Friday, June 10, 2016

Saraallie's Wish List

I love the concept of gifts (especially being on the receiving end!) and go crazy with happiness when I receive gifts that I'd been craving for or looking forward to. So I've decided to create my Wish List to make it easier for the world to buy gifts for the one and only Saraallie! I'll keep updating this list as and when I desire. What may be on my list today may change tomorrow. You know why? Because I said so, duh!

I WANT THIS HARRY POTTER BAG!!! It's available at Box Lunch currently by the name Harry Potter Flash Tattoo Print Crossbody Bag. I need it in my life. I DO. I swear I cannot live without this!

Harry Potter Funko Pops: I had so so so many specifications about the Funko Pops I wanted that I decided to create a Harry Potter Funko Wish List! It has all the details and you can find it RIGHT HERE to see what all I want!

Black Handbag: I really want a black bag that I can carry everyday. It should be casual but not boring and stylish but not too fancy to get destroyed by everyday casual wear and tear. I'd love for it to have that WOW factor, be it bling, ruffles, or a leather pattern with a sleek finish. Ideally I'd want to make my own choice and shop for this one myself!

Black Shoes: I am in such a dire need of black shoes, it's not even funny anymore. I want shoes that are black so they go with almost every other outfit of mine but I want them to be casuals. Something that looks pretty but is good for everyday wear. Bling or glitter would be fab. Basically I'm looking for comfort, style, and good looks! *UPDATE* I bought a pair of black pumps that are gorgeous but since one can never have enough black shoes I'll still leave this up on my list!

Brown Shoes: These have been so in lately and I have been swooning over them! Imagine big time drooling. I looked everywhere and found extremely gorgeous kinds but mostly in heels. I think I want these to be flats, and preferably gladiator style sandals. Yeahhhhh .. those would be ideal!

Washi Tape: Gift me lots and lots and lots and lots of Washi Tape. Thank you! All colors, kinds, looks, and everything is greatly loved and appreciated! WASHI TAPE YUMMMMMMM! I can never have enough Washi and can never say no to it! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!

Marvelous Molds: I have my eyes on EVERYTHING on the Marvelous Molds website. I already have the Damask Onlay, the Double Wedding Ring Onlay, the Fleur De Lis Pattern Onlay, and the Moroccan Lattice Onlay ... so no repeating those! Oh and every single one of their molds is awesome but I specifically am drooling over their Betty Lace Mold, all of the Brooch Molds, the Feather Molds are super pretty too, and omg the tassels and swags are so pretty, particularly the Grand Tassel Drop!

Long Necklaces: I am crazy crazy crazy for long length necklaces! I've never been a great fan of short necklaces since I started dressing up. I'd loveeeeee lots and lots of long length necklaces! I think I can never have too many! I'm currently looking for the colors black and silver (together or separate two necklaces!) but any other colors will be loved just as much! Just keep 'em coming.

Books Books and More Books!: The gift of books is one of the best gifts I can ever hope for. I'm currently reading The Mortal Instruments Series. I'd loveeeeeeee to be able to read The Infernal Devices Series next. I recently found a great deal and bought Clockwork Angel which is the first in the Infernal Devices series (so I already have book one!). Also on my mind is the 'Me Before You' novel and 'Fault In Our Stars'. That's all I have in my mind right now but any other good book is always welcome! Ooooohhhh and let me mention, I have a beloved Kindle that I use for reading so anybody wishing to gift me books ---> Kindle ebook versions of books are LOVED! I have no space to keep books *laughs* so Kindle is the best! Please make them Kindle versions if you decide to gift them to me! I don't want print books!

British Harry Potter Cover Collection: When I moved to the USA years ago Dad made me leave behind my British version Harry Potter books. Later he sent me a new US version with the US covers and I rescued some of my HP books from when I visited the old place again. However, I still lack Harry Potter books one, two, and five from my British collection. If anybody ever decided to gift those to me the covers above are the only ones I need. I know that there are various covers of HP out there but these are the ONLY ones that I need - those exact cover pictures/art!

Perfumes: I absolutely LOVE perfumes. The ones at Victoria's Secret are my favorite right now but any good perfume is always welcome! (The more choices I have the better the day is!)

Gel Pens: I love love loveeeeeee gel pens. ADDICTED. Spelled with some realllllly huge uppercase letters. I've been Googling which ones are the best and found that these gel pens seemed to be REALLY awesome! They are the Triplus Fineliner 0.3mm gel pens from Staedtlar. They come in packs of ten and twenty - I think ten would be great too! I really would love a good set of gel pens!

Watercolors: It's something I see SO much on Pinterest but I have no experience with so I'd love to try watercolor paints sometime in my life! I had no idea what kind, brand, or type is the one used (seriously no idea about these things! *laughs*) so I just random googled some pictures! One day, I'd love to try my hand at water color painting!

Engraved Rolling Pins: They are so gorgeous! I don't even know where you find these but oh my God am I in love with them!

That's all I have ... FOR NOW!

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