Monday, February 10, 2014

Hours of fun with sister? I'm in!

When you have a sister whose butt is glued to her seat in the study room, whose eyes are set on her awesome blog (which is always a source of envy for me), and whose time is devoted 90% to her love for writing and 10% for sleeping, peeing, eating, etc., you have to find a way of persuasion! When my Winter Break began I found myself begging and persuading her at Target; "Abbie, SCRABBBBLLEEE PLEASE!"

And that is where the fun began. It was funny what a piece of cardboard and wooden blocks of letters could do; drive my sister away from her blog, sit with me outside in the lounge, and spend hours having fun!

Scrabble really is love at first sight! Abbie and I spent hours, and once even almost an entire day just sitting there making words. We set records and beat our own records, we laughed like crazy, we twisted some rules and played around with it, and we did the victory dance to annoy whoever had lost!

As you can see above, our first game wasn't exactly as per rules! We allowed making words ANYWHERE as long as they connected, we didn't care if ALL the letters matched between two words or not, we even had words made bottom to top! Retarded much? And don't even go at the scoring system, we totally messed it up!!

And then we re-read the rules, behaving as educated individuals doing their Bachelors and Masters respectively. We figured out the scoring system and played like decent human beings! It ended up being much more fun (plus I won!)

Here's some suggestions for those who play Scrabble:
* Play with 14 instead of 7 letters; you'll end up making longer words, much better vocab, and the game becomes super interesting! Plus it finishes sooner so you don't get bored by the time it ends!
* Do themes! Harry Potter words only? Names only? Be creative!
* Keep accumulating scores, unless you want to be stuck with a calculator at the end of the game!
* When you win .. DO THE VICTORY DANCE! *Dhi chikki dhi chikki chikki .. dhi chikki dhi chikki chikki!"
* Go crazy enjoyinggggggggg!

- S. Ali

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