Friday, January 29, 2016

Blizzard Fun! Jonas Snowstorm 2016!

Jonas, Snowzilla, Snowstorm 2016, Snowmageddon, Blizzard 2016 - it had many names. To some it brought chaos, some dealt with cabin fever, and others hated shoveling. To me though all it brought was happiness. We had traveling plans, big ones, and I knew I would be missing out half of my winter season. I'm the kind of person who waits for it to snow. The serene whiteness of it all brings peace to me. For me the peaceful falling of snow brings excitement. I feel like a child when it turns into a Winter Wonderland outside my house. About a week before Jonas was even mentioned in the news and weather reports I stood in my kitchen's window washing dishes and fretting over missing out on Winter. It was then that I wished for lots of snow, Abbie witnessing it. "Oh God! Let it snow SOOOOO much, BLIZZARDDDDDDD!"

When the weather forecasts warned of Jonas, the blizzard, I felt like my prayers had been answered. Woah. I was happy, ecstatic, bouncing on my toes with excitement and joy. Abbie wasn't too excited, she hated being super cold. She just stood there dealing with an over excited me. A couple of days later it began snowing. The snow began on Thursday night, continued heavily throughout Friday, and by Saturday it had reached around 30 inches. This was the most snow I had seen so far in my life. I think it's fair enough to confess that I am out of words about how happy I was.

Yes, that's me in the picture above. On Saturday when the storm had passed and it was safe to head out I enjoyed a beautiful snow day with Abbie. She didn't want to lie down in the snow like I did but Abbie was finally having fun with me playing in the snow. We took selfies, snapped each others pictures, had a snowball fight, and I made the first snow angel of my life.

We were knee deep in snow when we tried walking into it. Abbie (in the picture above) was playing around at last. It wouldn't have been half the fun had I not been enjoying with Abbie as my partner. We are the best snow buddies!

After the sun had shined enough on the snow to make it slightly wet and sticky, I got about building a snowman. The snow was still powdery so I knew a BIG one wouldn't be possible. I made a smaller, fatter one instead.

Everybody, say hello to my snowman, Mr. Frosty Jonas. Isn't he adorable? He was a sitting snowman instead of a typical standing one. He also was very fat and lazy. Fat, adorable, lazy, and happy. Most importantly that last one: HAPPY!

Here's another picture from a different angle. I edited this one and gave it a slight tint so Mr. Frosty Jonas was better visible for the world to view. I LOVE HIM!

Of course whenever it snows we just have to write our names in the snow and make a giant heart with them. Abbie, Sara, <3! Love love!

Finally when it was time to get back inside the house and back to reality Abbie and I got into a mischievous mood. I love annoying my brother because he annoys the hell out of me. It was time for some annoying revenge. I left a smaller version of my fat snowman on his car. That's right, right on top of his car!

That wasn't it though, we also left a message on SIL's car that said, "Injustice league." I know, doesn't make much sense until I write about the story behind it. Back when bro and SIL were outside shoveling and Abbie and I were playing in the snow, bro had initiated the snowball fight by hitting me hard. I got him back, duh! Abbie got involved too. We were having lots of fun until we realized SIL was untouched by snow. She hadn't joined our fun snowball fight. Abbie said it out loud while I gathered a ball of snow to hit at SIL. That's when she turned into a spoilsport and began getting annoyed. "But I didn't hit you with snow. This is injustice!" SPLAT. Oops, too late. Next second, she charged at me with a ball before she left to go back inside. So that's why Abbie and I were the injustice league that day. We had to leave our signature somehow right? We solemnly swear we're up to no good.

Oh and of course it is very important: All credit for the photography goes to Abbie! She was the genius behind the camera taking all kinds of beautiful shots of Jonas 2016 that day. She was happy keeping her hands out of the snow and I love being in pictures so it worked out perfect!

The fun wasn't over on that Saturday though. On Sunday when the shoveling was done, the storm was nowhere to be seen, and everything was fine again ... time to take GUBBY outside for her first ever snow day fun! Adorable is an understatement for what happened next. Gubby looked like an ice cream scoop in the middle of all that snow. She loved it! She liked sitting in the snow, she laughed when we threw the snow balls around her and they exploded near her feet, she wanted to get on her feet and walk around touching the snow herself. She was such a cupcake! I swear I have never ever seen such an adorable sight before! *heart melting

This entry belongs to the 'Down Memory Lane' label!

Jonas 2016 brought some of the best days upon us. I've made such awesome memories of Winter 2016 over a single weekend that I'll be traveling and missing out on some of the season without any complaints or regrets in my heart! *sighs*


  1. Love your Mr. Frosty Jonas. Glad you had fun. ��

    1. Thanks Suzanne! He's so adorable, right? :D Hope you enjoyed the snow days too!


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