Monday, November 30, 2015

OctoNovember 2015 In Comics

OctoNovember was busy with a capital B for me. Birthdays, doctor appointments, vacations, mess ups and clean ups, parties, dinners, lots of good food, lots of baking, gifts, and too much awesomeness kept me very busy. Busy enough that I've been MIA on my beloved blog these past two months, expect for occasional updates. I'm planning to return with LOTS soon and on a regular basis like I used to be too! For now let me recall in comics what all OctoNovember was about for me.

Birthday Fest
As I've excitedly written about this a gazillion times, all the ladies of my household celebrate their birthdays during OctoNovember; thus these two months are what I call the Birthday Fest! It all started with an adorable celebration for mama on October 4th when I baked her a cake, decorated the kitchen counter for her, and we went out for dinner to celebrate a combined Mama and SIL birthday. The next day was SIL's birthday when I baked another cake which was an explosion of taste! Then followed my birthday on the 19th of the month. Abbie's birthday was next on November 19th but the celebrations were delayed (and eventually she has concluded that she won't let me bake for her) because we were going for our Naturalization interviews. We finished off the Birthday Fest in style as we hosted a grand Princess themed birthday party to celebrate our little princess Gubby's first birthday.

The OctoNovember Birthday Vacation
If it is even possible to have something better than your birthday ... Our vacation to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando was a mind blowing event! I've been blogging about it lately and there is LOTS more to come! The worst part was coming back in the first week of November and trying to shake off the feeling of missing all the magic.

This November we officially took the Oath of Allegiance at a fabulous oath taking ceremony and became the citizens of the United States of America!

I realized all the grand stuff happening this month kept me too busy to update social media, including my blog! I'm also running late with my bedroom and bathroom makeover reveals. My Fall board was crafted with delay too and I've still not been able to start working on that scrapbook I've been planning. I also realized with all the stunning performances I delivered as a baker this month that the opinions of certain rotten-ass-jealous people don't matter to me. If you're trying to bring me down and tell me my baking isn't good enough it's pretty clear your asses are burning with envy. Finally, I've also realized (and almost given up on this) that no matter how much I attempt to clean up the people in this house create way too much mess for me to be able to keep everything spick and span.

Darn Allergies
They've been driving me mad!



  1. Sara, congratulations on becoming a citizen.I honestly thought you were already one. Very happy to have you join us; please ignore the bigots. ;-)

    1. That means lots! :) Thank you so much, the world needs more sensible people like you :)


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