Thursday, January 19, 2017

Movies I Watched In 2016

Back in the start of 2016 I had come up with the idea of posting a movie log of my entire year. It had been super fun looking back at my entertainment from the previous year and recalling what good, bad, and ugly (and in some cases horribly terribly ugly) movies I'd watched. So this year too I am bringing my movie log right here! Again, in 2016 I watched a lot of movies. Some were first time watches and others were second, third, or hundredth time watches. Some were good, some were not so good, others were blah, while some were so pathetic I couldn't even manage watching all the way to the end (and in one case I couldn't even reach the half way mark!).

First Time Watches

You say Disney and it will instantly spark my interest. I'd been seeing people going crazy over Brave but I'd never had the chance to watch this one. I liked it, but not as much as I love other Disney movies. No no, it doesn't mean I'm writing a bad review about this one. The movie was fun and typical Disney-ish so you do fall in love with it. I just thought there were some parts of the movie where I was a little bored. I loved Merida and her casual ways and loved the toddlers too!

I know this one is ages old but it was a first time watch for me and I wasn't too happy about it. For starters I did not like Selena Gomez at all. No. Something just didn't click. The typical Cinderella plot was obviously awesome but that was pretty much the only nice factor that made me watch it till the very end. Overall it was okay-ish but nothing I'd watch again and again unlike the Hilary Duff versions of the Cinderella plot.

Ohhhh the excitement of watching a Salman Khan flick. This was funny and typical Salman Khan kind of movie. I liked it! I probably wouldn't call this the kind of movie you can watch over and over again and feel like you're watching something new each time. However, I would definitely recommend that everybody watches this one.

Horror movies are the ultimate BestieTime for me and The Conjuring was a perfect pick. We'd been hearing SO much about it that when we found it on TV we immediately recorded it on our DVR and sat down to watch. It was goooooooood and pretty scary. I found a few parts super duper scary like the ... umm ... thing above the closet *shivers*. Honestly I'd seen 'The Possession' a few days before this one without Abbie giving me support during a horror watch and it had scared me much more than The Conjuring (maybe because I was home alone!). I'm not the kind who can watch a horror movie without being scared so if you're looking for something to freak you out, this is it! Now I can't wait to get to watch the sequel.

It is no secret that I am a Shahrukh Khan fan. Also it is no secret that I am in love with his movie DDLJ (THE famous DDLJ) and Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and yaadi yaadi yaada. So when the all time favorite Shahrukh-Kajol couple came together for another movie I was excited from day one. I liked the movie. I do admit that it was no where close to DDLJ or Kuch Kuch Hota Hai level of awesomeness but it was a great watch and the suspense kept me engaged till the very end.

Instant LOVE! Now this is definitely a Disney movie 'worth melting for'. I loved everything about this movie. I loved Olaf - oh my God absolutely adored him. The sisterhood aspect let Abbie and I connect with the story so well. The grand Disney effect was working here alright! This is the ultimate Disney fall-in-love movie. I would watch this many more times over and over again and still love it! Watch it for Olaf if you still have any doubts about this one. Seriouslyyyyyyyyy ... one of the best movies I watched in 2016.

I am the sad person who found this movie showing on television twice, recorded it twice, and still missed the ending. Can you believe it? So while the movie I liked a lot, the humor was great, the Shahrukh Khan grandeur was fabulous, and the plot was super interesting (haters talking about this being a copy please go to sleep for two years) I still don't know the ending. Yes. I don't know how this movie ends. How annoyingly sad is that, yeah? Maybe I will find the ending somehow in 2017?

This was a nice and powerful movie that kept me interested till the very end. I'm not sure if it was true but I thought the channel it aired on was censoring stuff because I found a couple of thing unconnected. But I found myself telling Abbie that this was pretty unreal. I mean, you get kidnapped and you fall in love with your kidnapper? How does that happen? Plus I found the ending a bit unsuitable or unsatisfactory ... or maybe insufficient is the word I am looking for? I really hope I wasn't watching a super censored or cut version of the movie though ... I'd say it's a nice one time watch.

I watched this one on a flight while traveling and it was so awesome. It is super funny, super cute, and so good. I loved Count Dracula and the many monsters in his hotel. His hotel was pretty cool too now wasn't it? I'd love to vacation there with Abbie anytime *laughs*. And Johnathan was so cool! Oh my God I LOVED this movie too much! I'd love to watch it again anytime!

I think with Hotel Transylvania what happened was that the first movie was just too awesome. So while I enjoyed watching the second one it still didn't feel as good as the first one (just like with Despicable Me). This sequel is adorable and super entertaining and definitely worth watching. I loved it. This one too I'd watched on a plane! I'd recommend this to anyone anytime!

Okay I was confused about this movie. It was okayish. That's it. It was okayish. Their attempt at recreating a modern version of DDLJ didn't work. I don't think there can ever be any recreation of that brilliant movie. And even if there ever will be a successful recreation or modern version of it I don't think Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt will be able to pull it off. Even though I am definitely not a fan of Varun Dhawan at all the only reason I watched this movie till the end was because of him. Alia Bhatt needs to do something about her acting, seriously. You can't just do the same thing in every movie and hope people will like it. You can't be Shanaya from Student of the Year forever and you certainly can't try to imitate Kareena Kapoor and get away with it without looking like an idiot. She doesn't behave as girly as Kareena does so when she does it it looks more rough and aggressive ... and cheap ... than it does on Kareena Kapoor. Not a fan of these two at all!

