Monday, October 9, 2017

A Dainty Little Birthday Celebration

We celebrated mama's birthday with a sweet little party this year which comprised of a little set up around her cake with dainty details that created a BIG wow. The highlight of the birthday decorations was the cake I baked for mama which I titled 'A Dainty Delight' for its delicate and delightful appearance. Abbie and I then put together a little display around the cake which was all yellow and purple with floral details and a touch of Desi culture to match the cake. At night on the fourth of October mama was delighted when she saw the decorations. We took lots of pictures and then cut into that beautiful cake (with baby Gubby throwing shy tantrums!) before calling it a day! What a sweet little celebration it was!

My cake for the occasion was such a stunner! Here's a video from my Instagram with details and descriptions of this beauty. I'd describe but words truly can't do justice to how beautiful this was!

A Dainty Delight 💛 Made to celebrate my mama's birthday, this cake was a stunner. A beautiful yellow onlay design on the sides embellished with pearls gave it a delicate feel ✨ Yellow and purple flowers on the top added to its beauty 💜 The tag reads, "Maa ki dua, Jannat ki Hawa" which is a famous Urdu quote. It means that a mother's prayer leads us to Heaven's air (I Googled for help too!) ✨ All credit for the beautiful Urdu hand writing goes to @abbiesadventures ✨ The cake was an absolute delight to look at and extremely yummy too! I went for a Pumpkin cake sponge (mama loves it!) with a sweet Vanilla buttercream and they paired so well together 🎃 Delicious and beautiful! ❤ A Dainty Delight By Sara's Baked Creations @marvelousmolds #marvelousmolds #satinice #mamasbirthday #birthday #birthdaycake #sarasbakedcreations #missionsweetness #yellow #purple #pearls #dainty #flowers #cakedecorating #cake #maakidua #maakiduajannatkihawa #desidiaries #withlove #cakevideos #stunning
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Mama loves greeting cards so we make sure we have wonderful ones every year. We got her two cards this year, one from Abbie and me and the other from Gubby darling and displayed them as part of the party decor.

String lights make everything super fun, don't they? Abbie had Halloween colors for string lights but they matched our yellow and purple theme so well. These string lights added a pop in our birthday display! We also added yellow and purple flowers randomly around the birthday decor. It matched the flowers on my cake and made everything look part of the theme!

That Desi touch on the cake which we'd achieved through the Urdu tag had to be incorporated in our theme too but I wanted to keep the Desi details subtle. Desi decor can be overpowering which I didn't want so we used little details here and there and they looked stunning. This little Desi 'matki' was mama's birthday candle. It looked so elegant with the rest of the decor! 

I placed the cake on top of a majestically gorgeous gold cake stand. The intricate designs of the stand and the studded details worked really well with our Dainty and Delicate theme. It even worked great for the Desi touch we'd added.

Part of the Desi details was this classic Desi background prop. Can you guess what it is? No? Yes? It's a handbag!! A stunning one our Dad got us. It's really fun because its this unique rounded shape and the Desi detailing on it is just out of this world beautiful. Abbie came up with the genius idea of using it as part of our background. The mirror details and those pom pom accents were my absolute favorite!

Check out how beautiful it is! The detailing is immaculately gorgeous! It was an instant GORJABULOUSNESS added to our decor!

The beautifully vibrant purple background that can be seen in all the pictures was actually Abbie's Dupatta. It's from one of her outfits that has always been my favorite though sadly the 'kameez' (Desi shirt) and 'shalwaar' (umm, Desi trousers!) no longer exist so all that's left is this beautiful Dupatta. I used it to create the purple theme I wanted. I've always found purple to be a very elegant and regal color and I thought it was perfect to create the look I desired for mama's birthday.

The decorations were stunning! I got just the look I'd wanted and it was all in the dainty details of this decor. The purple and the yellow were a match made in heaven and the Desi details added thanks to the handbag, the Dupatta, and the little candle were brilliant. My cake was the show stopper (takes a bow) and the greeting cards added that personal touch which was lovely!

A dainty little birthday celebration ... where tiny details stole the show and created a BIG wow!
Happy birthday to mama!


  1. Looks like a great birthday celebration! Love all the bright colors!

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