Friday, October 28, 2016

25 Life Lessons In 25 Years

I just celebrated twenty five years of my awesome self this month. Twenty five years of pure awesomeness. These years have taught me a lot and I've grown into the person I am today based on my life's experiences. Life truly is the best teacher - it teaches you every day, every second that you breath. A new lesson, a new experience, a new thought. I've decided to share the most important twenty five lessons that life has taught me in the past twenty five years!

(1)   There is nothing more important than loving yourself. You should be among your most loved people and be your top priority. If you don't love yourself nobody else should have any reason to either.

(2)   You'll love some people unconditionally but they won't love you back. You should be prepared for and okay with it.

(3)   Body weight is an ongoing struggle. It's never easy and you might never be fully satisfied so try your best to take it easy and keep working on it with patience and a smile.

(4)   You will never be able to please everybody around you in every possible way. There will always be someone who isn't satisfied with you. There will always be something someone doesn't like or approve about you.

(5)   You can't do everything and be the best at everything. Try to relax and focus on what you do best.

(6)   No matter what you achieve there will still be more to progress on to. Whenever you reach a milestone in life cherish the moment before worrying about the next one. Because there will always be a next one.

(7)   'ME TIME' is the most important thing you need to fit into your schedule. Without some alone time you'll lose your mind.

(8)   Do not wait for a big opportunity or a perfect time to make a grand gesture of kindness. Do whatever little kindness whenever and however you can.

(9)   Controlling your tongue is going to prove very beneficial in even the toughest of situations. Watch what you say because what comes out of that mouth can't be taken back in.

(10)  Age is truly only and only a silly number. Nothing else. Act according to what makes you happy, not according to how people think you should act at the age you're at.

(11)  Having a passion or a hobby that you're in love with is very important. Keep trying new stuff and you'll find what your heart loves most.

(12)  The world wouldn't have been the same without Harry Potter. Whether you come by page or by screen, Hogwarts will really always be there to welcome you home and you'll find great comfort in it. Always!

(13)  You can not go anywhere without creativity. Creativity opens up the mind, keeps you entertained, and makes everything super awesome.

(14)  Trust your first instincts. First impressions really do matter, it's not a lie at all.

(15)  Prayers help. Believe. Trust.

(16)  Sometimes when life gives you lots and lots of goodness in one aspect, it may leave some void in another.

(17)  Even the most gorgeous of looks will get you nowhere if you don't have a character to match.

(18)  True friends are hard to find. A lot of people will only stay by your side through good times. Be a good friend on your part and leave the rest to fate.

(19)  You can only care upto a certain limit. Once the limits are crossed it is better to learn not to care. Adopt the 'this face doesn't care' philosophy when life calls for it.

(20)  Life should be celebrated. Every day. Every moment.

(21)  Lying gets you nowhere. Speaking the truth is always the right way to go even if sometimes it is harsh.

(22)  Be you. Be original. Be authentic. That is the way to live. There is only one of you. Nobody can ever be you nor can you ever be somebody other than yourself. Faking gets you nowhere.

(23)  Smile. When you can, where you can. Even if you don't feel like it, break into a smile. Smile when you're happy, sad, and even when you're angry. It helps and sets you in auto smiley mode.

(24)  Self reflection will bring you greater good. Reflect on everything. Question everything around and about you.

(25)  Learn to keep yourself happy. The keys to your happiness should always be in your hands. It is foolish to rely on others for your happiness. Know what makes you happy and keep yourself happy. Never depend on what others will do for or to you for your happiness.


  1. Let's add some SRK quotes! I will copy this idea! Mine will be 30. Boo!


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