Thursday, September 20, 2012

I has arrived!

Ohhhh my God, I haven't blogged since forever and I feel sooooooooooo bad about it! Well the Business school has begun, and with that a gazillion assignments, presentations, speeches, group projects, and letters, and memos, and God knows what not! And the worst part is that ALL my classes, except Marketing, have group work in them! I hate working in groups; everybody has their own pace of working, and I usually find myself pressing on the other group members to WORK PLEASE! But they're showing back that chill attitude, which honestly makes me feel like slapping them! Hahaha!

But yeah, yesterday when I told my sister over dinner table that my blog had been ignored for so long thanks to how busy the past weeks had been, my brother intervened and started making fun of me, "Somebody's blog died!" .. and I was like yeah? really dude?

Found a meme earlier today that perfectly is aimed at my brother. So dear brother, I love you, but still please see the following:

Anyway, I won't ignore my blog in future, and I shall be returning to blog properly soon! Just waiting for this week to be through: TOMORROW IS FRIDAY! TGIF I swearrrr!

- S. Ali

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