Saturday, July 22, 2017

Accio Hogwarts' Cinematic Yearbook!

Look what I found! This absolutely stunning and super cool Hogwarts' Cinematic Yearbook!
It's full of magic, I tell you, it really is! I fell in love at first sight and even got a couple bucks off it thanks to a discount at Target. Of course Abbie was the whisper in my ear that said, "TAKE IT!" Though I have a feeling I would have brought it home even if she hadn't encouraged it! It is just so AWESOME! Let me show and tell now!

The instant you flip it open you are STUNNED by the gorgeousness!

Classic, isn't it? This is one of the first few pages of the book! I can't wait to write my name there!

Drooling uncontrollably already and this is just the beginning. These are sixty pages of magical awesomeness and I obviously won't be showing off the entire book so here are the best parts! 

Before I do show it off let me tell you something super cool Abbie suggested. So while I was standing there in the aisle drooling over this book and convincing myself that I don't need to take it home Abbie comes along. She tells me I should get it and I give her a list of nine and three quarters of reasons why I shouldn't spend money on it. One of my reasons was that there were sketching activities in the book and let's face it, my drawing is as bad as Hagrid's cooking skills. It was then that Abbie suggested a genius idea: Use it like a scrapbook, print out pictures of our Wizarding World memories, and stick them in here. Sold! She'd coaxed me into buying it with her brilliant idea! So that's the plan now! There are so many awesome spots in here that can be a great place to stick all my beautiful memories and pictures in ... it feels like they'd designed the book so that Saraallie could convert it into the coolest Harry Potter scrapbook one day!
Each page in the book is a separate theme from Harry Potter. Take this one for example which shows scenes from Diagon Alley. There are short and pretty descriptions of some of the scenes alongside as well and each page is designed in this super beautiful way so it feels very scrapbookey. Look at the page on the right for example. It says, "Use this page to sketch what you would buy if you were to visit Diagon Alley," and then it as names of four of the shops and the beautiful empty white space for me to fill. Normally, people would sketch stuff here as asked but my plan is to print out pictures I've taken in each of those shops at the Wizarding World Orlando and stick them in right here!

There's also this little Hogwarts Diary section inside the book which is really awesome. There are lots of little descriptions about some of the main scenes from the movies in here. Each page that you turn shows off beautiful pictures from those magical films. There are fun activities and even post cards that you can actually rip out, cut up, and use as desired. It's all really cool! In the picture on the left it says, "Record your first-year memories in your very own Hogwarts diary. Use the fold-out pages to imagine what it would be like to experience Hogwarts for yourself. Think about what you would pack in your trunk. Would you want your friends to ride on the Hogwarts Express with you?" And what follows after this page is page upon page of such questions which let you imagine the perfect life at Hogwarts - a life which, lets just admit it, all of us Potterheads have imagined a million times in our heads over and over again!

Another gorgeous fold out page from the book which has so many possibilities of printing and sticking memorable pictures on to. Look at the gorgeous frames on the right. I'm totally imagining sticking some of the selfies Abbie and I have taken with Hogwarts in our background inside those frames. They'd look so cool!

This page is themed 'The Great Hall' and has the gorgeous page on the left which I'm planning to load with pictures of all sizes! I'm thinking pictures I've taken at the restaurants at the Wizarding World would go so well here. Or maybe just more selfies taken sipping Butterbeer and eating the ice creams at Florean Fortescues. Or maybe ... maybe ... aaaaaah so many possibilities!

Check out this super fun page that features Ron and his Howler moment. *laughs* The page on the right asks you to come up with your own Howler! FUN!

Now look at all of this brilliance. This is all Quidditch themed and those are cut outs on the right side! Beautiful! Bloody brilliant!

I'm imagining a newspaper style scrapbook page here! These pages let you write your own Daily Prophet for a day. I could actually print out pictures of our shenanigans at the parks and then write some news-style paragraphs alongside. It would look SO cool!

Dobby and Kreacher! This one's themed after the House Elves. I'm eyeing the gold frame where I can totally imagine the picture Abbie and I have taken against Grimmauld Place! Aaaaaaaah, love it!

Look! It's that Monster Book of Monsters! Watch out!
This page has a beautiful mirror frame too. It asks me to imagine what I might see in the Mirror of Erised. So what's the one thing my heart truly desires above all? Vacationing with Abbie! Perfect picture sticking opportunity!

Okay, EEW! I hate spiders and yes that includes Aragog! This activity asks me to sketch Aragog in that empty space. Well, absolutely not. I'm totally printing out some seriously awesome pictures (the kind that cancel the spider effect) for this page!

Isn't that one super cool book? And isn't Abbie's idea of turning it into a scrapbook absolutely genius? I just can't wait to begin working on it! The best part is that when I do start working on this I get to enjoy looking at all our Harry Potter parks' pictures again. Beautiful memories ... some of the best I've made in all my life so far! AAAAAHHHH SO SO SO EXCITED! Just thinking about it is making me super happy!


  1. Tell Abbie she had a great idea. I hope you'll show us a few of the pages once you have the pictures in place. :-)


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