One of the best movies I watched in 2016 hands down. It freaked me out, it kept me on the edge of my seat (which in this case was the car seat because we were watching this on a road trip to Canada), it was funny in all the right places, it was CRAZY with a capitalized C, and it was so so so so so soooooooooooooooooooo awesome. I'd thought T-Rex had freaked me out before, but when the Indominus Rex showed up I was dying. The thought of something so scary made the hair at the back of neck rise up. HORROR. I swear. And oh my God the giant dinosaur that jumped out of the water was even scarier! Hidden creatures of the sea and ocean always freak me out pretty badly. So basically the Indominus Rex was freaking me out, the sea dino (forgot the name) was freaking me out, and then T Rex showed up too and freaked me out. I was TOTALLY freaked out in the back seat of my brother's car. The dude in the movie is pretty impressive and so is the actress, I loved how weirdly awesome she was! This movie is AMAZING. This is brilliant! This one was even better than the original Jurassic Park movies!

Minions are adorable. So so so adorable. This movie was obviously adorable but not as awesome as the Despicable Me movies. I loved the cuteness of the Minions and the story and everything. The movie was hilarious like it is with these crazy yellow things. It was a great watch. I watched this one on a flight while traveling too. Funny, cute, and really good! The perfect Minions-kinda entertainment!

This movie was FABULOUS. It made me a fan of Angelina Jolie. She's beautiful! The movie was brilliant. I was crying when her wings were cut and cheering her in the end. This was one of the best movies I watched in 2016 and I'd watch it again too if I ever have to. Emotional, brilliant, oh wait why am I even wasting words .... DISNEY! There. That is one word that defines the brilliance!

This was the most powerful and moving movie I saw in 2016. I've never seen a movie based on an airplane hijacking before. It made me so nervous, it made me cry pretty bad, and it scared me. This movie is definitely worth watching. I was horrified and I wanted to help every single passenger in the plane. I felt so proud of the woman Neerja yet it pained me and freaked me out to even try imagining what it would have been like for those who experienced the hijacking in real life. This is a brilliant movie, definitely one of the best ones I saw last year. Emotions run wild while watching this one!

I don't normally watch horror movies alone because I'm freaked but I watched this one by myself ... while I was home alone ... and it was storming outside ... and I was too lazy to switch on the lights so it was gradually getting darker and darker. Yes, I pretty much dug my own grave and sat inside it to watch a demon possession movie. So this freaked me out VERY badly. The scene with bugs I couldn't watch ... just NO. I shut my eyes and waited for those to be over. Some of the scenes were so classic I later googled them to show Abbie. Like the one where a finger poked out her throat. EEW. My absolute favorite part - and by favorite I mean the freakiest part - was when they did her MRI and a demon was sitting inside her. Oh my God. I had the first MRI of my life that week and when this scene appeared in front of me I just couldn't help but laugh at my luck. I was already scared of that claustrophobic MRI machine and now I was worried about the lights fluctuating and a demon showing up somewhere. This movie is really freaky! I loved watching it and it did a perfect job of giving me the creeps!

I watched Queen in flight and was probably the last person in the world to watch it. Everybody I knew had seen it, it had sweeped almost every single award in all award shows, and people were going crazy about it. Once I watched it I understood why. It was genuinely a very awesome movie. Kangana is just not on my list of actresses I like but she did a fabulous job in this movie and I loved watching her. Her heartbreaks made me actually cry on the plane and her solo honeymoon trip gave me absolute joy. Loved watching this one!

Okay when you're flying in the air on a plane I would advise that you don't watch a devastation movie like San Andreas. I did and I thought the world would collapse and the ground would shatter during landing. The saddest part is that I missed the ending because the plane landed and I was never able to watch how this ended. I'll keep waiting for the day I get to watch the end because I loved this movie. Again, this was one of the best movies I watched last year. I was totally moved and sitting horrified at how terribly the world was crashing all around the movie. They've done such a great job at the special effects it felt absolutely real. I was sitting with my knees folded all the way up to my chin because I was scared of what would happen the next second. Brilliant!

Emotions - check. Bollywood drama - check. Sidharth Malhotra - check check checkkkkkkkkk.
There is absolutely no doubt that I loved the movie and I don't care if anybody has anything horrible to say about this one. The worst part of the movie was Alia Bhatt who I feel acts the same in all movies she does. Oh and did I tell you I hate Fawad Khan? And I hate him even more without his beard hiding half his face? HATE HATE HATE. And yet with all that hate I still loved the movie, so imagine how good it must be. I cried, okay? I was hoping till the end of the movie that the oldie (who by the way is totally annoyingly awesome) would survive. The family fights and make ups and break ups were all so emotional. Give me Bollywood and emotions and I will instantly love a movie. And then add Sidharth Malhotra and I will drool and love it even more! He looks so awesome in the movieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ... just saying.

And the award for the worst film of the entire year goes to Singh is Bling.
I tried watching this on the plane and it was the worst worst worst thing ever. I couldn't watch half way through. It was pathetic. It was just the most pathetic thing EVER.

This was an adorable movie! I liked it but I thought the whole talking dogs part was totally unneeded and kind of a drag. I wouldn't say this is the kind of Disney movie I'd want to watch again and again, so this is a good one time watch.

A friend suggested this movie to me because of CHUCK BASS. I liked it! It was the kind of movie where you cheer for the characters to win. I loved all the snow fun (I do love snow!). The jokes were kinda vulgar which was totally unneeded but it was a good movie to watch! I had fun watching it!

Second & Hundredth Time Watches

Hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. The classic Salman Madhuri movie that never gets old. In fact it just keeps becoming funnier and funnier as it gets old. Even the serious parts are now hilarious to me.

I've seen this movie so many times and I still love watching it!

Another nice movie that I watched all over again because I wanted Abbie to watch it!

The year isn't complete unless you watch at least one Harry Potter movie!

All time favorite! I love this movie and I can watch it a million gazillion times any day anytime!


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