half of it so I'd say about 20 something oz. of green beans.
  • Oil - 6 tbsp. or more if you prefer. Don't add too much oil as this doesn't need it.
  • Salt - According to taste
  • Black Pepper Powder - 1/4 tsp. or to taste
  • Sriracha Sauce - A generous dash of Sriracha or according to taste to adjust the heat level
  • Fresh Lemon Juice - 2 to 3 tsp.
  • Garlic Powder - 1/4 tsp.
  • Paprika Powder - 1/4 tsp. or according to taste to adjust the heat level
  • Onions - 2 medium chopped in cubes
The method to cook these green beans is super simple. Just three steps where you prep the ingredients, throw everything in the pan, and sauté until the green beans are cooked through! If you noticed, most of the ingredients are completely adjustable according to your liking. If you like more spicy foods then you can increase the Sriracha sauce and paprika powder. If not, just reduce those two. Lemon juice gives these green beans a fresh burst of flavor so don't skip on that unless you really dislike lemons or something. Take a look at the step by step pictures of this super easy peasy recipe!

Wash your green beans and make sure the edges are trimmed. Add them to the pan and add in oil, salt, black pepper, sriracha sauce, lemon juice, garlic powder, and paprika powder. Mix everything together and start sautéing on high heat.

Add the onions, mix everything well and continue to cook away until the green beans are done to your liking and the onions have turned a beautiful delicious caramel brown! I prefer my green beans cooked through until they are soft! If you like them more towards the fresher-raw crunchy side you may stop cooking once they reach the desired crunch. This recipe can really be adjusted to your liking!

When my green beans are soft with a slight tender first bite and my onions have turned a shade of caramel brown that's when I know this is done. Taste and adjust the heat level by adding more Sriracha and the salt and you're done. That's all! Now wasn't that simple?

It is quick, easy, and delicious! What more could you want? This has become my go to when I have several other dishes that need to be cooked alongside. I can just mix everything in and let them all cook on their own with just the occasional stirring. Such a time saver!

Even my three year old niece Chunky loved these and she doesn't usually eat onions because she says, "I don't laak lunions!" (I don't like onions!) Trust me on this one and try this recipe out! You won't be disappointed!

I'll leave you with a quick video of these delicious green beans being cooked too! Enjoy!

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