Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Blogging From A to Z Challenge April 2019 - Theme Reveal

Another year, another April, and another Blogging from A to Z Challenge! I've been doing this since 2015 so this is my fifth year. Wow, really? Awesome. Back in 2015 my theme was Visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Orlando. I try not to boast but hey, it was so fabulously done that the A to Z Challenge blog even featured me on their site. How can I not show off, right? Hahaha! Then in 2016 I chose the theme 'Sara's Baked Creations' which is my baking brand. I showed off delicious bakes and beautiful cakes with detailed behind the scenes, making pictures and videos, and super zoomed close ups. Everybody loved it and I was told repeatedly that I'd caused serious hunger and cravings. Oopsies! In 2017 and 2018 I did the same baking and caking themes again and always got a fab response from people. And now, finally, it is 2019 and I am back for my fifth year! The question is, WHAT IS MY THEME THIS YEAR? Get ready. Be prepared. Fasten your seat belts. This one will be mind blowing (just like mine always is!) ...



Potterific A to Z! Yesssssssssssssssss. It will be a month full of posts all about Harry Potter. My love for the books and the movies, my craze for the fandom, the awesomeness of it all, the magic, the charm, the wonderfulness of what I think is the BEST best best best fandom in the universe. I am so excited and there are several reasons why I know this will be extra great. See, first and most importantly anything Harry Potter is automatically the best. Secondly, this year I am doing this challenge with my Abbie. We've chosen the same theme and have created prompts for us to follow together. She'll be blogging over at Abbie's Adventure Diaries and I'll be posting right here. It'll be POTTERIFIC!!! It'll be FANTABULOUS!!! It'll be MAGICAL!!!

Oh and if you want to check out my themes from previous year you can find them here: 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018.

This index will populate and links to entries will become active as I complete the daily challenges. Some of the prompts I have chosen now may change as we decide which highlights to focus on from the magic of Harry Potter!

A for Accio Potterheads
B for Butterbeer
C for Chocolate Frogs
D for Deathly Hallows
E for Expecto Patronum
F for Felix Felicis
G for Gellert Grindelwald
H for Hogwarts
I for 
J for 
K for Knight Bus
L for 
M for Marauders
N for Newt Scamander
O for 
P for 
Q for Quidditch
R for Room of Requirements
S for Severus Snape
T for Time Turner
U for Ukrainian Ironbelly
V for Voldemort
W for Weasleys Wizard Wheezes
X for 
Y for 
Z for

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Planning Ahead for the April A to Z Blogging Challenge

Try as hard as you might but there is absolutely nothing artistic or creative about the picture above. It is literally random scraps, trash, and unorganized bits from my desk. And why I chose this picture? Because that's what life has been lately. No, no, no, I am not saying 2019 has started misbehaving like last year did to me. I'm just saying I've been super busy and my brain has been preoccupied so much that it has become a bit of a mess in my head. No worries, I'm trying to stay on top of things and I'm sure I'll make it through to the other end with just some more crazy added to my already mental levels of craziness. But basically that is why I am typing up this post today.

See, April is approaching and this time April will be much more happening than it usually is for me. It is Dad's birthday, it is Chunky's birthday, and it is the April Blogging from A to Z Challenge. That's lots to do and I want to do it all with extra perfection. So I am going on a break! I have taken some of March off previously too to get a head start on my blog posts for the A to Z Challenge and I've found it works really well for me. This year too I am going to do the same. So instead of my usual blabberings every three or so days I'll be going on a blogging break and using the time to plan the A to Z and get ready for the family birthdays!

I'm excited! I'm full of creative ideas. I'm actually going to have something to look forward to in April this year. Sooooooo. Lets see, when will I be back next? Well, I'll be heard from next when I post the theme reveal for my April A to Z Challenge this year. Then I'll be trying to post an entry for each day of April for the challenge. Meanwhile, I'll be celebrating the birthdays and having fun keeping up with my Spring Bucket List 2019. Once the challenge finishes and hopefully I will have successfully completed it, I'll be back with a fun update and my A to Z reflections post. After those, I am looking forward to LOTS of good stuff for this beautiful blog.

