Saturday, October 3, 2015

September '15 In Comics

September is one of those 'useless' months which falls before Fall and the OctoNovember Birthday Fest of my family. I never like September because I'm dying for it to be October and for Fall to begin so everything turns pretty! So naturally, because I don't like September too much, I'll just summarize the month in comics short and sweet so I'm really done with September for good!

The Horrors
Pathetic just happened to be September. In short: Mood swings, Flu and sicknesses, and BUGS!

The Horrors Continued
This horror is such a horrible horror that it deserved a special mention! I AM OFFICIALLY SICK OF CLEANING UP ONLY TO FIND THE PLACE DOUBLE DIRTY IN A MINUTE!

The Good Stuff ...
because yes, there was some good stuff! Curry Leaf, Six Flags, and BAKINGGGGGG *inserts hyper squeal*! Eid-ul-Azha was pretty good too, even though this isn't my favorite Eid. Gubby makes everything seem nice!


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