Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Yule Ball's Dresses at Madam Malkins

A gorgeous purple color greeted us as we began walking further into Diagon Alley. A really cool sign announced that it was Madam Malkin's. Abbie and I had planned that we'd visit and experience everything that came in our way. We were out alone that day, with mama resting in the hotel room, and that meant we could push ourselves and be able to see everything possible in this magical theme park. Madam Malkin's was our first stop!

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Check that out close and you'll see Hermione's Yule Ball's dress up there in a window display!

Another display outside the shop had stuff that immediately got me excited. Mannequins wearing Hogwarts's uniforms, ties belonging to each of the four houses, Dumbledore's hat ... Aaaaaaaah, I love this place!

This is a zoom of the window display

When we stepped inside it was a really cozy shop. Inside the window display stood more mannequins wearing the school uniform. Far at the back of the shop I could see an elevated area that had a wall of cabinets with stuff in them that I couldn't see from the entrance. Right in the middle there was a full length mirror and behind that an elevated surface had the Yule Ball's dresses displayed on mannequins.

I moved further into the shop with Abbie and then poked her in the arm. "Let's take a mirror selfie bestie!" When we stepped in front of the mirror and I took out my camera it took me by surprise. "You look pretty awesome today!" the mirror said. Wait, the mirror said that to you? Are you going nuts? Oh no you need help? I looked at Abbie and the look on her face told me I wasn't going mad, she was beaming with excitement! The mirror speaks to you, compliments you, and comments. I said thank you to the mirror which felt like the stupidest thing to do but somehow it made me very happy and then we went about taking a bestie-selfie in the mirror!
PS: Sorry about the blur. A stupid man bumped into me (hello? blind?!) even though there was a LOT of space to walk on two feet without touching anyone and then walked away without even saying or looking sorry (hello? rude?!)

One of the over-the-shelf displays in the middle of the shop

We walked up the elevated ramp area so we could take pictures, touch, and check out the Yule Ball's dresses. They were so pretty! Especially Hermione's! All around the shop there were shelves that had t-shirts and other merchandise on sale. Abbie and I didn't quite love anything too much to be persuaded into a purchase .. we wanted to save for some of the other cool things that we had in mind for our vacation, like wands and journals.

Up close, we finally got to see what was in the wall lined with cabinets. It was random, really. Mufflers here and uniforms there. Overall the look was really classic so I decided we'd use it as a background for our pictures. Once Abbie and I were done taking each others' pictures we headed out of the shop and into Eeylops Owl Emporium which is connected to Madam Malkin's from the insides.


  1. Your pictures are just so good! What do you shoot with? I'm so impressed with the quality of images you've gotten, and the lack of crowds in them. :)

    And seeing Hermione's Yule Ball dress -- squeeeee! So pretty!

    1. Hey Kaitlin!
      Sorry I totally forgot to reply back earlier! Oops!
      I'm so glad you loved the pictures! I've used a Nikon DSLR for most of the pictures! And I shoot strategically to not have crowds ruining my pictures ... otherwise each time I visited there was a HUGE crowd! Haha! :)
      The dress was a treat to see :D


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