Monday, August 7, 2017

Lots and Lots of Long Necklaces

For as long as I've been alive I've always preferred and loved long necklaces. When I was younger the shorter necklaces used to actually annoy me. Now it's cold on my neck, now it's warm, now it's not the correct length and won't show or will overlap the neck of my shirt. So annoying and hardly ever perfect. Long necklaces, on the other hand, are like finding freedom in the world of necklace wearing. Too much exaggeration? Okay I'll cut it a little. But hey, really now. Ever since I've met long necklaces I've never been worried. I'm not worried about how they feel against my skin or about them hiding away. I'm not even worried about them causing irritation on my skin (oh yes, I've dealt with that too). They're just so perfect and oh so pretty and so many different ones available wherever I go! Oh and as my final point let me just say this: Wear a hijab and you'll know how useless shorter necklaces are for you! There. Settled! So since I love them so much I recently got FIVE new ones and today I'm planning to show and tell!

The first one I'm showing off today is this beautiful necklace by Arizona Jean Co. This was an Eid gift from my brother, SIL, and Gubby dearest. It's really girly and super delicate and I love that beautiful studded butterfly. My favorite part though is the circular turquoise bit with studded details. That little detail in the middle just took my heart!

The second one is this beautiful red and silver one with the chain-like look. Abbie and I got matching ones. This one's a real classic! The red links are so beautiful and paired with a stunning silver it looks so cool!

A gold classic with lots of chains in a layered look! Yumm. So beautiful! Mama and Abbie got this one for me. This one is really classy and pairs so well with both formal and informal clothes. I can even wear this with my Desi outfits. The gold makes this formal and the chain-y look makes it informal. So perfect! Just so perfect!

A couple weeks ago I'd seen this beautiful brooch but because it was so small I hadn't bought it. It was shaped like leaves in the shades of gold, silver, and bronze. It had reminded me of Fall and I'd loved it, if only it was the right size. Then fast forward to when I spotted this necklace. It reminded me of the brooch I'd fallen in love with! This one is gold, silver, and bronze and looks metallic. Very awesome!

Last but not the least is this really pretty pink and gold necklace. Oh and let me say this please - I think this one is my favorite out of the five I'm showing off today! It's delicate and girly and has PINK and GOLD and that too together and oh my God I love it so so so much! There's even shades of orange and a weeeee bit of red in this one and I AM IN LOVE WITH IT! As soon as I got a chance to dress up and go out I immediately paired up an outfit that would let me wear this because I simply couldn't wait to put it on!

I'm so excited to get to wear the rest of these pretties soon too. They're all gorgeous! Oh and since my collection is growing now I need to find a proper way to store all of these! Time to head over to Pinterest and spend the next forty five hours!


  1. I heart all of these! ALL of these! And I love the show and tell style. Me did the Awesome Box because I can't talk to much about anything. The red links one is my favorite! It will match with all the dresses I have for the WW trip!

    1. I have a bias with that pink one! But then the red one, the gold one .... I think I can't decide :D

  2. Sara! I'd love to see pics of them ON you to really be able to see what they look like!

    1. Hey Heatherrrr :D
      When I do outfit posts I'll try to see what I can do :D


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