Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June In Comics

Summed up super quick and short June was all about just one topic: Ramadan 2015. June began with everybody rushing all important major pending works so that Ramadan could be as stress free as possible (even though that didn't work out for us, heehee!). The rest of June was all about Ramadan feels, awesome vibes, dedicated prayers, and fabulous food!

Pre-Ramadan Prep
I wanted it to be a super super super peaceful and well-utilized month of Ramadan this year. My need for an extra perfect month of Ramadan was also emphasized because I had completely missed the opportunity to fast last year thanks to being sick (curses!). I just had one tiny wish: the month should be fitna (fuss) free. Social aunties around me had been creating a lot of mess lately and I was tired of them already! Next major concern was getting all the Sehri meals pre-cooked and frozen so that I didn't have a lot of work load during Ramadan. Abbie and I were cooking in bulk, making sure we had awesome variety and deicious tasting sehri dishes! 

Ramadan 2015 ~ Bring On The Peace
Anddd then it began and came back a million memories from Ramadan back in Pakistan! Those all you can eat Pizza hut deals with their Kabab stuffed crusts, the iftars at Creek and Golf clubs, the get together and hangouts with school mates, those awesome Ramadan mubarak texts exchanged, the wonderful tv transmissions for iftar and sehri ... it was all so brilliant! That spark of Ramadan goes missing somewhere here in the US (maybe because half the family isn't together?) even though we try to keep it alive and super authentic here!

The Usual Cleaning
Oh my God this house keeps putting up a fight against me! It gets messy so easily but when I go cleaning somehow it takes a century to tidy up! Just when I thought I'd cleaned everything up (well, most of it!) a bunch of stupid men arrived to do some electric-related work. They ended up drilling two places in two different closets and we had to dump the entire closet in our gym room. THE ENTIRE CLOSET! So now I have an all-over-again messy gym room, two closets (plus a tiny bit of mine) to sort and get back to being perfect. Then I also have the pending bedroom and laundry room makeovers to finish off and perfect! Finally a new month has started which means soon I'll be doing my BugSpray-Dusting-Vacuum routine again to the ENTIRE house. *collapses*

Blog Fever
Yesssss it continues. Abbie revamped some stuff on her blogs in June so we had some design-related talks happening again. Next I am trying to redesign my website and am brainstorming ideas right now! Let's see when I finalize an idea!


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