Thursday, March 23, 2017

Choo Choo Train and Binges ~ Play Date With Gubby!

Last weekend we had a random let's-go-out moment and suddenly we decided we would head to Virginia for lunch. So Sunday began and I woke up sooner than usual to put together a beautiful outfit and get ready to hit the Tysons Corner Mall. It was a bright Spring morning and I was all dolled up in a very Springy outfit too. My orange and pink floral top and super colorful shoes matched the weather perfectly as I climbed inside bro's car with my mind set on breaking my big bad diet and binging my heart out. Yes, that was my plan. I have been on a strict diet lately but a Sunday outing with the family is just so not the time to think about diets and weight loss. Nuh uh! I was in bring-on-the-delicious-food-baby mode by the time we reached the food court.

Grill Kabob was on our menu that afternoon. We've had an old and beautiful relationship with Grill Kabob. Back when mama had to go to Pakistan to look after my sick Nani we - i.e. me, bro, and Abbie dearest - used to go to Annapolis every week for our Grill Kabob Fridays. Then one day they closed the restaurant's branch over there and we were left heartbroken. We finally found the next closest place here in Virginia and BAM ... Reunited with those juicy gyros. *insert serious drool here* Oh and we also got some Cajun fries from Five Guys and ended up getting way too many because those people are SERIOUSLY generous with their fries' sizes. Note to self: Next time get only one smallest possible size!

I ate that afternoon to my heart's content. I literally sunk my teeth into that juicy piece of Gyro and felt like I had reached Heaven. The chicken kababs were so Tikka-ish and just so delicious and I've always been a fan of Kobeedah kababs and ohhhhh dear they have some serious flavor in their kababs. The Gyro though - ABSOLUTE favorite. I could actually become the brand ambassador for their gyros. Juicy, exploding with delicious flavor, velvety to the feel .. and then top it with that white sauce and my brain actually blows out of my head because HELL-OH this is MAJOR awesomeness I'm talking about! *jaw drops open*

I was full all the way up to my throat when I finally stopped binging eating. I know I know, I had actually planned on over eating today. However, what I hadn't planned for today was a play date with my Gubby doll. Little had I known when I'd stepped out of the house that such an innocent little lunch plan would turn out to be SUCH a fun play date with my darling Gubby. Let me say this before I indulge in the details: WE HAD FUN RAISED TO THE POWER INFINITY!

Whoever came up with the idea of having a train ride inside the mall ... LOOK AT ME, I AM CLAPPING FOR YOU! Genius! Pure genius! Throughout the time while we were eating (and I was stuffing my face with deliciousness) Gubby kept waving at the train every single time it passed by - which was I think every five or so minutes. She kept telling me, "I wanna go on the train!" and I kept telling her we'll go after we finish lunch. So once we finished lunch it was CHOO CHOO TIMEEEEEE! So we decided that I'd go with Gubby and SIL would come too but she wasn't excited and we literally had to drag her *laughs*! Gubby and I, on the other hand, were ecstatic. We both were squealing, literally, inside the choo choo. We were waving at every single person who we passed by (and most of them either smiled or waved at Gubby except this one guy who was so busy eating that he didn't even look up!) and we Gubby kept telling me excitedly everything that she was seeing. We also imitated the way the train was making Choo Choooooo noises.

Confession time: I might ... just might ... have enjoyed the Choo Choo even more than my baby niece! *laughs*

After that absolutely brilliant Choo Choo ride Gubby wanted to play in the play place and, lets be honest, so did I! So we spent some time at the play place where Gubby was a little nervous around the other kids because they were REALLY wild. Some had not bothered to take their shoes off and they kept stepping on other children's hands or feet. Others were jumping from places that weren't meant for jumping. I admit, even I thought I'd get hurt and some kid would jump on me or something! *laughs* Crazy!

Gubby was such an adorable sight, I swear! My heart was melting all over the play place. All over.

My darling doll looked so happy and so excited! She'd thoroughly enjoyed our Choo Choo ride and so had I and the play place was really fun too - minus the mini heart attacks the other children gave me every time I thought their foot or punches came too close to Gubb! Hey, I'm not used to it, so many hyper excited children in one small space really freaked me out! *laughs*

This brilliant Sunday ended with one last binge - the sweet and scrumptious grand finale - COLD STONE CREAMERY'S DEADLY ICE CREAM! I must point out that my brother insisted that I should eat Chocolate Devotion. I swear I had almost said no but he said I'd waste the chance ... well, it's not like I'd followed my diet during lunch anyway so why not? Chocolate Devotion was heavenly. It was a super rich chocolate ice cream loaded with chunks of brownies, chocolate chips, and fudge! They ran out of fudge and asked us if we needed another topping/filling so we went for caramel. My mouth is watering up all over again just thinking about it. It was so deadly. It was so delicious. I think I left a piece of my soul in that ice cream cup. Chocolate devotion ... mmmm mmmm. It's no secret that I am a chocolate devotee. In my defence I only ate half a scoop though because I shared the deadly calories with Abbie. Hey, I tried to control okay?

Last Sunday was AH-MAZING. My play date with Gubby was full of fun and I made such adorable memories to add to my Auntie Tales. The food was delicious, the binge felt so good, my outfit was pretty, the weather was beautiful, and the fun was out of control! I could totally go back for that choo choo right now and I know Gubby will agree with me too!


  1. Your daughter is so adorable! That food also looks heavenly!

    1. Hey Liliane!
      Thank you so much! That's my baby niece :D And yes, you're right, she's a cutie pie <3
      The food was to-die-for ... no wonder I forgot all about my diet plans haha!
      So glad to hear from you! Stay in touch!


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