Saturday, December 20, 2014

November In Comics

In October I had decided I would use my Bitstrips Comics on my blog because they are simply too awesome to not save and show off about! But then came November and I thought I just died with super busy stuff happening all around me. It is easy to imagine how busy I must have been throughout this month because I am writing a month summary while already halfway through December! I mean, the YEAR is coming to an end and I still have to blog about my October Birthday, November's busy happenings, and December's shenanigans! I need to slap myself and get back to blogging ASAP ... *slaps*

Out and About In Fawkes
The beginning of November involved a LOT of major driving for me. I used to usually drive before November to shorter distances when mama had to go the chiropractor or when we needed some quick groceries from a nearby Walmart or Target or Giant. But November was the month I drove longer, over new routes, and for different purposes. For the first time ever I drove without Abbie in the back seat keeping a check on the way; it was a day out with mama to shop for Abbie's birthday presents! Fawkes (my car) explored wonderful new places like TJMax and Barnes and Nobles .. places where otherwise only Abbie used to drive to. Of course when left alone at home Abbie finally got some time to relax too!

Butt Must Go
I really really REALLY started dieting and working out throughout November. I called it the 'Butt Must Go' campaign and worked on it with super motivation! I did the treadmill, used Bob the Ball to exercise, and cut down on food. Twitter helped me stay motivated because I tweeted every single time I worked out or ate something ... it actually keeps me from cheating! As of right now (December) the Butt Must Go campaign has been paused; too many events that called for parties and a soon-to-happen vacation can possibly not allow me to continue dieting! But this shall continue in January now and I shall shed off all the weight I've gained from stress eating during my time at UMD very soon! Aha! Looks like we have a new year's resolution already forming up!

Sick Bestie
Abbie dearest had a tough November! She ended up with a BAD flu and then had to go through the dental surgery I previously blogged about at last. I am SO glad it is all behind her now .. but while it was happening, she was in a terrible state. The surgery wasn't too painful, thank God .. but she was later given antibiotics and pain killers that completely made her lose her mind! All I want now is for her to be healthy and for all possible sickness to stay away from her! We both shall rock our way into the new year, God willing! *woohoo*

Dad Arrives
One fine day Dad emailed me and next thing I knew ... He was coming over! Hahaha! It was a BIG occasion for us all and Dad had to be here. November was the month when my dad got promoted to grandpa! He was coming over for November to be able to meet the new baby!
That was all fine until we realized how much we needed to prepare!! The ENTIRE house had to be cleaned in super duper detail (because mama said so!) and we had to plan a gorjabulously delicious (yes, I said that is a word!) menu for Dad to devour while he enjoyed his stay here!
I planned a super delicious menu and cooked all the stuff I was best at for dinner, Abbie took the lunch department!

Abbie Day 2014
And then came the reason why November is so special to me: ABBIE'S BIRTHDAY!!! November 19th 2014, I hosted a fantastically awesome Mad Hatter's Tea Party for Abbie! It was SO awesome, I totally have to blog in detail about it ASAP!! Bestie was sick and dad had come over. On top of that Gubby (my tiny niece who I shall be blogging about very soon as well!) was overdue and expected ANY day. It was all rushed up and we ended up delaying and then eventually cancelling the giant cake idea I had planned .. but I wasn't going to let anything ruin Abbie's birthday; ALICE IN WONDERLAND CUPCAKES everybody!!! :D LOTS more about Abbie Day 2014 in super detail soon!

Team Phuppo
We weren't even done with the high from Abbie's Birthday on the 19th when we found out at 7am that Gubby had started causing pains! The day was really stressful. I first drove all the way to another county to take Abbie for a follow up appointment after her surgery and then we went to grab some sweets to take to the hospital and some balloons. We were becoming phuppo's (aunts) and mama was becoming daadi (grandma) for the very first time in our life, we were going to do this with super duper happiness and style! The driving that day was pathetic because a) I knew my brother's wife was in torturous pain and it was scaring the crap out of me (literally, it had triggered the ibs!) and b) I hated driving over the disastrous roads of Laurel and that too at NIGHT! Scary ... ugh.
At 4:27pm Gubby arrived on planet Earth to change our lives completely! We found out at around 5 or 5:30pm I guess when my brother finally must have breathed a little to text us an adorable picture ... Obviously I was in tears #EmotionalOverload ....

Words of Wisdom


Overall November was a seriously jam packed month! Sick Bestie and all the related stress ... Gubby and the extreme happiness I felt ... Bestie's birthday preparations and the rush ... Her birthday awesomeness .... Dad being there and the pressure that he wouldn't enjoy his stay ...
I fell sick with worry, okay? Not even kidding .. it was bound to happen!
I loved November even though it blew out all the possible strength and stamina that I had in my body!
#MustBlogSoon #MustCatchUp

- S. Ali

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