Let the blogging break begin!
So until next time,

Saturday, March 16, 2019

The Wacky Finds Series ~ Volume 41

It's time for Volume 41 of The Wacky Finds Series!

These are a monthly series I started out of sheer awe of how crazy things around me are! Here's what this is about ... Ahem Ahem: When my awesome self steps out of my bed each morning I meet a world of crazies. People, things, phenomena, and acts of nature which are simply too unusual to miss and not record! The Wacky Finds Series will cover all the weird stuff that I find along my way; good weird, awkward weird, bad weird, I-totally-don't-get-this weird .. all kinds of weird shall be recorded and snapped without any discrimination!

World, meet Ripley the turtle. He's a rock star. And he is very annoying. He keeps repeatedly introducing himself no matter what happens in the world around him. Voiced by the one and only moi. *takes a bow* This is one of my favorite toys out of Gubby's collection. We got him from Canada's Ripley's Aquarium which is how he got his name. In the picture above he decided to pay the dolls a visit at their doll house but ended up being stuck in the bathroom's window. Don't ask! Hahahaha! Trust me this was a pretty intense story. The dolls called Gubby's Paw Patrol toys and they all had to rush to the scene to rescue Ripley, who obviously kept introducing himself over and over again. "Hi guys, I am Ripley theeee toi-tle. I'm a rock star." This one makes Gubby laugh a lot!

Another wacky day with the Gubbster and look what I did. Her choo choo was ridden by a variety of toys. You can spot Stuffy the dragon from Doc McStuffins, Rubble, Skie, and Marshall from the Paw Patrol, and a random doll. Her choo choo actually moves around at the press of a button and I personally enjoy playing with it! Hahahaha! Still a kid at heart, I am.

Another wacky find today comes thanks to Gubbzy. When you're the auntie to an adorable little person your life is the sweetest kind of wacky. This is a snickerdoodle cookie I had baked long ago. She was leaving to go visit her naani and I wasn't able to bake that morning so when a fresh batch came out of the oven I quickly packed one in a tiny snack box and then added a heart note to it. Gubby loves it when I write her notes and letters and this made her so happy!

And yet another one thanks to Gubby! Hey today's wacky finds are almost all about Gubby. Wacky kid!!! THIS is a drawing we made together. I have no idea why we did it but it's a man with a hat and a mustache. Just because.

Those are my broken pair of glasses. It was my absolute favorite frame and sadly when I went to get new ones they no longer carry the polka dotted one. You know what's super annoying? My eye doc messed up. She gave me a wrong prescription and the glasses they made for me were blurred and out of focus. Then I went again to get it corrected and she suddenly told me my eyes were focusing differently on that day so this time she gave me a separate prescription for reading glasses. Then she had me get those progressive glasses made and I did because I thought they'd work. But guess what happened? They don't work. I can see through the top half but the bottom half which was supposed to be for reading doesn't work AT ALL. I am all blurred and pathetic if I look through the bottom half or the sides. How pathetic!!! I'm waiting for an appointment with another eye doctor and I really hope she'll fix me a better prescription. *rolls eyes*

That's all folks! Until the next five wacky finds, have a wacky day!

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Cute Stationery? Yes, Please!

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas. More more more! I am always in need of more and more cute stationery. I collect it and I adore and I hoard it. Hahahaha! And yes, I unabashedly admit that I do. I promise, I try to control and sometimes I have refused to take a set of gel pens home because I admitted out loud that I had too many. But honestly, stationery is my weakness.

Sometimes I don't even have to go to the stationery. The stationery simply comes to me. It attracts towards me, flying out the stores and through the skies, and landing in my lap. Umm, no it doesn't. Abbie gets it for me. Hey, same thing - the point is it comes to me without even trying. And that's exactly how I got the cuteness I am showing off today. A while ago Abbie got me the cutest food themed office accessory kit and very recently she got me some seriously adorable magnets!

