Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Highlights of 2015 In Pictures

Oh my, what an year 2015 has been! It's really been a perfect mix of good and bad. Where I began the year at my most favorite place in the world (WWOHP Orlando!), the start of my year brought some medical horrors my way as I had the first two (and hopefully last!) surgeries of my life. It was all bad and hurtful as I recovered in February and March. April was fun thanks to the A to Z Blogging Challenge and I ended up being published and featured twice this year for all my creative awesomeness; BlogHer featured my 3D Hand Drawing Art and the A to Z blog featured me as Themes that Rocked the Challenge. This year was fabulous for my blog as well. I ended up becoming a regular blogger and redesigned my blog into a beautiful piece of art where I could pour my crazy heart out. I finally created my much needed Bucket List too this year which is filling up as I find more and more craziness I wish to achieve and do in life. The year was a success with my weight obsession and I finally achieved almost half of my weight loss goal (next year hopefully I'll be done!). I enjoyed beautiful moments with my family, Po turned five, Gubby turned one, I turned TWENTY FOUR (woohoo!), we celebrated our first Eid with Gubby, and also enjoyed Six Flags MFD for the first time with the little darling. Nani completed four years of being gone to a peaceful place (God willing!). 

The second half of the year, as always, was eventful and full of great news! I reunited with my lovely Gossip Girl show as I began watching it all over again. I bought my Kindle and finally found a way to quench my thirst for book reading. Two HUGE events included our OctoNovember Birthday vacation to (once again!) the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Orlando ... and *drum rolls* I became a citizen of the United States of America this year (thank God so much!). We finished our year in style as we took a road trip to NYC (Insert numerous hearts here please! Oh my.) and enjoyed a gorgeous start of winter at Brrrrryant Park's Winter Village, where the skating rink and the humongous Christmas tree were mesmerizing.

The year has been so blessed! I couldn't be more thankful! Here's hoping 2016 will be just as eventful and even more happier and blessed than this one! I looked back at my year through my blog entries, Facebook posts, Tweets, and Instagram photos to collect all the beautiful memories in one entry and here is my year's highlights in photos.

Brought In 2015 at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Orlando Florida

Redesigned My Blog ... Blog Makeover Completes!

The First Surgery of My Life

Created My Bucket List

Wisdom Teeth Were Removed - Second Surgery!

Got Published on BlogHer as a Featured Member for my 3D Hand Drawing

Got Featured and Interviewed for the A to Z Blogging Challenge

Four Years Since Nani Left Me ...

Celebrated My First Eid With Gubby

Started Watching Gossip Girl All Over Again

Enjoyed Six Flags With Gubby for the First Time!

Achieved Almost Half of My ButtMustGo Goal ... Almost, I Said!

Completed Five Years with Po Teddy

Completed Twenty Four Years of Awesomeness

Enjoyed the OctoNovember Birthday Vacation to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Orlando Florida

Became a Citizen of The United States of America

Hosted a Royal Princess Birthday Party to Celebrate Gubby's First Birthday

Bought My Kidle Paperwhite

Enjoyed a Beautiful Start of Winter In New York City's Winter Village


  1. Loved this! Congrats on becoming an American Citizen! I too celebrated 24 years on this Earth in 2015 woohooo. Lovely to meet you :)

    Carrie xx

    1. *High five* on turning 24! :D
      Thank you for congratulating me, it was so cool!
      It's awesome to have found you and your blog too! :)
      Hope to stay in touch!

  2. So glad I found you through the A-Z Challenge, looks like you had an amazing year! And congratulations on citizenship!! :)

    1. Hey Kaitlin!
      I can say the same thing about you, A to Z was fabulous because I met awesome bloggers like you! Yay! :)
      Thank you for the comment and the congrats!
      Hoping for another great A to Z challenge in April 2016!

  3. Saaara! Loved this blog post! You had an amazing year! -Heather W.


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