Friday, September 25, 2015

October Photography Month 2015 ~ Prompts List!

Woohoo! It's time to October!
October is my absolute favorite month. Keywords: Birthday, Fall, Goodbye Summer Heat, Hello Pretty Pre-winter Chill, OCTOPHOMO! October Photography Month is one of those super exciting Fall traditions Abbie and I follow on our blogs. Why? Because we LOVE taking pictures, blogging, and Fall! It's supposed to be a concept that used to happen on Open Diary, which sadly closed down breaking all of our hearts. Now it's happening on Prosebox by Cat Mommy. Abbie introduced it to me and I've loved it! I participated last year too and I'm super excited this time as well. Basically the rule is one photo a day throughout the fabulous month of October. Everybody's supposed to link back to Prosebox but I tried last year and just couldn't post my links there on time. So I've decided I'll just be doing the prompts on my blog (okay MAYBE I'll try proseboxing!). Speaking of which ... here's the prompts list for 2015!

Oct 01 Selfie OR What’s in your bag?

Oct 02 Fall Leaves OR Bonfire

Oct 03 Storms OR Nightmares

Oct 04 Family Tradition OR Bright Colors

Oct 05 Political/Election Related OR Crazy Hairdo

Oct 06 Twisted OR Straight

Oct 07 Childhood OR Sparkle/Sparkling

Oct 08 Corn OR Scarves

Oct 09 Message OR Beauty

Oct 10 Bike Rides OR Breakfast

Oct 11 Skeleton OR Witch

Oct 12 Rainbow OR Pets

Oct 13 Hugs OR Kisses

Oct 14 Candles OR Something Black

Oct 15 Macro OR Panoramic

Oct 16 Clean OR Dirty

Oct 17 Jack O’ Lanterns OR Scarecrows

Oct 18 Autumn Field OR Autumn Road

Oct 19 Halloween Decorations OR Haunted House

Oct 20 What’s Cooking? OR Body Part

Oct 21 Warm Clothes OR Creepy Crawly

Oct 22 Country Life OR City Life

Oct 23 Movie Night OR Backyards

Oct 24 Hayride OR Christmas Decorations

Oct 25 Pumpkin Patch OR Pumpkins

Oct 26 Thanksgiving OR Relaxing

Oct 27 Woodland Animal OR Candy

Oct 28 Blood OR Cemetery

Oct 29 Laughing OR Crying

Oct 30 Frankenstein OR Wolfman

Oct 31 Trick or Treat OR Halloween/Costume Party

This shall be super duper fun! Let's see what all I get to snap and post this year. Just about a week left for October to begin, eeeeee!!

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