Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Lots of Ideas!

Oh my God the crazy load of ideas playing around inside my head right now. It's really busy in there, I tell you! The past month was great for the blogger in me for I had been writing a post everyday religiously thanks to the April A to Z Blogging Challenge (genius idea, by the way!). Now that April is done and I've more than just survived the challenge, I have awesome blogging ideas storming in my brain! Let's see what all I'm thinking of!

Monthly Wrap Ups
As I do at the end of each month, coming up first shall be a summary of my life's April! I'll be posting April In Comics, #ButtMustGo April 2015, and my Tweet Logs from the past month!

The A to Z Challenge Reflections
Just when I thought the challenge was over I came across a post on Twitter that explained we could post reflections and link up again! Hell yeah, I want to do that! I always have something to say, don't I? The reflections post is going to show up soon this week!

Makeover May!
I officially declare May as Makeover May! Applause please, yes, very good ... Applause at my creative knack of naming stuff! (Self praise much?)
I'm planning and working on a really fabulous room and bathroom makeover lately. Obviously any fabulous happening in my life has to be blogged about, therefore I shall soon be blogging (awesome pictures alert!) about these makeovers. It will depend on when I finish. May might be super busy with stuff going on at my house so I might not have time to finish my makeover shopping and and complete what I have planned. Ideally though, I'd want to finish up this month ... So let's see! *rubs the palms of her hands together in excitement*

The Wacky Finds Series
As per my latest blog tradition I will be posting five wacky finds from everyday life around mid month. This time it'll be volume 3 of the series and I'm glad I'm enjoying it!

A New Tradition In the Making, Perhaps?
I'm planning a new blog tradition this month; one that will not be restricted to a time of the month, instead I'll blog as I wish and desire. I still have the idea running wildly in all directions inside my head (with its arms raised above its head, waving frantically, and jaw open wider than the already wide eyes). I don't have a name for it yet and I haven't planned how to go about it ... But just for a hint and a teaser: I love magazines! *winks*

I Love Myself
No really, I do! But this isn't just a self praising exclamation. I've lately been making some really good changes to my lifestyle and my way of thinking. Since it has been great I'm planning to blog about it very soon! Hopefully I'll be able to do that in May, else there is always June .. And July ... And August ....
(Think ways of showing yourself you care)

While I have a million more crazy creative ideas for my blog, for now these are the ones that are either already happening or are finalized to happen in near future! I'm so excited I might just throw a happy dance fit!

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