Monday, November 2, 2015

October Photography Month 2015! OctoPhoMo!

Woohoo! It's October Photography Month time!
One photo a day, ever day of the month.
First let us all applaud at the beautiful banner I made for OctoPhoMo for 2015!
And now, let's get to the details. This year instead of posting separate entries for each day or prompt, I'm going to cheat (ahem!!) Abbie's idea and have it all together in one beautiful entry!
So here it is ...

October 01
"Selfie or What's In Your Bag"
I go with Selfie.
Because I like to believe I am beautiful no matter what!

October 02
"Fall Leaves or Bonfire"
This photo is my absolute favorite! It's from back when I was in college. Fall walks around my beautiful UMD campus were nothing but soothing. I guess if I ever do fall in love it would feel the same way ... like a walk in the Fall season through UMD.
*inserts dreamy sigh*

October 03
"Storms or Nightmares"
My worst nightmare (and the world will probably agree with me too) ...  A GIANT SPIDER! 
I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate spiders! All shapes and sizes.

October 04
"Family Tradition or Bright Colors"
The Hippity Hoppity Bunny Bum Cake done by me at Sara's Baked Creations!
This counts as both 'family tradition' and 'bright colors'!
I did this cake for my niece Gubby's ten months old birthday. We've made a new tradition of celebrating Gubby's birthdays each month, at least until she turns one!

October 05
"Political/Election Related or Crazy Hairdo"
The one time my hair acted totally crazy and made weird shadows that looked like a birdie was sitting on top of my head! See the birdie?

October 06
"Twisted or Straight"
Some twisted details on the Knitting Cake I made on Mama's birthday this past weekend!
More detailed pictures at Sara's Baked Creations Facebook page!

October 07
"Childhood or Sparkle/Sparkling"
Swarovski studded Tres Jolie rose gold plated dress watch sparkling away on my hand! Dad bought this for me recently with matching earrings. Being a girl is just so awesome!

October 08 
"Corn OR Scarves"
Devouring delicious onion rings on a lazy Thursday afternoon. My favorite pretty scarf is on today. Whenever I'm in a rush I choose this scarf, it's super perfect to style every single time. Nice and quick! And did I mention how beautifully pink it is with colorful stripes?!

October 09 
"Message OR Beauty"
I wrote lovely messages and letters for my baby niece Gubby on Eid. These go in a custom envelope Abbie made along with her Eidee. The envelopes will stay safe in an Eidee box until my darling grows up and reads them! Love my Gubby so much!

October 10 
"Bike Rides OR Breakfast"
Since my birthday is approaching soooooooo fast I thought a flashback to last year's birthday breakfast was so needed! Last year, Abbie put together a delicious minion-ful of breakfast for me on my birthday! There was Cookie Crisp cereal, waffles, joocey (juice!) ... and all of it was minion themed! Brilliant! She also got me the cutest little minion plush ... POKA!

October 11 
"Skeleton OR Witch"
Spotted! This classic skeleton rotting away under the blazing sun at Six Flags!

October 12 
"Rainbow OR Pets"
Who needs to wait for rainbows in my house when I can bake up this beauty! The Can't Wait For Spring Rainbow Cake by Sara's Baked Creations is one of my cutest cakes. I did this one for my brother's birthday two years back. We love a sweet rainbow, don't we?

October 13 
"Hugs OR Kisses"
She who gets the most hugs and kisses in the house.
My darling baby niece Gubby!
We all have fallen so much in love with this precious little person ... it's just too much to handle. Especially for me (overactive emotions!). Her cuteness just kills me!

October 14 
"Candles OR Something Black"
Gorgeous black jars with chalkboard art I found at Michaels while window shopping!

October 15 
"Macro OR Panoramic"
How about a super awesome shot of my most recent cake at the moment!
This Cookies and Cream Indulgence was so delicious, so might, so gorgeous ... Perfection!

October 16 
"Clean OR Dirty"
A before and after picture of me cleaning up my bed! Each time I'm asked to dress up for an unplanned party I end up trying on my entire closet (and of course dumping it on my bed!). Although I must clarify myself and explain how half the clothes on my bed were out of the closet because a man was fixing some wiring inside. I had to take my clothes out in case he stepped on them with dirty feet (or worse, got tired and placed his ass on them to sit!).
Can you spot the hair dryer?

October 17 
"Jack O’ Lanterns OR Scarecrows"
And that, everybody, is my one and only Abbie pretending to be a scarecrow!

October 18 
"Autumn Field OR Autumn Road"
Fall is my favorite season!
I mean, look at this beautiful scene!

October 19 
"Halloween Decorations OR Haunted House"
Who said Halloween decorations are just for the house? Bestie Abbie wears her Halloween decor everywhere during Fall!

October 20 
"What’s Cooking? OR Body Part"
Flashback to when I held my baby niece Gubby's tiny hands when she was fresh born! It was such a beautiful feeling!

October 21 
"Warm Clothes OR Creepy Crawly"
Loving OctoNovember!

October 22 
"Country Life OR City Life"
Pretty night drives ...
When you live in the city but capture a 'country' kind'a morning ...

October 23 
"Movie Night OR Backyards"
Gorgeous autumn in my backyard!

October 24 
"Hayride OR Christmas Decorations"
Throwback to last December at Universal Orlando Resort. That's Bestie and I reflected in a Christmas ornament on top of a GIANT Christmas tree!

October 25 
"Pumpkin Patch OR Pumpkins"
Hagrid's pumpkin patch!
Hogsmeade, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
Islands of Adventure, Universal Orlando Resort, Florida

October 26 
"Thanksgiving OR Relaxing"
Relaxing on the last night of our stay at Cabana Bay Beach Resort. This vacation has been awesome!

October 27 
"Woodland Animal OR Candy"
Enjoying a Mars bar with my Bestie on our way back home from this Harry Potter vacation!

October 28 
"Blood OR Cemetery"
Abbie and I enjoyed our time watching the gore and bloody details at Universal's Horror Make Up Show! It was pretty cool, even for a person like me who doesn't like gore-y stuff!

October 29 
"Laughing OR Crying"
A picture with both laughter and crying!
This is from our last day at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter when Abbie and I enjoyed our last ice cream (Sticky Toffee and Chocolate Chili, yumm yummmmm) and were throwing a fit of mixed emotions. We were laughing at the brilliant vacation we'd almost finished and crying because it was time to leave.
(Of course that is me, the drama queen!

October 30 
"Frankenstein OR Wolfman"
Frankenstein outside the Monster Cafe in Universal Studios, Orlando Florida!

October 31 
"Trick or Treat OR Halloween/Costume Party"
Abbie checking out what the lady at Universal Studios Orlando had in her Trick or Treat basket!

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