Sunday, August 2, 2015

Eid Gifts ~ Woohoo!

This year on Eid I saw a new tradition in the making; the tradition of gift giving! Usually Eid is supposed to be a day when those older than you give you Eidee (gift money). The excitement of Eidee is beyond any other and I've always craved having more relatives so I'd get more Eidee. Back when I was in school all my friends (huge families alert!) used to enjoy getting Eidee from numerous chaachaas and maamoos (uncles) and chachiyaan and maaniyaan (aunts) and of course phupaas and phuppiyaans. Oh and then Eidee came from older siblings and parents too. For some there were even non-relative but close people giving them Eidee. I had most of my relatives settled abroad or too stuck up to keep good family ties so I used to find my content in the Eidee dad and mama gave me (my siblings, both older than me, decided to get away with it and never gave me even a single penny! hmph.) Those at my SIL's place though, like to give each other actual gifts rather than the awesome Eidee. So this year bro insisted he wanted to adopt that trend and so Abbie, mama, and I went on a gift-thinking quest. We settled on the idea that mama would give bro and SIL a gift on her behalf and then Abbie and I will collectively gift them with something awesome. So two gifts for bro and SIL each! But of course, the highlight were the gifts we had to get for Gubby!

Mama gifted bro a wallet, tie, and I think a shirt set which I somehow totally forgot to take a picture of. Abbie and I spent a good load of time trying to think of a gift for him. He is a super difficult person because he isn't too much of a hobbyist so looking for gifts for him is close to impossible. It was a blessed moment though when I was hit with the idea of buying something grilling related. I began my search and finally Abbie and I decided to gift him a S'mores Grilling Set! He doesn't grill often but when he goes out with SIL's family they have some grilling fun together. Great gift, he loved it, and SIL thought it was very useful!

For SIL we spent an even more difficult time trying to think of a gift. She too isn't a hobbyist, not into carrying pretty purses etc. either. So that left us stranded in a world otherwise full of fabulous gifts for women. She is a foodie though; she can eat those heavy loaded ice creams and desserts and can even manage licking a tub of Nutella without worrying about her weight (some people are so lucky, really ... I sip water and gain weight!). And so Abbie decided we'd gift her an ice cream maker! We immediately planned a shopping trip and found this great one by Hershey's that makes two mugs of ice cream in one go. She loved it! She said they'd been wanting to buy one since quite some time. (Perfect gift alert, hello!)

Mama's gift to SIL was gorgeous beyond gorgeousness. She bought this beautiful necklace set with earrings from a Ramzan bazaar we went to. It was serious drool material, seriously! Indian jewelry gets me drooling in an instant and when it's the gold-green-red combination I instantly go mad! SIL is into lots of partying so she gets lots of chances to doll up in traditional desi jewelry plus she loves wearing gold ... perfecto patronummmmm (please excuse this Potterhead!). It was the cherry on top when we found out her Eid outfit matched with the jewelry set. She strutted the fabulous necklace at an Eid dinner a day after the gift-giving. It looked so beautiful!

But the real deal this Eid was my darling Gubby! It was her first Eid and all the fun this year was all because of her (I'm not used to enjoying Eid so much!). Abbie and I fell in love with this toy train set at Target. A 'choo choo', as I like to call it, was much needed in Gubby's collection of toys and this one seemed perfect. Abbie spotted it and everybody shopping around us saw us squealing when we found out it had wheels and moved at the press of a button! It was a classic moment when we laid out the gifts and were talking about random stuff before we gave them to everybody. Gubby looked at everything laid out around her and then gave each one of us a look. When nobody said or did anything she automatically spotted which one was for her and crawled up to the choo choo. Yep, you found it little one!

Gubby darling loved the choo choo by Abbie Bua and Sara Buee

The star of the show was this show stopper princess castle Mama gifted to Gubby. I didn't take a picture (this one's from Google!) because we still have to finish constructing it as a few screws were damaged and we ordered a new set. It is huge and so pretty. The door pulls down to the ground instead of opening to a side (ah, classic!) and there are even two seats and a tiny pull-out table! A mirror and windows complete the princess-y look inside and the bricks on the outside add the finishing gorgeous touches! Gubby climbed inside before we fixed the door and the roof. She grabbed on to the side walls for support, stood up, peaked at us from above them, and made her signature pout face! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, why you so cute Gubboo?!

Somehow (sleep deprivation is a major reason for this, ahem) I haven't taken pictures of the gifts bro and SIL gave us yet. They gifted mama a really cool mug. It is super colorful, totally wacky looking, very funky, and reads "I'm a grandma, what's your super power?". Brilliant! Abbie asked for a waffle maker which she got. I was gifted with a really elegant carousel cupcake holder. The best part is that it even rotates. I can't wait to bake cupcakes and put them on it!

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  1. Let's have a party at that castle!

    1. Absolutely! Can't wait till she grows up enough to be able to have tea parties with us!

  2. Hahaha it's really cute Eid gift she got. 2 years ago I also gift one of my friend daughter a Steam Engine Train which runs on Battery. She just blink her eyes all around the train when the train runs on tracks and catches before it reaches to its destination. So adorable!!! Thanks for sharing.


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