Tuesday, October 4, 2016

It's Mama and SIL's Bithdays!

(Psssst I found this prettiness right here!)

I told you OctoNovember are birthday fest in my family! So it's time to celebrate two more birthdays! Today, the fourth of October, I'm celebrating Mama's birthday and tomorrow it's SIL's.

Happy birthday mama! Thank you bringing me into this world so I can be with Abbie, blog my heart out, and bake my worries away. Thank you for being so cool! Thank you for everything. I love you!
I've baked a beautiful cake to celebrate my mother and soon I'll be updating this place with gorgeous pictures! Let me warn you - THE CAKE IS STUNNING!

Happy birthday SIL! Thank you for giving birth to GUBBY, the best person to happen to this family (other than me ofcourse!). Don't know what we'd do without her had you not given her birth. (Psst ... she doesn't read my blogs, or at least not that I know of, so I'd rather deliver the message in person!)

Once these birthdays are done the event of the season approaches: MY TWENTY FIFTH BIRTHDAY! I am so so so excited I think I'll go crazy! *squeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaals*

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