Monday, July 31, 2017

The Potterhead's Corner ~ My Little Corner of Harry Potter Magic

It is the thirty first of July and Harry Potter's and J.K. Rowling's birthdays today. As promised, here I am to reveal my updated Potterhead's Corner. A little while ago I'd posted the makeover of my Sassy and Classy Bedroom but hadn't shown off the details of my Potter themed bookshelf. I've been celebrating a Harry Potter July all through this month and this entry is the grand finale! So here they are: grand pictures of my magical Harry Potter corner!

I'll start at the top! On the very top of my shelf I've created a Hogwarts' grounds' scene. All the props you see on the shelf are a result of Abbie's brilliant crafting for my twentieth birthday. She threw me a Potter themed birthday with all these props as the decorations and they've stayed my most most most precious Potter possessions to date. The Hogwarts castle on the right was actually my cake topper from that birthday too! On the left is Hagrid's Hut with little pumpkins (Halloween decor) to imitate Hagrid's pumpkin patch. On the far back is another Quidditch prop Abbie had created! When you step back from the shelf and look at it it really looks like a cute little replica of the Hogwarts grounds. You'd expect Hagrid to step out any minute!

Next is the top shelf with my adorable Hedwig plush! I got this from The Wizarding World in Orlando and it's actually a puppet which can move its head and when her wing is squeezed she speaks as well! So cute! On the right is Honeydukes! The Honeydukes is a prop by Abbie of the actual store front and all the rest of the stuff is my collection from The Wizarding World. There are my souvenir Butterbeer and Ice Cream cups. The pink ice cream cup and ice cream cone are from Florean Fortescue's in Orlando as well. You can also see my proudly displayed Chocolate Frog box with my Helga Hufflepuff wizard card next to it!

The second shelf is all about Harry departing to Hogwarts! The adorable Harry plush doll (my latest addition) sits with an adorable smile in front of a replica prop of Platform 9 3/4 by Abbie. Also spot the stunning wand - it's Voldemort's and I'm in love with it! There's also a key chain of the Hogwart's Express' ticket if you look close along with the tiny Harry, Ron, Hermione cake toppers from my twentieth birthday displayed in front of the wand. On the right side is my gorgeous US version Harry Potter boxed collection which was a gift from my Dad. On top of that is a purple box which once contained a kid version Harry Potter watch I used to have years ago until it left me and a cauldron! 

Next are all of my UK version of the books! Starting from the left you'll find The Harry Potter Film Wizardry Book. This is a REALLY awesome book I intend to show off in a separate entry sometime later. Next is The Cursed Child, which was once again a gift from my Dad when he traveled to Dubai and back. Then books four, six, and seven stacked on top of each other with my beautiful Marauder's Map tea cup set gloriously sitting atop. Then the third book and finally a journal I bought from the Wizarding World in Orlando with a beautiful Hogwarts crest on its leather cover. On the right look at the beautiful Weasley Family Clock. I've stuck star shaped stickers on it which came from a Potter sticker pack because I wanted to hide the movie's cast's pictures so it would stay more book-ish. In front of that is my really majestic Gryffindor mug. My Time Turner key chain leans against the mug and an Elder Wand pen is right next to those two. Look close and you'll also spot an Owl Post key chain and a wizard's hat!

Moving on to the next shelf you'll find Fawkes sitting there in all her glory! She's a really majestic plush. In front of Fawkes is the Gryffindor pen I bought from The Exhibition when it came to New York. In the background is a poster I got from an old HP calendar which shows Hagrid and Harry. Against that is a random red glass bottle I've used to create the look of potions and magic stuff. Next to it is a bottle of Gilly Water from the Wizarding World which we gulped down on a really hot day of fun. Besides it is a red Harry Potter bottle mama bought for me. Move more to the right and you'll see another Ice cream cup from Florean Fortescues which holds my Albus Dumbledore Wizarding Card. Please send a load of kisses for my Pygmy Puff named Gubby after my baby niece who was vacationing with us in Orlando for the very first time when I adopted this Pygmy Puff. The gorgeous Triwizard Tournament Cup is displayed atop some old pencil cases that were both HP themed but have worn out because I used them for years in school. On the very right side is a Hogwarts Castle frame I bought from Orlando. Inside it I've framed a post card - also from Orlando - which shows the fire breathing dragon from the Diagon Alley side of the park perched atop the crooked Gringotts building. Love it!

Finally finally on the very last shelf stands my proud Buckbeak plush toy. In the background is another poster with an owl delivering Harry's letter. Against that is my DVD set, Fred the crazy owl which was a gift on my twentieth HP birthday from Abbie and some stacked cauldrons to represent the wacky cauldrons you'd find in Orlando. Oh and if you look close you'll see an old phone case which I no longer can use because I have a different phone now and another Butterbeer cup. The box on the right side in the base is the one in which my Weasley Clock came.

Besides the shelf is my broomstick against a blue cushion with the same feather patterns on it as a shop in The Wizarding World in Orlando. PLEASE LOOK AT THAT BEAUTIFUL BROOMSTICK!!!!!!! I am in love with it!

On the other side of the shelf I've displayed a framed poster I had received when I'd attended the launch event of the last book in the series. Beautiful memories! It has the alternate adult cover of the book Deathly Hallows and that beautiful locket is just stunning! Against the frame I've placed my newly bought Marauders Map storage bin and a Gryffindor tote I got from Hot Topic. Inside the storage bin are some more really cool HP related books I have collected over time. Someday I'll show off each one of them in detail!

Anddddd that is all Potterheads! My beautiful and extremely magical Potterhead's Corner!

There are still so many ways I can add more to the shelf (like that empty wall on the left side!!!). I'll keep changing things around as my Potter collection keeps growing (because it will!). My Potterhead's Corner is my little place of peace. I wake up every morning, look at this corner, and am reminded of the magic - my magical world, The Wizarding World! Hogwarts is always there to welcome me home and this corner is my little bit of Hogwarts in this Muggle world!

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