Friday, May 29, 2015

A Chooridaar Story

Recently, the mirrors in my house witnessed an excited dolled up lady enjoying her pretty day in the first Chooridaar Pajama of her life. Yes, we are all talking about me here! *squeals in excitement* Somehow, (God only knows why!) I had never tried on a Chooridaar Pajama in my life before. I used to wear Shalwaars or straight trousers beneath all my Desi clothes and was quite happy with them. When I last visited Desiland we got some really pretty dresses made targeted for weddings (it was a shopping trip for my brother's wedding) and I ended up getting a pretty shocking pink Chooridaar Pajama stitched to go with a gorgeous bright yellow Pishwaas (which is the flowing dress above the pajama).
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Now let's hear the sad story of my Chooridaar pajama. I gave measurements for my knees, thighs, ankles, etc. as told to the tailor and went home very excited. A few days later my long awaited stitched pajama came home. Except, it wasn't mine. It could have been anybody's but mine. The horror sunk in ... the cursed tailor had stitched it wrong! We had a flight to catch and no time to get any alterations done; I was helpless. I flew back home with a mishap of a pajama packed in my suitcase and what felt like a hole in my heart. I had come so close to owning a Chooridaar pajama and then a stupid tailored happened to me.
Once back home I kept the pajama away because I knew no Desi tailors in the US. The unfortunate pajama would have to stay folded up in my closet. I know usually it is supposed to be 'out of sight out of mind' but in this case I never could forget the pajama disaster. Years later (no exaggeration here!) I finally found a tailor and took the pajama to her boutique for alterations. At first I held my breath as she analyzed it; I was ready to hear a 'No!'. 

However, when she told me to step forward so she could take new measurements for the alteration I breathed in relief. She told us it would take a couple of days only for her to have the pajama ready and she kept her word. A few days later the pajama was brought home and I excitedly (more than half of me certain it wouldn't fit again) tried it on. Please allow me to step forward and throw a happy fit at this point because OH MY GOD, IT FIT!

A few weeks later I was standing in front of the mirror, admiring myself all dressed up and looking pretty, ready to attend a shaadi (the Urdu word for a wedding). It looked stunning! I had often heard people tell me, "Your legs are made for a chooridaar!" When I finally wore one I understood how awesome it looked. I don't know if there really truly is a 'type' for wearing these pajamas but I know they look gorgeous! I'm totally getting more colors stitched ... all I need now are nice Pishwaas style dresses to go with them.

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