Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Blue & Red Florals ~ Eid Outfit!

I am glad that tradition has three days of Eid celebrations instead of only one. Three days equal to more chances that there will be parties or meet ups. Parties and meet ups equal to more chances to dress up and look pretty, which of course I love too much. This gorgeous floral blue and red dress was my outfit for the third day of Eid when we were expecting guests over dinner. Since it was my own house and nothing too formal I picked a semi-formal dress to wear. When paired with bangles and rings and a pretty brooch over my hijab the dress was accessorized enough to be all sparkly and awesome for Eid!

The kameez of this gorgeous outfit is very traditional Ajrak-like even though it isn't exactly that (PS: For those wondering, Ajrak is a print unique to the Sindhi culture). The blues and reds with that gorgeous block print like design made it seem so. At the bottom of the kameez was a pretty border with some floral designs.

All over the kameez were embroidered flowers in shades of red and orangish and pretty designs done in silver. The embroidered flowers all over are my most favorite part of the kameez!

The kameez also had a beautiful collar with shiny silvery chevrons!

The dupatta that goes with this dress had a matching border along the sides and a beautiful blue print all over.

The pajama was a simple matching shade of blue. The simplicity of the pajama broke the patterns all over, making everything look super pretty and sophisticated.

Of course the best part: BANGLES! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee love!
I paired together whites, silvers, blues, and reds to make gorgeous sets for each hand anddddd the outfit was complete!

It looked so pretty when I wore it all together! The bangles looked super pretty and a ring or two added more sparkle to my outfit. My henna still looked great even on the third night of Eid. This is officially one of my most favorite dresses out of my entire closet!


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