Thursday, February 25, 2016

All Purples & Shines for My iPhone

See that?
That's my iPhone's current pretty outfit.
Oh and yes, I said outfit.

A little while ago I had blogged about my Kindle's cover and case and today let me show off my iPhone's. I like to dress my gadgets up. Because why should they be boring when I'm not, right? I carry my iPhone and my Kindle everywhere I go. The iPhone is a necessity. It is one thing you just don't leave the house without. It is, as they say, an extended hand. So it's sort of a part of my OOTD everyday, or at least that is the way I think of it. With that in mind, I always keep my phone dressed up super fancy or stylish.

My latest iPhone case is one of my favorites. It is a gorgeous purple one with extra shine. Literally, it shines like jewelry. There are glitter specks all over the skin which bounce off light like tiny Swarowski crystals. It is beautiful how that happens, really. The different shades of purple add dimension to the skin and I love the crocodile skin effect they present. The corners have gold embellishments and a magnetic gold flap closes over the shiny purple. The flap is adorned with bling that finishes the look in a stunning fashion. This iPhone skin catches eyes wherever I go.

Usually fancy skins don't keep up with everyday wear and tear that easily but I'm hoping this one sticks with me for a good long time. So far I only spot very tiny wear and tear, nothing too bad. Let's see how long this withstands my everyday life!

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