Sunday, June 29, 2014

Ek Villain ~ Movie Review

If there is anything you need to do immediately, it is to go and watch 'Ek Villain'. With a mix of romance, action, thrill, and suspense Mohit Suri has conjured up what I would say is an 'exceptional' movie. I am not into action and definitely not into murders and all that gorey stuff but the blend is perfect, with a right balance of everything in the plot.

I could really go on and on and on about how awesome the movie is! It was my first time watching a Mohit Suri film (and yes that means I am one of those few who did not watch Aashiqui 2), and my first time watching Shradha Kapoor (except for the minor role she had played in Gori Tere Pyaar Mein). Every single person in this movie has out done their self!

Look at this man! Not even a single sane person in the world would be ready to believe that he is the same guy we saw in Student of the Year or Hasee Toh Phasee. Sidharth Malhotra has done exceptional acting in Ek Villain. It is actually the first time you'll fall in love with a Bollywood villain, even forgiving him for the people he is seen killing in the movie. He looks flawlessly gorgeous, as always. His brooding looks and intense acting are outstanding! It's as if he has raised the bar for his own performances and beating this will be a challenge in what he does next. Let me just some up with this ... I have fallen in love with Sidharth Malhotra all over again! I know he will be awesome in future and I will be desperately waiting for his next movie!

My first time watching Shradha Kapoor as a lead actress and she set a great first impression. Her role as a annoying, fun loving, and happy-go-lucky girl was an otherwise typical 'A Walk to Remember' kind of a character but she did great justice to it. She is the PERFECT annoyingly happy person they could have cast for Ayesha's role. Funnily enough, she is the first actress I did not feel a bias against just because she was with Sidharth Malhotra (drooling here). I liked her for the way she acted because all of her emotions were superbly expressed; she was extremely annoying when Ayesha had to annoy Guru, she was very sweet when they had their lovey-dovey moments, she was hyper and fun when Ayesha needed to be strong and fight against the disease she had .. she was awesome!
Just based off of Ek Villain, I am totally going to continue watching Shradha Kapoor's films! She was great!!

And then comes this person, Ritesh Deshmukh; a man who has previously been known for his comedy films, which just by the way I have never ever liked. If THIS is the level of performance he can deliver, why the hell is he even wasting his life doing lame comedies? He was SO good playing his role in Ek Villain that I wanted to personally write this man a letter REQUESTING him to give up comedies! He has exceptionally played the role of a totally crazy villain; his character disturbed and depressed me just as it was planned to do. I wanted to see him die a miserable death at the end of the movie (and this desire was also emphasized because I wanted to see Sidharth Malhotra winnnn at the end of the film, heehee!). Honestly, I'm totally thinking about dressing up as him in October when kids from the neighborhood come over to ask for candies! Hahaha!
"Don't worry madam, aaj ke baad aap ko shikayat ka mauka naheen mileyga!"
I don't think those ordinary words meant anything at all until Deshmukh delivered them with those mismatched eyes!

Overall, there is ABSOLUTELY nothing .. not even a single thing wrong with this movie!! I am dead sure this will be a HUGE blockbuster and I can't wait to see more of Sidharth Malhotraaaaaaaaaa *endless drooling here* ...

Saraallie's Rating: 10 stars out of 5 .. I LOVED THIS MOVIE!!!

-S. Ali

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