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Eid Breakfast ~ Firdaus Kachoriyaan & Kheer

It's only right to start off an entry about Eid with a classic Salman Khan graphic!
and one more ... 
and oh ... one more please!
Those last two are courtesy of my Abbie from Abbie's Adventure Diaries by the way!
and of course singing that hilarious song is a must too, right?
Ahem Ahem!!!
"Assalaam alaikum assalaam
Eid ka hai yaaro yeh payaam
Yeh eid ka tyohaar hai
Khushiyon ka hai tyohaar
Na tera hai na mera hai
Yeh sab ka hai tyohaar
Yeh pyaar ka paigaam hai
Yeh pyaar ka paigaam
Mubaarak eid mubaarak
Mubaarak eid mubaarak"

Okayyyy enough silly stuff!
Time to show and tell the wonderful Eid tradition in my family.
World, please put your hands together for our delicious Eid breakfast!

Each year on Eid Abbie and I make sure we follow our Eid tradition at breakfast time. Back in our childhood we used to wake up early on Eid mornings to find Dad and bro gone for Eid prayers and mama fixing mouthwatering Kheer (Rice Pudding) in the kitchen. It was a torture to get dressed and ready first waiting for dad and bro to return before we could dive into that Kheer! But of course a day of celebration is one breakfast you just can't have alone and be at peace with so the wait was necessary.
Later on, somewhere in my pre-teen and teenage one of dad's employees started sending fresh fried Kachoriyaan at home every Eid. They were store-bought so of course they were super delicious and super unhealthy because of the full fat desi ghee! It was a sweet little gesture from that guy which we started looking forward to every Eid. When we moved to the US we decided to make it a tradition.
Abbie is a pro at making Kachoriyaan; her Kachoriyaan are to-die-for, seriously ... they are soft in the center and crunchy on the outside and a salty-savory outer pastry crust combines with a masala filling inside to deliver sheer perfection. *drools* With such talent in the house we didn't need store-bought Kachoriyaan or dad's employee on Eid; we decided to make them at home! In honor of our Nani (grandma dear who left us four years back) we named them 'Firdaus' Kachoriyaan. Firdaus was my Nani's name and NOBODY ... I repeat NO-FRICKIN-BODY ... can beat her at cooking! She used to make flawless Kachoriyaan that you could kill for, thus they were named in her memory.

This year Abbie and I were in super panic mode because we'd had a very busy Ramadan and were running late with all the preparations of Eid. I couldn't help out Abbie with Kheer like I did every year so she had to do both the Kheer and Kachoriyaan by herself. She didn't complain though because with me out of the way she added kewra and elaichi and God knows what else to the Kheer. Kewra makes my stomach upset and I don't like it in my Kheer so of course a small portion of plain Kheer was reserved for me separately! Ah, such a nice sister she is!

We woke up on Eid day very early and quickly showered and got dressed and dolled up. The only part I dislike about Eid Namaz is that it is so early in the morning (I am so not a morning person). I'd chosen a gorgeous lace red dress with a black top. My Mehndi had now become a beautiful dark shade of brown and I couldn't have been more happier. No wait, I was much much more happier when that chilled bowl of Kheer was handed to me. Yummmmmmmm. Abbie and I enjoyed a refreshing helping of our traditional Eid kheer together before heading out.

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I'll be blogging about my fabulous Eid in the posts to follow! Read them all as I post ...
Coming up soon: Eid Namaz, Brunch at Curry Leaf, & Fun With Gubby

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