Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Aashiqui 2 ~ Movie Review

I had totally stopped watching movies due to my hectic college schedule at one point. I only watched television regularly because it easily fit into daily life. That was the time when the season of award functions began on TV; Filmfare, Guild, Iifa .. And so many more. I love watching all of these! But this particular year, all awards were going to a movie I hadn't seen; and that is when I first heard about Aashiqui 2. My instant opinion was, "Another Bhatt film; this is bound to be vulgar." So obviously I made a mental note that I will not watch it. But as time passed I kept witnessing the super duper popularity of this movie and questioned those I knew about it. To my delightful surprise, I found out that it wasn't vulgar! But people kept giving me mixed reviews. While some told me it was my kind of movie, others told me it was horrible and a waste of time. I kept hearing words like 'awesome' and 'lame' at the same time and so I kept pushing watching it forward.

Finally, and probably when the entire world must have finished watching it .. Saraallie decided to watch it!!! And she learnt a major lesson that day; You need to form your own opinions instead of accepting others' ... especially about Bollywood!
Aashiqui 2 was a fabulous watch and so perfectly my kind of movie that I would have totally wasted it had I not given it a chance! The typical sad romantic love story, Aashiqui 2 had me crying at various times. (I'm an emotional person, okay?!)

So far, I had only seen Aditya Roy Kapoor as a supporting actor in Action Replay (which is one of the most pathetic movies I have ever seen in my life) and in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani (where I thought he acted very well). This was the first time I was watching him as the main lead and I thought his acting was fabulous. His intense looks and seriousness seemed natural and he made the character so believable I was actually fully involved with his role. Instead of hating the addicted-idiot I ended up feeling sad for him, hoping the end would be happy for the character.

And obviously, being the emotional Bollywood addicted type person that I am, the love story totally had me going 'aww'. 'Aww' moments were endless in this movie; happy aww moments, sad aww moments ... so many aww moments I tell you!
My favorite aww moment, the 'suno' 'bas yunhi' scene. That just got me each time okay? Okay!

Shradha Kapoor. Unlike the rest of the world, my first time watching her as an actress was in 'Ek Villain'. Obviously that movie is a favorite because it has Sidharth Malhotra in it. But other than that bias too, I like her acting! Like .. not love. She still feels like she is acting instead of feeling natural but it is entertaining to watch her. She comes off as innocent and sweet every single time which was awesome for her character as 'Aarohi' in this movie.

I thought the story had more emotion from the guy's character than the woman's. Or maybe they both played it that way. Because to me it seemed like Aditya Roy Kapoor played the stronger part in the movie's plot comparatively. The movie was awesome overall .. one of those that I'd recommend. BUT, since I'm probably the last possible one in this world to have just seen it all I can do is rate it and that's all! Heehee!!

Saraallie's Rating: 5 stars out of 5!

- S. Ali

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