Alright. Time to show off!

SHOWING OFF TODAY: This adorable food themed stationery set that was just meant for me!!!

This has actually been with me for quite a while now but I only just got a chance to unbox it. Now that it is out I think I'll 'devour' each adorable item hungrily because IT IS JUST SO CUTE! All eating puns here are absolutely intentional by the way. The kit contains paper clips, binder clips, push pins, and a writing pad. It's all food themed with eggs, pizzas, and donuts looking back at me. I live to eat and can totally see why Abbie couldn't resist bringing these home for me! Hahaha! 

I think out of all the things in this set the binder clips are my absolute favorite, especially the donut ones. I'm considering putting these in my planner but I'm not sure I'll be able to handle the donut cravings these will produce. Hahaha! Seriously, they look so yumm. My second favorite are the pizzas of course and last but not the least the eggs. I adore the color scheme they chose to make these in. The pinks and the blues are just insanely cute!

Check these out! Seriously the cutest paper clips to ever walk the surface of this Earth ... errr, you get my point. Look at how delicious the cute little pizza looks. It's almost jumping off the clip to fall right into my mouth. Okay, I have a question to ask. How exactly do you not feel hungry around this stationery set? All these are surely going to make me extra hungry. *pats belly*

The push pins are in the cutest colors ever too. The same blues and pinks and yellows. I can see these looking perfect on my pin board! And considering I am planning to redesign the board soon I think it is perfect timing for me to unbox these too!

ALSO SHOWING OFF TODAY: These awesome magnets!!!

I love magnets and just imagine what I must have gone through when Abbie got me not one, but FIFTEEN adorable magnets one day. I pretty much made some kind of noise that sounded appropriate for a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cartoon. Abbie got these for Gubby and I to share and I took the liberty to pick some favorites for myself before the little one came and took 'em all! Hahaha! I finally get some advantage for being older than someone for once in my life! Hahahahahahahahahaha! It was actually pretty clear which ones Gubby would like to have but there were some that I ended up loving SO much that I couldn't risk them. Let me show off close ups of some of my favorites from these sets.

This one is just so Disney that I fell in love instantly. Imagine, dream, believe, always! It even has that Professor Snape 'always' touch at the end. It spoke to me. I spoke back and reserved it for myself. Thank you very much.

THIS ONE WAS MY FAVORITE OUT OF THE FIFTEEN MAGNETS I GOT! It's just too cute, too girly, too retro, too bright to not keep for myself. I love the cute radio so much and then polka dots - I cannot resist polka dots.

I'm keeping the winky donut. I'm keeping the blushing heart. I know Gubby will love these too but she can always borrow and I'll happily share them. But I want these on my board immediately - they are just adorable.

Flowers and colors and that cute painted/drawn effect just caught me. I found this one to be so very pretty. Spring approaches soon and I'm totally putting this up on my Spring board. It'll be perfect!

This one gave me the good vibes; they were contagious. It also gave me the 'keep me for yourself' vibes. I promise I did nothing. It was all the magnet's fault. *walks with this magnet to her desk*

This one too was just very Disney for me. Make your dreams happen. That's essentially what Disney tells us too right? Such a happy magnet.

Of course I will let Gubby have the kiddo magnets like the panda and mermaid and the unicorn. She'll love them, I know it. Since I'm not really into butterflies she can have that one too and I can already tell she'll be ecstatic about the butterflies. She's been in love with them thanks to Fancy Nancy!

Gubby'll be happy. I am happy. It's a happy world, my friends.
I can't wait to use everything I have gotten somewhere somehow sometime soon!
Funny how these super tiny little things can give you so much delight, excitement, and pep, right?

