Saturday, February 28, 2015

February In Comics

An Awesome Start
February started nicely at least. Big Boss Season 8 came to an end and Gulati (who I wanted to win) won, to my delight! More importantly Tanna had lost, that was the real reason to be happy about! Some awesome movies were on TV and a special mention is Student of the Year; watching Sidharth Malhotra is ALWAYS a treat! I got to stay back home to my delight and life was realllly good!

Bestie Times
February also brought up some gooooood Bestie Times! We were delighted from Big Boss 8's results and horrified from head to toe when we accidentally tuned in to a Pakistani talk show and heard sheer leechar-ness. A good relief was finding out all was well at Bestie's root canal follow up appointment and it was a great adventure discovering a new cafe to eat at there! We even watched SOTY together and had some private jokes take shape *winks*!

ButtMustGo Continues
The ButtMustGo efforts were going super strong when February started. I was really motivated and had increased the intensity and duration of my work out sessions. Other than a few indulgences I was following my diet plan strictly otherwise.

Saraallie's First Time in the Operation Room
February's awesomeness died down though in the second week when I was told I needed surgery! It was one unique experience! Read about it all here: 'Pre-Surgery Thoughts', 'Day of the Surgery', 'The Surgery', 'Post Surgery Experiences'.

ButtMustGo Called Off
My happiness of managing to achieve good focus for ButtMustGo died away too because I was told I couldn't work out for at least 4 weeks after the surgery. That was my entire February efforts going down the drain ... but the brighter side shined a glorious Gulab Jamun in my face. I happily took it, of course! Can't wait for my surgeon's green signal to resume ButtMustGo. I think it will be wild this time!

The Crazy Blog Redesign Project
After cheating and throwing jealous looks at each others' blogs, Abbie and I finally made peace with our blogs. We both redesigned stuff a little, rearranged bits, photoshopped our lives away ... and our blogs now look TOTALLY FABULOUS!

Words of Wisdom


Sincerely hoping March will bring me better health so I can start all my Crazy Creativity projects which are currently wrestling with each other in my mind!

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