Tuesday, February 3, 2015

January In Comics

New Year ~ New Opportunities to Bug Bestie

New Year's Resolutions
While I had initially planned on posting my resolutions earlier on in January, like normal people usually do, I ended up not getting the time or vibe of drafting up an entry! So .. better late than never! Oh and it doesn't mean I haven't started following or fulfilling them on time!

Post Vacation Depression Syndrome
The end of December and January's beginning left Bestie & I with PVDS (yes, it exists because I said so!). We came back home after the happiest week or so of our lives from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Orlando Florida. It was instant disaster; we couldn't get the fire breathing dragon out of our minds or shake off the goosebump-y feeling of standing near the Hogwarts castle. It felt like I could still hear the Harry Potter soundtracks playing in my ears and I woke up every morning to be disappointed that it wasn't Cabana Bay Beach Resort's beautiful retro room nor were we going to get dolled up and take the shuttle to the Universal Orlando Resort. I could taste Butterbeer on my tongue and feel the adrenaline of The Forbidden Journey; the feeling was just not going away! The vacation ended too soon, I still could have spent another month in the magical Diagon Alley, taken the Hogwarts Express at least fifty more times to Hogsmeade, and had at least ten more ice creams from Florean Fortescues!

Horror Stories & Sickness
December started off with and mostly saw sick days for me. We went on vacation in the last week and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter temporarily shut out all my problems, tensions, pain, and sicknesses. Not for long though, because January began with the end of our vacation and the return of all our issues! My migraines were back and the arm I'd hurt a month back was there to haunt me again as well. I'd been on an antibiotic while vacationing and now that it had finished it was time to go back to see the doctor. I encountered the fear of doctors and needles and stuff this month and it was pathetic. I wondered how horrible the rest of 2015 was going to be if the start was this brutal to me.
What was possibly as difficult as all the stupid sick stuff was dealing with the fact that I couldn't help Abbie with house work anymore. I was down and sickly and she was doing all the chores I was responsible for otherwise. I had fun watching her wrestle with everybody's dirty laundry but watching her carry the huge load to and from the washer/dryer was just a huge load of guilt slapped right into my face.

Bestie Times
Of course January began with our vacation so it had LOTS of Bestie time involved. We saw the first few days of the year together at the Harry Potter parks; New Year's Eve against the Hogwarts Express, buying a Chocolate Frog, and our wands was simply a never-to-forget experience!
When we returned I went into crazy mode though, for I had spent the previous ten or so days literally attached to Bestie's butt and now that we were back home she was sitting in her study again doing all the important work she does all the time. I was getting serious Bestie withdrawals and wished Abbie would somehow stay with me 24/7. I found out a way to make that happen!! All I had to do was grab all my stuff (laptop and etc.) and go and sit beside her in her study. Win win for all; Abbie got to do all her work and blog and write while I sat there beside her doing my stuff. Mental peace of being with her! Yes, I am obsessed with her!

Me No Care
One of my New Year's Resolutions and also an attitude I developed after years of craptards throwing their crap in my face, I refuse to care about nonsense!! I feel like social fuss, nonsensical people, useless problems created by even more useless asses, and crap in general has been increasing over time. I'm talking about a MAJOR crap overload here. And I have made up my mind, I will not indulge in the fussy socialites I see all around me and I will not react to bull shit. My new motto: because frankly, this face doesn't care! Take it or leave it! Whatever! Boohoo!
I'm also training Bestie to do the same!

My Life is Awesome
2015 is the first year of my life so far that has started off with nothing to study! I have made my decision and I am done with studies for now for good. There is a mental peace that can be felt all around me without the stress of having to run after grades to achieve a 4.0 GPA. I LOVE MY POST GRAD LIFESTYLE! I get to watch TV, watch movies, indulge in Bollywood, TLC, and HGTV. I get to blog! I get to bake and cook and organize my stuff! I get to spend time with mommy dear and bestie! I get to read and write and do whatever I want to do man (Salman Khan reference!)
My life is AWESOME!

The Crazy Blog Redesign Fever
Okayyyyy so Abbie made some changes to her blog that I loved so so so much that I decided my blog needed some changes of its own as well! The next month will see the finalized new layout which will be more organized, more pretty, and much more creative than before! Because THANKS TO ABBIE THE GREATEST, I KNOW ADOBE PHOTOSHOP NOW!! *dances around in sheer joy*

The ButtMustGo campaign continues along with the giggles and googoo gaagaa of my dear Gubby!

- S. Ali

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