Sunday, March 10, 2019

My Spring 2019 Bucket List

I made a pretty graphic and a fab bucket list but let me tell you I am not at all happy to say goodbye to Winter. I am no way ready to welcome Spring and its warmer days and the bugs! No way, nuh uh! If it were up to me I would stop time, hold it, hang on to the clock's needles to make them stop ticking away. I would freeze Winter - pun intended. I would just not let Spring come. Or maybe if it were up to me I would fast forward Spring and Summer and just move on to Fall. Yeah, I think that would be a great idea. But hey, lets face it, Spring is approaching and its going to hit me full in the face soon and I better be ready for it. There's no point trying to deny it so here I am with a plan! A plan to make the most out of Spring and to live it on my terms! I just hope I don't find too many bugs on my way through the season! Hahaha!

Create a gorgeous Spring Inspiration Board
I change my board each time a new season begins, and it will be no different in the case of Spring. This year I'm thinking it should be something bright and bold and girly and super colorful. I have been collecting awesome graphics and what nots but I still don't know what I will end up doing in the end. It will be super pretty though, that much I know for sure.

Do a fun Spring craft activity with Gubby
I did a super cute Fall leaves activity with my niece last time and for our Winter fun we made snow men. So now I am looking forward to finding something Spring-y to do with her. She's excited about the season starting because she says she'll be able to go out and play on her swing more. I'm not as excited because I fear the return of bugs Spring will inevitably bring. My aim is to find something Spring like to do with Gubbzy while still avoiding the bugs and outdoors as much as I possibly can.

Update my Chalkboard with something Spring-y
The chalkboard stays currently wiped clear of all doodles and drawings. It is time to do something fun - something Spring inspired - something awesome!

Celebrate Chunky's birthday exuberantly
Chunky darling's birthday approaches and I am overly excited. It will be a challenge to not explode with happiness and try to contain myself until the big day. She turns ONE and I am SO SO SO looking forward to the celebrations!

Wear Spring inspired outfits
Okay, this is so important. I'm planning to use EVERYTHING possible that I own in my closet which means I will be trying my best to put together various new outfits and combinations. Of course, being Spring I will be making sure these outfits are perfect for the season! I'm thinking colors and florals and all that.

Take Spring-y pictures
I've always been in love with my camera, be it my big one or my iPhone one. Spring sure brings bugs and warmer days, both of which I do not like. However, it also brings pretty flowers, colors, and blooms all around. And that's the perfect opportunity for some pretty pictures!

Play with bubbles
I just have to. I really do. I have a plan and it involves Gubby too. Lets see how it works out.

Art or craft inspired by Spring
I'm keeping this one open ended. It could be anything artsy craftsy that is inspired by Spring. Coloring page, doodle, drawing, anything at all!

Find a rainbow
I don't care about the pot of gold at the end but I need my rainbow.

Spring cleaning
Oooooooh boy. Now this one's tough! I have SO much to clean. But I think if I want to set a definitive goal for myself it would be to tackle a suitcase full of clothes that no longer fit ANYBODY in my house. I think for this Spring I'll be aiming to sort the clothes in there and donate what is no longer of use to me.

Be awesome
All day, every day. This one, I know for sure I'll succeed at!

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Sara's Word ~ So Far So Good

When 2019 began I promised myself I would take it easy. Two months into the year I think I've kept my promise and I'm determined to continue doing so. Greater than my determination, though, is my hope that this year will be nice to me. I mean seriously, it better be nice to me because the last one wasn't and I still kept going and I need some kind of reward for it; I need a better year for sure. Yep.

Good for me, 2019 actually has been better thus far. Well, it hasn't been pathetic at least so I guess that's something, right? Let me pretend this is one of those lets-feel-good activities they used to do in school and start by mentioning all the nice stuff that's happened so far. For starters, I've had more me time in the past two months than I probably had all year in 2018. I've also been very creative which has kept me so happy. There hasn't been any significant trouble in my world yet and absence of trouble is definitely good. I got to watch some good TV shows and movies too and have been reading regularly as well. All of that has helped me unwind so nicely. Even my room is coming back together post the bathroom remodel which took so long to complete. All is well as far as all that is concerned.

