Thursday, June 7, 2012

Here I go again ...

Ah! The wonderful feeling of a fresh blog to fill! Mmm .. it's almost like I smell fresh paper to doodle on! Yumm yumm!

So, where should I begin? 
I guess, since this is new and so am I to the whole concept of blogging, I should begin by writing about the reason why this blog came into existence. I am blessed to be the younger sister of a wonderful (and also very silly) lady; a lady who inspires me in every phase of my life, whether work, creativity, style, opinions, behavior, or simply sitting idle. She is literally, without exaggerating, EPIC. Fabulous, awesome, superb, lovely, fabulous ... wait, did I already say that last one? 

So, when you're the younger version of such a fantabulous human being, you love whatever she does and however way she does it. My sister is a superb cook, I decided to learn cooking. My sister always had a beautiful scrapbook when she was a teen, I created my own scrapbook. My sister is a poet, trust me I attempted poetry a gazillion times myself just because she could compose them. My sister wears such and such clothes, and next day you would find me copying the same styles & colors. My sister BLOGS, and so I just HAD to try this out!

We get a lot of, "OMG ARE YOU TWO TWINS?" from passersby on the streets whenever we go out, even though the age difference between us is a pretty BIG one; 5 years! So HEY, it IS okay for me to actually try and be her twin in all aspects *winks*.

This may not be as fabulous as what she blogs about, and I may not even be as regular and consistent as she is, but this is my blog, and I can be hopeful that this will not be a disappointment!

- S. Ali

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