Thursday, December 17, 2015

The OctoNovember Birthday Vacation ~ Boo Fix, Scooby Doo, and Hogwarts at Night

Of course a day that involves a Frappuccino is awesome. Abbie and I had had 'indulge in a Frappuccino' on our vacation's to-do list since always (to be honest I was dying to get my face in a frappuccino more than Abbie was). Cabana Bay, being oh so awesome, had given us two free starbucks drinks and when we took the elevator to use the free drinks we met a pleasant surprise. A SuperblyFantasticPleasant surprise actually. "Get your Boo limited time only: Frappula Frappuccino!" said a sign displayed at Starbucks' front. "Abbieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee," was all we heard from my mouth in a high pitch and what followed was Abbie placing the order and the server conjuring up a deadly (pun intended) delicious drink. It was delicious. Mmm. I think words can't do justice to it's description. Except maybe these exact words I found on Facebook from Starbucks itself: "Made with an unearthed grave of mocha sauce and whipped cream sitting below bellowing ghosts made of white chocolate mocha creme while red raspberry syrup ssslllooowwwlllyyy sinks to the bottom. "It's pretty amazing." –Karl the Vampire"

Unlike yesterday when we'd had a Bestie day, today we were all going to the parks together. The plan was to go late and have dinner together. That morning, Abbie and I relaxed a bit in the hotel room with the frappuccino digesting in our stomachs before leaving for the parks. Once we were there I bought Scooby Doo for Gubby because when I walked with her over to the plush toys section at the entrance she went crazy over it. It was too adorable and I couldn't resist it. I've never loved Scooby Doo as much when I was a child than I do now, thanks to Gubster!

THIS always stirs up excitement beyond control inside my stomach!
I have associated this Potter-LOTR-Hobbit-Bestie feeling with it which never fails to make joy spread inside me like a warm wave taking over my body!

Most of the time we spent in the park that day was spent shopping and looking around stuff with mama. Since mama doesn't do rides and she's no fan of Harry Potter either for her shopping is the best part of the parks. We went all around the other side of the park today, i.e. we walked through the Marvel section and right through Jurassic Park to enter Hogsmeade for dinner at The Three Broomsticks.

These wands ... snap out of it you already have one!

The fun-est part was Gubby's reaction to everything. Since today wasn't going to be a Bestie day for me I had all my attention focused on Gubby. Her reaction to Dobby was priceless. She wanted to touch his nose again and again. I wish I'd bought Dobby but he wasn't as loveable as a doll thingy made of rubbery stuff than he was in the movies, so I skipped!

Since it was a pretty hot day we kept stopping inside cafe's and food places to make sure mama and Gubby were all cool and comfortable. The Comic Strip Cafe is one of those places where we've always sat in on each one of our trips here. It's so funky from inside! I love getting my pictures snapped all around the Comics' area.
The mighty Churro Bestie and I shared. Skipping lunch because of the Frappuccino was a good idea because the Frappe was HUGE and loaded with calories. We were finally hungry now and we decided a little sweet snack would be great!

On our way to Jurassic Park I also got my first look at the newest attraction Universal is working on bringing to life right now. The King Kong Skull Island looked so cool. It had this eerie feel about it and I'm sure once it's done the ride will be really great. I have no personal relation with the whole King Kong phenomenon though so I didn't have any proper opinion about it. Just something cool being constructed in the way!

Once inside Jurassic Park something happened. Mysteriously everybody was all of a sudden in a hurry. Everyone wanted to rush to The Three Broomsticks, quickly have dinner, and quickly leave. One minute I was happily exploring around and the next I was jogging to catch up with everyone. Thanks to that unexplained-all-of-a-sudden-stupid rush I missed something I'd been really wanting to see. The Raptor Encounter had been advertised all over my social media accounts and I'd been so excited to see the dinosaur ... but boom, fit boosters in your bum and start walking with the speed of light!

Of course all regrets vanish once I step inside The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. At night, Hogsmeade is always totally different, as if you're roaming through a new place. We walked our way (or kind of jogged) to The Three Broomsticks where we placed the order for Fish and Chips for everyone, grabbed our food, and found ourselves a table.

I love The Three Broomsticks. Everything is so perfect inside and you're always entertained because of the decor and the fact that things come to life on the floor above you every now and then. It really feels like being there for real!

Like I mentioned, I absolutely love Hogsmeade at night. The Hogwarts castle was lit up so that it looked even more glorious than it did during the day. The entire village was glowing, with its snow covered roof tops, cobbled streets, and the hustle bustle of hundreds of fans going totally crazy over every nook and corner. I took some (or I should say some more because I've done this so many times over the past visits) photos of the beauty the whole place looked at night. It stunned me with how magical it looked!

I posed with Abbie against The Hogwarts Express too because I wasn't sure if we'd be there at night again or not. Gubby had a really fun time looking inside all the displays of Honeydukes and the now-only-a-display Zonko's. She would laugh whenever the fun products displayed inside moved or did something. She had her palms and feet plastered against the window displays and was flashing the most adorable smile at us. Can I eat her cheeks please? Sadly it was time to leave and we were walking away from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. This wasn't my favorite part at all. In fact I hated the sad feeling I'd always get when it was time to leave the magic behind. We were heading back to our hotel and on my way I made myself busy with some more night time photography.

Once we'd exited Islands of Adventure, the Hogwarts Castle now well behind me and out of sight so that my senses were returning to me again and I could feel how tired my feet were from all the walking, we decided to stop at Menchies to get some frozen yogurt. I am not a fan of yogurt so I basically just sat there playing with Gubby once I'd picked up the little piece of brownie Abbie had put on top of her fro-yo cup for me.

Soon we were back at the hotel and I concluded my day with a hot shower and changing into my new minions night suit before getting in bed and resting before another day of fun began.

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