Saturday, June 6, 2015

May In Comics

The Good
May was overall a pretty tough month for me. Hectic and very busy, sometimes it felt like the month was flying away and sometimes I thought it would never end! The best part of May was my room and bathroom makeover. As I probably wrote about earlier I have been planning a fabulous makeover for my bedroom and bathroom. The makeover is ALMOST done .. almost .. maybe seventy or eighty percent done. I'm just finishing up, tidying away, and waiting to get my hands on a couple last finishing touches before the BIG REVEAL! I'm also planning an entryway/laundry room makeover and have already started working on it! Hopefully June will mark the finish of my bedroom/bathroom makeover and I can focus on the entryway/laundry room during July!
Also let me state the bright side (extra bright, blinding kind!) of the month before moving on to the bad and the ugly. VACATION PACKAGES FOR THE WIZARDING WORLD HAVE STARTED SHOWING UP! Could I possibly end up going again? Yes? No? Maybe?

The Bad
The bad part of May was all the work. OH MY GOD SO MUCH WORK!!!
Abbie and I literally broke our backs and necks cramming all of the stuff enough to be able to finish everything. With Dad visiting and Spring bringing with itself giant ass ugly bugs (It's raining bugs, I swear!) I had to clean the entire house, spray bug spray all over the place, and make sure every corner was bug free and arranged properly. Dad being a super picky eater it was stressful deciding a tasty menu for him and of course that was my job. I was doing so much work and then squeezing in my work out as well ... it was crazy!

And The Ugly ... Think Poop-Ugly ... Actually Think Poop
May Makeovers were good. The workload was bad. But the ugly part was the poop! We all contributed poop to this month because of some or the other reason. Mama had her colonoscopy scheduled and I swear the laxative prep before it is insane! Can't they find a better way to do it? It was a pain to watch mama go through that torture. But that wasn't all the poop we saw. Abbie and I contributed some more poop as a result of a course of antibiotics we had to take to kill an H Pylori infection. We thought we were done with all the poop May had to bring but no, wait. I ended up with food poisoning and spent an entire night in the bathroom pooping and throwing up (not even exaggerating ... it was an entireeeeee long night). 


May was more horrible to me than it was good and I am so (please add extra Os here so the so is very well prolonged) relieved it is finally coming to an end! June is supposed to be pretty hectic too with Ramadan and what not but at least I'm hoping it will be free of sick days and will be fun!

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