Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Old Is Not Gold

  1. Electronics
  2. Relationships
  3. Food
  4. Socks
  5. Vehicles
So a bunch of supposedly super wise and creative people used their brains years back and came up with these sayings and theories, proverbs and what-nots. Distances making hearts grow fonder, clouds having silver linings, hips don’t lie .. oh no, wait, scratch that last! Out of all these gazillions of sayings there is one that has recently offended me; Old is gold.

Is it, really? No, really you must be kidding me *sarcastic face*. Old is almost certainly NOT gold. At least it has never been gold in my case. Before this blatant rejection of a popular saying on my behalf becomes the next global controversy, let me explain...

If old was really gold, electronics would work better the more they aged. I don't really think that is the case. Laptops, cameras, and phones all have their batteries destroyed over time, they start hanging or slow down the more they are used, scratches appear over time no matter how carefully you use these things! So exactly how does old become gold for electronics?

Even though once I believed there were forever's and happily ever afters in the closest of relationships, it was a time back when I was naive. Or stupid I could say ...
Lately I have realized old relationships aren't always as strong as they should be. The people to prove me right first were my school mates who happily pretended as if I had never existed when I moved to the USA for College. Even the closest and dearest best friend I had back in school, who I trusted and loved like a sister decided to tear the page in her life that had my name mentioned on it. I really thank those people now, even though yes I wanted to slap and burn them back then .. and maybe even wish to do that now, they popped the bubble of 'Happily-ever-after' that I was idiot enough to be living in. But forget me, I have been noticing just about everybody ditching old relationships for new ones all around me, be it extended family, friends, college mates, whoever! Old relationships surprisingly aren't gold for anybody either!

I demand one sane person in this gigantic world to tell me that old food is awesome. I once had the misfortune to eat a week old watermelon; I had just one small square piece of the melon and it tasted perfectly okay, but the piece my mother ate had gone sour. What happened to me? I was lying dead in my bed, puking out my intestines and suffering from loose motions.  Once the food in my stomach had passed away my vomits were acidic! The latter half of the day I was a dead body!
If old is so called gold why not we all start eating old rotten food? Gold, yeah? Must be nice, no?

Okay I don't even think I owe any explanation here? Who loves the smell of old unwashed worn out socks? Raise your hands please!!! Seriously ... If you raised your hand ... well .. please .. umm ... Google psychiatrist and request urgent treatment! You may be critical.

Finally, last but not the least important OLD cars. This little beauty was the first car my parents ever bought for me and Abbie (combined .. although she mostly got to drive it as I didn't know how to). A Ford Fiesta, which I named Muggie with immense love survived very few years. As it grew older by the year it just started .. well .. not working. Until finally one day it just wouldn't move at all! Old certainly wasn't gold here either!

So how can people even argue old is gold? I don't believe in it and I have perfect reason not to, don't I? Point proved. Case won. Until the next time I bust a popular saying ...

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