I've also been scrapbooking since the start of 2019. It has just begun but it has already made me so happy and so very excited. I also created some gorgeous art and have been so creatively charged ... I'M ON FIYAAAAAAA!!!

But it would be insane and unreal to say everything went perfectly well, right?
Like our fridge broke down this morning - or sometime last night. Hahaha!
Oh and there's been a LOT of panic in the house. See, Dad's here and he's the royalty of our family *laughs* and he's super health conscious with his food too. This means Abbie and I are cooking a greater variety of dishes. We try to serve him specialties and the best of our cooking but he's the guy who doesn't compliment. We know the food is great but never a compliment! It's like serving food to a food critic who has decided to behave like Gordon Ramsay. Hahaha! It's stressful and a change in routine but it's settling down as the new normal now. I think, I'm almost willing to say it, that we've worked out a good plan to manage it all - touch wood!
So I guess it hasn't been THAT bad either.

What's been a bit rough though is the emotional bit of my life. I've had an emotionally challenging start of the year dealing with some serious negative people, terribly nasty comments, and heart breaking realizations. My heart's a warrior that strives on but I do admit it's been an incredible battle. It has probably been the toughest bit of 2019 that I've had to deal with thus far which has left me flustered and disconcerted.

But lets just follow in Blair Waldorf's footsteps and pretend the bad stuff doesn't exist and everything's as per my plan. That sounds like a good idea to me. Fake it till I make it has worked for me always ... so ...

Just a life appreciation post folks! Just wanna stop and be thankful for all the good I have in my life right now! ✨ The good folks in my family (lets skip the evil ones πŸ˜‚), my beautiful bedroom, Harry Potter ⚡️, my blog, creativity, good health, alllll the blessings! 🀩 Sometimes things just suck but I wanna be thankful for the good stuff regardless!!! 〰️〰️〰️ This sounds like a Thanksgiving post, but no it isn’t! 😁 What are you most thankful for today? 〰️〰️〰️ #thankful #thanks #feathers #creativity #life #lifeisgood #myhappylife #shinyhappybloggers #blog #blogging #lblog #lblogging #lifestyle #pictureoftheday #lifestyleblogger #bloggingcommunity #blogandbeyond #bloggerlife #bloggersofinstagram #lifeisblessed #harrypotter #potterhead #gryffindor #family
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*Jeffree Star sudden outburst tone* MOVING ON!
What's next and what's on my mind right now? Well, in simple words, A LOT! But let me get into some details here. First of all my Chunky darling's first birthday is coming up and I have to somehow contain my excitement so I don't go mad with happiness. Second, I have a gazillion ideas in my head for my scrapbook, my pin board, my Harry Potter corner, my room, the toy room, the laundry room ... basically, I am bursting with ideas and I am planning to put them all into action one by one. Third, lots of blogging stuff is coming up including the April A to Z Challenge. I'm still unsure what I'm going to do about it and whether I will participate or not but that's that. I know July isn't even near yet but I'm also getting super excited about hosting another Potterific July this year and I am planning to make it bigger and better than the last one. Can you believe how many things are currently going on in my head? I have more but I guess I should stop talking! *laughs*

*sighs* Ohhhh 2019, please please please just continue trying to be nice to me. Please! I don't expect a perfect year - that would be insane of me to hope for - but I expect some inner peace and goodness. Goodness I truly truly deserve.

Friday, March 1, 2019

Saraallie's Tweet Logs ~ February 2019

The time has arrived again! Another month comes to an end which calls for posting my Tweet Logs! Ahem ahem: "The Tweet Logs are a concept I have totally cheated (I mean, it is supposed to be inspiration!) from Abbie's blog; perks of being a sister! My Tweet Logs will contain all my Twitter updates for each month. The updates will include tweets by me and those by Abbie which had me tagged or were related to me in some way. Why you ask? Well, my tweets are too awesome to go waste in cyber space thus they shall be recorded on my fabulous blog!

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