Monday, July 25, 2016

My Heart Cries For Fries

I hereby declare a severe craving for fries.
I want them now.
It is an emergency.

If you plan on reading further let me warn you ahead of time that this is a chubby-person-craving-food rant! A chubby person who ate her heart out the past month but is restricting her diet now. Be warned! I will be shamelessly demanding that my cravings be satisfied. If you decide not to read ahead ... Wait, are you sure you're okay? What kind of a person doesn't feel for fries?! ... That's right. Nobody. Nuh uh!

Okay, rewind. The saddest news in history was when I found out MCD added beef seasoning to its fries. *Heart breaking into a million pieces!* It meant those excessively delicious sticks of fried potatoes were no longer halal for my hungry self to consume. It was a major blow. MAJOR one. Like, really really really major. It felt like something died inside me. Since then, the only MCD fries I have laid my hands on were the halal kind when I visited Pakistan earlier this year. They felt DIVINE after so so so many years of cravings.

Butttttt currently I am happily back home and back to the beef-seasoned Mcd fries that break my heart and shatter my soul with sadness. Seriously, why add something meat-y to fries? Why not think of the vegetarians and the halal eating folks!? Whyyyyyyyyyy???

Boo Mcd, they can keep their beef seasoned potatoes to themselves. I just ... Want some good fries. Not just fries. GOOD fries. You know what I mean? Good kinda good fries. Like Popeyes' omg-so-awesome fries! Yeah ... I'd like a nice warm serving of those delicious seasoned and super tasty fries!

Can anybody help me puh-leeeeeez?!

Phew. That felt good! I think I'm done ranting! *laughs*


  1. We could try making mirchi fries at home so you don't breakdown like this. It's embarrassing

    1. Hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahah!


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