Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Wacky Finds Series ~ Volume 20

It's time for Volume 20 of The Wacky Finds Series!
These are a monthly series I started out of sheer awe of how crazy things around me are! Here's what this is about ... Ahem Ahem: When my awesome self steps out of my bed each morning I meet a world of crazies. People, things, phenomena, and acts of nature which are simply too unusual to miss and not record! The Wacky Finds Series will cover all the weird stuff that I find along my way; good weird, awkward weird, bad weird, I-totally-don't-get-this weird .. all kinds of weird shall be recorded and snapped without any discrimination!

The first Wacky Find today is this PlayDoh creation. Guess who made this? Yes, the one and only me! I made this for Gubby who wanted me to make a doll. Actually it is pretty creepy if you ask me! *laughs*

This one has to be my favorite, but no I didn't buy them. These are earrings, can you believe it? The Sriracha and Soy Sauce bottles are the best! I love these so much!!! They have to be the cutest earrings ever!

They should totally make such bedroom shoes in adult shoe sizes! I mean seriously, who wouldn't want to buy these?! They are so adorable!

Emoji cushions are EVERYWHERE these days and guess which ones appealed to Abbie and I the most? The poop emojis! I know I know, they were supposed to be ice creams but who even uses them as ice cream emojis? Nobody. So what we loved about these were that they represent our personalities. Abbie is the dark one and I'm the rainbow one! *laughs*

This has to be the craziest Wacky Find, yeah?
That's me! Ain't I gorgeous?

That's all folks! Until the next five Wacky Finds, have a wacky day!

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