Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Blogstipated severely!

I have been feeling SO lazy, so tired, and SO SO sleepy since the past three or four days, it's not even funny! I wake up, but I feel like I haven't slept properly. And when I try to go to bed at night I stay awake for at least an hour before sleep finally hits me. *yawns*
That isn't the main problem though. The real issue is that I am BLOGSTIPATED! Yeah, that's a term, I just made it. Blogstipation is when your constipation is related to your blog, you sit on your computer to write an entry, and NOTHING comes to your mind, so you leave with your blog begging to be written in. That's what's been up with me! Therefore there have been no entries on my blog lately!
Wow, I wrote an entry, and when I read it now I feel like I've made no sense ... oh well, guess this is a serious case of blogstipation! Hope it gets well soon!

- S. Ali

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